Money Matters: Let Go of Career Disappointments to Find a New Job

Nasrin from London, England asks:

After working nonstop for seven years, I’m now unemployed, single, and with two young children. I have no money, and I’m living on welfare with no support from my ex-husband. I’m a professional, and have been applying for jobs, but I seem to be going one step forward and two steps backwards. My welfare is also on the verge of being stopped as there were miscalculations. Do you see me getting out of this rut and into a job where I can secure a sound financial future for me and my children and that is emotionally satisfying for me? I am totally lost.

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

Solutions are at best merely pathways to allow expansion, spiritual renewal, and pride in our accomplishments. Allowing the present lack of security to override feeling better only intensifies your current issue. As a first new step, give yourself the certainty that the decisions you make can be better than those of others.

To get things moving, go back and examine the route that led you to your present door. If that is no longer an option, keep trying to open doors to find a new entryway. The starting point is a job that focuses on financial return regardless of the field of endeavor. Emotional well-being springs from feeling that you are taking care of problems as practically as possible.

Reliving past emotions will never bring you to a place of peace. A positive role for ourselves is created outside of the life events we experience. Capturing the good around you at every given moment, while detouring yourself away from unpleasantness, is the only way to feel like your true self.

Visualizing the future will never come about by depending on other people’s input. It’s like having a stranger select your meal when you know specifically what you want to eat. It always leaves much to be desired and little fulfilled. Finish the past and begin anew. After all, no one’s life is perfectly lived.

Job selection is an ongoing process; it will not end with your next job. We often need to break down our aspirations into doable quantities. Think of a house. The foundation is your financial independence. The walls hold ourselves up to the task of personally accepting the challenge we are facing. Windows are perspectives we develop while looking for solutions on finding our career. The roof is the attainment of a position that personifies much of what we enjoy doing.

You have in your hands the ability to turn everything around to face the direction of your choice. Life is a continuum of many starting points that can go forward to give increased enjoyment and challenge. Giving up alternatives keeps us stepping backwards. Choice seems like a small detail, although it is the main component that holds everything in place while we steer to our future.

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One thought on “Money Matters: Let Go of Career Disappointments to Find a New Job

  1. maryannex9146maryannex9146

    Anya Dawn,

    Excellent reminders in this very timely article.

    I speak with many clients who are seeking a career change or, if not the perfect career change, then a job to cover expenses until their career choices and/or the world economy expand. Your advice to avoid reliving past emotions is very important, particularly if the past emotions are negative. i.e., “I never get as prestigious or well-paying job as my friends–I don’t have as much education as my brothers so I can’t get as much career success”. Absolutely do not allow past emotions or past negative thoughts to rule your job search or any other search. Rather, make a mental or written list for yourself of your experience, abilities, knowledge-good with people, organized, great listener, etc. Work with those positives to make your plan for a new position or perhaps a new career direction.

    Thanks again for a great article,

    Psychic Maryanne, Ext. 9146


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