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Free Will Choice

Many times a client will call to ask for a reading on their future. I give them the guidance as it channels through me. Most times their guides will come into my meditation chapel and give the clients information about their mates, their work, their families—and the information is usually in great detail. By the end of a reading, I like to discuss Free Will Choice. It’s important for a client to know that they must live every day as if they didn’t get future information from a psychic. This is because if they just start preparing for the future today and not living in the present, tomorrow may never come.

I remind them to live in each day in order to obtain the future that I’ve seen. Staying present is the main key, and if you don’t live today, there may not be the tomorrow I saw during the reading. Some say that Free Will Choice is when a prediction has not occurred and the client has derailed the inevitable. In a few cases that happens, however, it’s more than likely that the client raced ahead into tomorrow without doing the present day work in the relationship.

There are so many elements that make up a full day. To ensure that free will choice does not derail a client I would like to give a few tips:

1. Remember that every morning when you awaken say good morning and thank your angels and spirits for surrounding you. That alone will keep you in gratitude and give you someone to greet every morning.

2. Remember that all fear can turn to anger. So when fear comes up know for a fact that fear is an illusion. What isn’t real, isn’t yours. Let it go.

3. Remember that anger will make you do things that you will regret. When in anger go for a quick walk, work it out in physical movement. You can also write it out. Writing down what your angry about will help you release the words onto paper. Once written, burn it, because you never want to write out of anger. That can only bring negative consequence.

4. Live in your JOY everyday. There is always something to be grateful for and happy about. During the spring everything is starting to bloom and to grow. It would be a terrible waste not to notice the JOY of life itself

5. Make sure that you do one kind thing for yourself first and then for someone else. That keeps you social and we humans are social creatures.

6. Before going to sleep at night say or text GOOD NITE, SWEET DREAMS to somebody. It may be a person, animal, angel/guide/spirit—you always have someone to say that to. And, saying the words ensures you a good and sweet night’s sleep, too.

7. Remember that Free Will Choice is exactly that. Choose to live everyday to it’s fullest and be kind in all of your actions. And, when in doubt of any action, don’t do it! Make sure that you allow your free will actions to bring you all of the goodness that the psychics at California Psychics see in your future.

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3 thoughts on “Exercise Your Free Will

  1. misskrystal

    This is just lovely, Lucy!
    I had such a nice time meeting you, at the last Xmas party-
    I really enjoyed this article & would be great to read once a week-This is a great one to print and put on the fridge! Thanks. Happy summer season to you!
    Hope to see you again, at CP 🙂
    Sincerely, Miss Krystal

  2. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Hello Lucy,

    You’ve offered valuable pointers here for exercising free will and living in the present moment. Especially your statement ~ “It’s important for a client to know that they must live every day as if they didn’t get future information from a psychic.”

    As hard as it may be, learning to live in the moment, a day at the time, expands our awareness, opens us up to life’s creative opportunities and brings more love, happiness and prosperity our way.

    Love # 5 … Great article Lucy … Thank you!

    Blessings, Faith


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