Your Moon Forecast for September 2012

Shine on, Harvest Moon

The month closes the Harvest Moon (Full Moon in Aries) bringing plans to fruition and imbuing us with the fiery energy of the Ram as we begin the next cycle. But how will the Moon affect you in the meantime? Here’s your lunar forecast for September. Get an even more detailed analysis of what’s head by astrologer Psychic Shauna ext. 9010.


If last month’s Blue Moon sparked a competitive streak, this month’s New Moon in Virgo on the 15th gets into strategy. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll achieve by month’s end (and where it takes you after that) if you pay attention to details.


The days leading up to the New Moon in Virgo on the 15th have you feeling foggy. That shifts when Mercury enters Libra on the 16th, restoring mental clarity and balance. Trust your instincts.


You’ve been striving for self-improvement, Twins, and it’s working. Don’t let yourself feel frustrated around the New Moon. Problems are hiccups en route to a higher vibration, which is yours by month’s end.


Productivity is the order of the first half of this month, as the seeds planted will bear fruit with the Harvest Moon. Your nose-to-the-grindstone ethic will reward you, but be prepared for the power struggles that could result.


The Virgo New Moon forces you to confront anything that’s not working in your life and make changes. Be clear and compassionate in how you proceed, and you’ll be led to the precipice of lasting change for the better.


How can you improve your work situation, Virgo? This month’s New Moon in your sign begs you to answer this question, and take care of your health as well. Authenticity without being overly critical will serve you as the month comes to a close.


Now is your chance to connect to the earth and your own intuition, courtesy of the Virgo New Moon. Work on being grounded and centered before the Aries Full Moon and the Sun in your sign propel you to the next level. Not quite sure how to get grounded and centered? Find out how from Psychic Nicholas ext. 5499 and see what’s throwing you off balance.


Taking care of your health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is paramount this month, Scorpio. You’re being asked a lot of and you must be up to the task. Take advantage of the Aries Full Moon for an energy boost.


The New Moon is all about purification for you, Sag. See the beauty in tiny details. Preparation is underway, later in the month and year, when you will be called upon to act with not just the courage, but the clarity of your convictions.


Discipline is never your issue, Capricorn. But letting go can be. Let the Virgo New Moon on the 15th encourage you to be more flexible. Relinquish the need to control and see this as a transition time.


Feeling the urge to get out of dodge, or to spread your wings and fly to new pastures? That’s Jupiter. Luckily, your need to express your individuality is only enhanced by the Aries Full Moon at month’s end.


You’re not always the most level-headed, Pisces, but this month’s New Moon forces you to take a look at the realities and plan accordingly. Taking care of yourself is part of the requisite recipe for dreams fulfilled.

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8 thoughts on “Your Moon Forecast for September 2012

  1. Auth

    Aloha Lara I am interested to know a few dealtis of what I suspect will be a momentous time ahead following the July 11th solar eclipse. I read on another site that an almost exact (if not exact) eclipse happened in July of 1964, July 1972 and again in July 2009. In 1964 I turned down a singing contract with Columbia records because I wanted to marry my high school sweet heart(whom diid not support my career), and so I went on to marry him, 2 kids and divorced after 41/2 yrs. So now I have a strong feeling an ex-lover of 6 1/2 years is returning to me, only now I have goals and a vision of my life as a successful woman in my own right. His name Ron, B-day Dec. 22, 1952, Long Beach, Ca. @ 1am and I am July 24th, 1948 @ 6:08am Santa Ana, Ca. I have held out for this man for 5 1/2 years am about to make a replay here? Thanks for your time and energy in this matter. Mahalo, Ronni

  2. enyiegbe ini ben eboh

    I want to know who am destined to be,or my original destiny.want to know to what appointments I can hold in life.

  3. Adria

    BMSharma – I completely agree about Taurus!

    If you have never called I would try it – they are very good. I”ve called 3x now and theyve hit the nail on the head everytime. Just choose the psychic that speaks to you and if you cant choose they will help you over the phone.

  4. BMSharma

    Taurus can be one of the most committed, reliable, stable and dependable signs to be in a relationship with—it can also be one of the slowest to change! … your prediction are almost true…..


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