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Get in Touch With Spirit With Psychic Danni

Psychic Danni ext. 5193 was taught to meditate, listen to her spirit guides, read the Tarot and walk a spiritual path by her Native American grandmother who was a psychic. During her readings, Danni sees images, gets messages from two of her guides and backs up the information with the Tarot. She enjoys being able to provide truth and understanding for her clients, and believes that when you are given a gift from the universe it should be used for the good of all. Danni has been reading professionally for 16 years.

“I’m super good with numerology, the energy of numerology and astrology,” Psychic Danni ext. 5193 says. “I use it based on what I’m getting. Usually it’s from my guides. I’ll know the sign instantly, the sign of their mate, 95% accurately, and I’ll use that energy in the reading.”

She told us about her callers and how much she loves speaking with them.

“A lot of our callers, 75% are suffering from tremendous anxiety. Within two minutes of the reading they’ll say I’m kind of panicked. I work a lot with teaching them how to get back in balance. It’s easier to read somebody who’s centered rather than whacked out. When you’re anxious you’re throwing fear into the reading which can skew how you’re picking up on things. I love to teach my callers how to attain inner balance. When they hang up I want them to have a sense of peace and empowerment.”

How did she get started?

“I’ve always read. From my early twenties I’ve read for people and clients. I would do it as a side job. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and then I was a stay-home mom for a long time. I didn’t want to go back to corporate America, I wanted to build a business around healing and empowering people. I’ve read professionally for maybe twenty years, but it’s been my career for the last two. People paid me, but it wasn’t my means of income, more of a hobby.”

She also spoke to us about the artificial separation between religion and spirituality.

“I think that religion and spirituality don’t exclude one another. People judge me for being a psychic, when I’m one of the most religious people you’ll ever meet. I believe in a higher power and I get on my knees and give thanks. Many psychics are like me, with a wide variety of beliefs, and religion doesn’t exclude any one of them. Religion is for everyone. You don’t get to judge it. Part of being of god is to not judge.”

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