Important Astrological Events To Watch Out for in 2023

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The Astrological Aspects of 2023

2023 is a good year to move forward with your goals. Mars goes direct in mid-January, giving the green light to progress in all sectors after the holiday lull. Big changes will occur in government and business in the month that follows.

Everybody will also be blessed with several lovely Jupiter aspects this 2023. As Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter change signs over the course of the year, societal change will sweep away the old, worn-out systems of the past and bring in something fresh and new.

Fall 2023 holds several fortunate surprises thanks to Jupiter and Venus hanging out in friendly earth signs, bringing growth and stability to areas associated with finance.

A Guide to the Year Ahead

With everything going on this year, it can be easy to lose track of it all. To help with that, here is a list of some of the most significant astrological occurrences for the year ahead. Keep track of these to get a sense of how the stars will affect your 2023.

January 12: Mars Direct in Gemini

After its long retrograde, which began in late October 2022, Mars stations direct at 8 degrees of Gemini on January 12, 2023. It will take until early March for it to return to its usual fast clip, but things will feel like they are moving forward for the first time in a while — because they are!

This will be good for career matters. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) in particular will see those effects. Those who have their sun, moon, ascendant, or Mercury in air signs should see the most positive benefits to their work lives.

Fire signs will receive a boost thanks to this friendly aspect from Mars. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius (and people with their moon or ascendant in those signs) will be strongly supported in their endeavors.

February 10: Mercury-Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn

This aspect facilitates deep insight, and the changes it brings about are accordingly significant. This serious and complex conjunction, if handled skillfully, can transform everything for the better.

Areas related to career, business, and government will be highlighted. Expect change in your inner and outer world alike. Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus) will feel these effects the most, though water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) should also be affected due to the aspects they receive from this conjunction.

March 2: Venus-Jupiter Conjunct in Aries

This is the closest that these two bright and benevolent planets have been since 2016. This merger in the sign of Aries will shine buoyant rays on literally everyone, regardless of where this conjunction falls in their personal horoscope. Love, joy, and money will be empowered right now. Attend celebratory events and expand your connections with other people.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and those with their moon or ascendant in fire, will feel the effects of this conjunction the most. It will increase their generosity and make them want to “bet bigger” in all possible ways.

Additionally, air signs will find the mental stimulation that accompanies this transit very helpful for their intellectual pursuits, especially when dealing with anything that involves writing and publishing.

March 7: Saturn Enters Pisces

Saturn enters the nebulous, mystical sign of Pisces on March 7, and it will stay there for approximately two-and-a-half years. Whatever sign Saturn moves through, it always demands that you acknowledge reality. Anything that doesn’t add up will be called to account.

However, the association between Saturn (restrictions, reality, conformity) and Pisces (unbounded compassion, creativity, psychic awareness) is a challenging one. Where Saturn says “wait,” Pisces says “flow.” Saturn says “restrict,” Pisces says “include.” Saturn says “prove it,” Pisces says “imagine it.”

The upside to this set of contradictions, though, is that whatever Neptune has kept obscure and hidden, Saturn will reveal. What Saturn has cut and extracted from the world, Pisces will heal with compassion and inspiration — though they’ll argue it out before coming to a solution!

People with their sun, moon, Saturn, or ascendant in Pisces will notice these effects the most. Additionally, those born under Scorpio and Cancer will find that the trine from Saturn in Pisces is assisting them in all their goals.

March 24: Pluto Enters Aquarius

The extremely slow-moving Pluto will leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius in late March 2023, retrograding back into Capricorn on June 11, 2023 before entering Aquarius in January 2024, where it will stay for approximately 20 years.

Transformative forces shift from the financial and governmental level to the societal and popular level. Aquarius rules humanity as a whole, as well as the institutions that serve them directly. These institutions will now restructure themselves under popular pressure, lest they risk falling into extinction.

Eventually, the tech world will undergo a drastic reset so that it better serves the needs of all people. The energy of Aquarius the water-bearer will bring about an overhaul of the education system, and healthcare is also likely to see reform. These changes may seem scary at first, but they will result in a refreshing rebirth for systems that just aren’t working as they currently exist, thus having a positive effect overall.

People with their sun or moon in Aquarius will be the most affected by this transit, and they will play an important part in moving these processes forward.

May 17: Jupiter Enters Taurus

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, will enter Taurus on May 17, 2023, and it will stay there for approximately one year, having sped through Aries in just a few months

In Taurus, Jupiter will have a positive effect on personal investments, moveable resources, currency, banks, depositories, and real estate. Other favored areas include restaurants, bakeries, farms, and other places where food is grown. The floral and music industries should also see positive change.

People with their sun, moon, Venus, or ascendant in Taurus will be most affected by Jupiter’s visit to this sign.

May 18: Jupiter in Taurus Squares Pluto in Aquarius

This transit can bring good luck when dealing with anything speculative. You may win a contest or lottery. Don’t go overboard, but definitely stay alert to opportunities from May 17 through May 19.

July 21: Mars in Virgo Opposes Saturn in Pisces

Things could feel more intimidating and difficult than they actually are. The energy of Mars and Saturn is “no nonsense.” Mars says “go” while Saturn says “hold on a minute.” Work through obstacles in a systematic and orderly manner to find success.

You may feel this aspect’s influence for several days before the opposition itself occurs, and that feeling will likely linger for several days after it as well.

July 23-September 4: Venus Retrograde in Leo

When Venus is retrograde in the romantic sign of Leo, expect old flames from the past to flood into your life with calls and messages. You may even find them showing up in your dreams. This is a time for you to reassess matters of the heart.

Ask yourself whether you have what you need and desire, or if you need to make some changes that will bring you more happiness. Venus is how people connect with others, not just their romantic partners and dates. How can you add more beauty, enjoyment, and fun to your life? Venus can answer these questions if you reflect and introspect during this retrograde.

Those who have their sun, moon, ascendant, or Venus in the signs ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra) will notice the strongest effects from this transit, as will those who were born with Leo in their sun, moon, ascendant, or Venus, thanks to Leo “hosting” Venus during this astrological event.

October 13: Mars in Scorpio Trines Saturn in Pisces

This easy trine will help the harsher energies of Mars and Saturn work together harmoniously. Right now, tackling difficult projects should be a breeze. You’ll get your work done in record time while maintaining the highest possible standards.

October 22: Venus in Virgo Trines Jupiter in Taurus

Lucky surprises tend to happen with this aspect in play. Party invitations, gifts, and opportunities to expand your social circle should arrive at your doorstep. You may also encounter chances to increase your income. You could receive and share the things that make life delightful, helping you enjoy every moment of this short transit.

Let the Stars Guide You

These are some of the biggest aspects to watch out for in 2023, though there are plenty of other astrological influences that could affect your year.

By noting the dates, planets, and signs involved in these aspects, you can flow along with the planetary energies of the year and use them to your benefit. A personal reading with an Astrology Psychic can tell you exactly where these transits fall in your own natal chart, and give you a comprehensive and personalized strategy that will help you make the most of these wonderful celestial events in 2023!

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