Psychic Lucy

Psychic Lucy

What To Expect

Lucywas born with her “light”. Her gifts range from natural telepathy and telekinesis to an extraordinary level of natural empathy. As a young child, when Lucy sensed someone was in pain, she approached them to talk to them even as young as five years old, and they soon felt so much better. Her experience has helped businesses be successful because she always brought about joy, balance, and fairness. Lucy has even used her gifts to help co-workers which were her employees and has always given readings in her daily life. Since retired from those businesses and joining us as a reader in in 2010, Lucy has loved seeing the growth in each of her clients. Confirmations come to her through body sensations and sometimes laughter and/or tears. She uses meditation techniques to manifest positive energy and is strongly influenced by her love of nature. As a clairvoyant psychic with clairaudient perception, she listens to your internal rhythms and immediately upon answering the phone can tap into you. If she can guide you toward seeing your own greatness, then she says, "The issues of the day can be resolved!" And that is the way Lucy delves into each reading!

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