Art of Life Tarot: January 19 – 25

Art of Life Tarot: January 19-25 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Have you ever noticed that when you really feel pressed to the wall, the Universe has a way of showing up with the answers you need? The Art of Life Tarot was created by Charlene Livingstone under exactly those conditions.

Her husband was diagnosed with an incurable and many-faceted illness. She didn’t know where to turn for insight and reassurance. Then, she began dreaming of certain Tarot images in a way that she couldn’t and didn’t want to ignore. She even found correlations between her dream images and her astrological birth chart.

Who knows where the dreams had been sent from: angel, guide, Higher Power, or her inner self, but it brought her the empowerment and healing that she desperately needed.

She wanted to help other people as she had been helped, and that’s why she created this deck with these specific images and quotes. I have a feeling that these cards contain a message just for you!

January 19 – Sunday

The Hierophant

“Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.” -Franklin Roosevelt

A noted phrenologist was reading the bones in my head and face one time. He murmured, quizzically, “Rules are for fools, aren’t they, Adrianna?” I blushed because I had truly been “caught” by this person so skilled in this ancient form of divination.

Well, that was some years ago, and since then I have come to see the benefits of structure, longevity, and all other things supplied by the energies of the planet Saturn. While conventions, traditions, and rules can be stifling, they are vessels we can carry creativity in.

The message of this card today is: Which structures in my life protect and preserve my creativity and which do the opposite? How can I recognize the difference? Which do I choose to keep and which do I choose to toss?

January 20 – Monday

King of Swords

“The great virtue is the real courage… to face facts and live beyond them.” -D.H. Lawrence

Isn’t it interesting how facts and truths aren’t always the same thing? The King of Swords tells you today that facts in an important situation might be dismal or really good. Keep in mind that your intuition could lead you beyond what is generally known about a person, place, or thing that is very important to you. It could be a love connection who your friends tell you to forget about.

An outside voice in your relationship will be glad to bring up “statistics” about your current love. Remember that it is surprising what they would do if they could somehow be in your shoes.

The card is advising discretion about who you confide in today. Always take into account that their viewpoints reflect, in part, their own motivations which could be coming from the Unconscious “shadow”. Trust your heart today!

January 21 – Tuesday

Seven of Pentacles

“With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.” Chinese Proverb

Today is going to bring you harvest, accomplishments, and rewards. What will you do to celebrate? It’s a day to cease work and kick back a little. You have earned the approval of those above you.

January 22 – Wednesday

Ace of Wands

“Whatever you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” -Goethe

The card tells you to take a risk today. Not just any old risk, but one that you have a shot at winning. This could apply to a situation in your career, a social situation, or a love situation. Indications are that it will involve all three areas!

Go ahead today and be a little ambitious. Reach a “higher” level in love, career, or friendships. The card says it is a lucky day and your chances of winning are good. Which area of your life today will be changed?

January 23 – Thursday

Six of Pentacles

“A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world” -Mohammed

The Six of Pentacles shows a picture of the Good Samaritan helping the wounded man by the road side. A mother and child participate in the action, and the child carries the water to the wounded man.

Who needs your help today? Clue: it is someone outside your class or culture boundaries, either “up” or “down”, it doesn’t matter which. The card tells you that to do so today will leave both you, and the wounded one, better off.

January 24 – Friday

Six of Swords

“For everything you have missed in life, you have gained something else.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hey, you! Ease up on yourself. Do you find that in the depth of winter you tend to think of all your missed chances? Well, we can’t totally know, but maybe the road you took got you more good things, in your own currency, than if you’d grabbed all those rings!

This card says healing is on its way and your troubles are under the bridge. Leave them there. (You know which ones I mean.)

January 25 – Saturday

Ace of Pentacles

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” -Henry David Thoreau

Felicity, what’s the definition?

It’s kind of like happiness but in a light type of way. I think it must include humor, but it’s no joke. It means openness, but only to what’s enjoyable. It’s not really a popular word today. It seems to mean gaiety, delight, and feeling like you’re flying a little.

The card says that you will feel this way today! Look for reasons to do so. But, even if you don’t look for it, something will happen that will make you extremely happy!

Be ready for it.

 A Fun Spread to Try: The Creativity Spread

Shuffle the deck well and lay the cards face down, spread out on the table in front of you. This spread is great for asking your heart what is best for it.

Select five cards and lay them out as follows:


1        5        3


Take a deep breath, focus on your question, and read the cards sequentially by number.

Card 1- What brings you inspiration in this situation?

Card 2- Who is influencing your decisions in this situation?

Card 3- What challenges you about this situation?

Card 4- What do you need to make you happy in this situation?

Card 5- What will be the outcome of this situation?

Thank you for joining me this week. See you again!

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