Your Money Horoscope for February 2016: Leap Into Financial Luck

Your Money Horoscope

A Valentine’s Day Gift From the Universe

It’s February and it’s a leap year, and this year the elusive date of February 29 brings an interesting and inspiring connection between Saturn and Venus, which most sun signs will benefit from when it comes to money and career. Your February Money Horoscope has none of the dollar-related drama of last month, and all of the joy through beneficial alignments that anyone could hope for. It’s like a Valentine’s Day gift from the Universe, and for some signs, money and love walk hand-in-hand. Let’s take a look at the February Money Horoscope for your sun sign:

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Circle February 29 as your lucky day when it comes to money and career. A small raise, a little recognition or perhaps a spark of entrepreneurism will come your way. Accept all gifts and suggestions from the Universe with delight and enthusiasm; you’ve earned it.


You’re a Taurus, so money matters are not a negative theme in your life overall. Take whatever financial news you hear between the 5th and the 10th in stride; let someone else deal with it. Mars, Venus and Jupiter will distract you in the most marvelous ways if you let them. That money matter will work itself out.


If you’re in need of a little financial assistance, you have lovely Venus at your disposal until mid-month, making the first two weeks of February the best time to ask for a loan. The other side of this coin could be that someone close asks you for monetary help. They’ll pay you back, but they shouldn’t be offended if you ask for an agreement in writing.


Relationships of all types seem to be on the menu in your February Money Horoscope. One that could affect you financially might be the addition of a roommate (romantic or not), but whatever happens it looks like the Universe is giving you a welcome financial break. Still, do it the right way—discuss, decide and look before you leap.


Anyone who has ever had Jupiter in their second house of money (like you do) is likely wishing they were you this month. In fact, in February the same could be said for your luck in love. It’s all there if you want it, but Jupiter is happy to give, so be gracious and receive, receive, receive.


Sometimes financial serendipity comes with a price, so if hard work promises to pay off in February, know that there may be a bit of negotiation involved before everyone gets paid. However, the Saturn-Venus alignment on February 29 will help you get it all worked out. Saturn is nothing if not fair.


Your February Money Horoscope may start off a bit heated when it comes to commingled funds. Luckily as the partnership sign, commingling is your specialty. Mark February 14 and 29 as great make-up days when Jupiter and Venus can turn financial heat into romantic warmth.


With Mars in your sun sign, February could be a great month for romance if you’re single, but if you’re attached you can add a few days where squabbles over money may occur. Mars can be a lover and a fighter. Soothe your nerves by surrounding yourself with your element—water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pool, a lake or a seaside trip.


Venus makes your February Money Horoscope a mix of love, money and responsibility. Sure you’ll have tons of time to be a free spirit and enjoy life, but certain financial matters need your assistance to work. Venus and Pluto are working together to help those who help themselves. They’ll be plenty of time for fun after mid-month.


Venus in your sun sign can make you wildly popular when it comes to work; your reputation is stellar and your business calendar fills up quickly. On the 5th Venus and Pluto will help you stay on point, but in the days that follow, you’ll be reminded that flexibility can lead to financial stability.


On February 29 Venus and Saturn work together to see that you’re recognized for all you’ve done. Venus loves to spend, but Saturn only gives where it’s been earned. If you’ve earned a little praise, you may also receive an unexpected raise.


Your focus in February is on love, but as the song says, “Romance without finance is a nuisance.” If someone is in charge of your money, it may be time to take the checkbook back, and Venus and Pluto will call attention to any outstanding loans or money you’re owed. Your February Money Horoscope will help you put all your ducks in a row.

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  1. LJ Innes

    Dear Readers: Although i’d love to be able to answer all of your questions around money, it would be impossible for me to do so in this venue. I suggest you invest a few more dollars and speak to a talented psychic/astrologer who can give you the answers you seek. If it means it will point you in the right direction and possibly change your life, it’s worth it. In the meantime, I want to thank you all for reading your February money horoscope – and I hope that whatever information I’ve shared will be helpful to you going forward.


    will my finances begin to climb for the better soon ….was born feb 28 1951 at 6:06 pm…in san bernardino ca…

  3. Carol Harper-Holden

    How is money looking for me in 2016. I am a Leo born July 23, 1964 around 12:00pm in Hammersmith, London, England.


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