Old English Tarot: June 21 – 27

Old English Tarot: June 21-27 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

I hope you are enjoying perfect, dreamy weather and have time to frolic with the birds and butterflies at this juicy juncture of the year!

We are at the balanced half-way point of the year when the sun is closest to the earth. It feels like the perfect time to wander through the meadows of Greenwich, a charming and historic place in London, England. Known as the “prime meridian” it is the geographical point to which all time zones of the world refer when setting their clocks. Of course, I’m sure it looks different now than it did in 1851 when this custom began.

But if, in fact, the physicists are right and there really is no linear past, present, and future, all eras exist simultaneously, and we don’t really have far to go!

So, just because we can, let’s travel back in time to the pastures and villages of Merry Old England through the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen. She developed it to bridge the span of time between the medieval period and the present day. Consulting the tarot in all seasons and circumstances is a potent way to deal with uncertainty.

Let’s enter here.

June 21 – Sunday

Ace of Batons (Wands)

New possibilities are emerging in your environment, if you are open to seeing them! Take note of ideas that are forming which could take a while to appear in full form. The card says that they are worth developing. This will be one worth taking. It will be in the area of career and life path, most likely. Your guides are offering an alternative to a present situation that you feel is limiting you now.

June 22 – Monday

The High Priestess

Although it is Monday, take time today to be still, relaxed, and focused to listen. A message that is full of wisdom will come to you in meditation. A quiet environment will help the process.

Another person may come to you for help and counsel. Don’t feel pressured to answer quickly. It is fine to be silent and to ask to get back to them. In fact, today, this will work out better than to speak hastily. Spirit is flowing cosmic information through you rather than away from you, today!

June 23 – Tuesday

The Hanged Man

Such a paradox! By being suspended, alone and with no direction, if you let go completely to your highest good, the result will be more wonderful than you dream. This relates today to a relationship issue, especially. Forcing conclusions, agreements, or arrangements will “back –fire” in a bad way. Listening, allowing, and keeping a neutral and light-hearted attitude will bring what you want.

June 24 – Wednesday

The Lovers

A soul-mate is around you today. This can take many forms. A romantic liaison is just one way it could manifest. But soul mates can be friends, animals, co-workers, teachers, and counselors. You will feel deeply understood.

Be a soul-mate to yourself. Really listen to what your inner self is saying to you through emotions, dreams, and visions. Honor the messages that you may have previously shrugged off. When you are connected with all parts of yourself, you will be connected with the whole world.

June 25 – Thursday

Ace of Cups

Get ready to be overwhelmed with happiness. You have drawn an Ace of emotion here. A message of love will come your way. You could hear of a new baby being born into your soul group. Nature could bless you with especially clement weather. You might fall in love. This card announces some new emotional experiences you will want to say “Yes” to. In all of them, look for great happiness because it will be there!

June 26 – Friday

Queen of Cups

A Water sign woman reaches out to you in friendship. She is a reliable confidant, who speaks loyally and truthfully. If you are open to a new love, you may get your absolutely ideal vision of a mate walking directly toward you. This person has abundant sensitivity and intuition.

You, yourself, may be the Queen of Cups to someone close. They will surprise you by telling you this. It could be someone you thought didn’t like you so much. If so, in truth, you are held tenderly in very high esteem.

June 27 – Saturday

Ten of Coins (Pentacles)

This card brings you long-term security today. This could be on a financial or an emotional level or both. This doesn’t mean that from here on out all will take place without challenges. It does mean that the things you learn through both struggle and joy will be worth it! If you are wondering about a love relationship, consider it from the long-term perspective. Is this someone you could still love twenty or forty years from now? If not, go ahead and enjoy the moment anyway, but don’t jeopardize the future with an impulsive action.

Many, many years in the future, when you are transitioning from the physical to the spiritual plane, what do you want to be able to say about your life? Write it down, and meditate on it today.

A Fun Spread To Try: The Head, Heart, and Hands Spread

This is a three card spread, perfect for the morning wake-up meditation!

Shuffle the deck and place it face down on the table in front of you. While breathing deeply, and contemplating the day in front of you


  1. What do I need to know today?
  2. Who do I need to embrace today?
  3. What do I need to do today?

 Select three cards randomly from the deck and lay them out as follows:

Card one                          Card two

Card three

Now, for fun, think of three specific questions of your own about today, and follow the format above. These questions could entail more detail that the initial cards hinted at.

Continue the question sequence several times if you want to, going deeper into the reading by posing more questions in sets of three, until you feel your information is complete.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our stroll as much as I did. It might be time for a glass of mead to celebrate the summer. Thanks for joining me today. See you again!

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