Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online, Just in Time for 2012

Buried Wisdom Now Available to All

The Dead Sea Scrolls, codices of buried material from the early Christian period, which were unearthed shortly after World War II, have been digitized and are now being placed on the Internet for all to see and use by Google. Previously, they had been available to view only in a museum in Israel.

The Dead Sea Scrolls contain a great deal of information on the Essenes, the unorthodox group which Jesus received much of his spiritual training from. Now that they’re available online, it’s only a matter of time before the public begins to digest and understand any of the material that’s of psychic and spiritual importance, including material pertaining to Gnosticism and other non-organized forms of Christianity. Could it be of special importance and significance that this material is being widely disseminated right before 2012?

“Regarding 2012, I think that perhaps a portal will open and a new age will begin. For all who are connected to their spiritual side, it will be a wonderful time. For those who are not, nothing will change.” – Blythe ext. 5339

Engadget Reports:

You think your finger grease does bad things to your smartphone’s touchscreen? Just imagine the horrors it would wreak on some ancient documents. As promised, Google has saved history the heartbreak of succumbing to your grubby paws by digitizing the Dead Sea Scrolls. Like pretty much everything else these days, the software giant has added the oldest known biblical manuscript to the cloud.

Five scrolls are now available as hi-res images, which really you give the feel of their long-dead animal skin parchment. Google is also offering up English translations of some of the documents and is letting users add comments, because apparently historians weren’t too keen on letting people pencil in the margins of the real thing.

What do you think—what might the material hold for the general public? And why is it being released just before 2012?

“Things ARE changing, and there are more and more people tuning ‘in’ to a higher frequency, a more gentle way of interacting with others… THAT is the change that is coming… not the end of the world.” – Yemaya ext. 5143

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3 thoughts on “Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online, Just in Time for 2012

  1. alcyone7Theo

    Those interested in reading the Dead Sea Scrolls should absolutely also check out The Kolbrin Bible, a large portion of which can be read online.

    Absolutely essential reading.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    My Great Aunt, a famous clairvoyant who knew and worked with Edgar Cayce, predicted back in the 60’s that more of the Dead Scrolls would be found around this time….long after her death. Her predictions are still coming to light.

  3. Clairelynn

    I think Google should be commended for digitizing the Dead Sea Scrolls so that everyone who wants can have access to – what is surely – heart-opening, and perhaps wold-changing ideas. I am awed to have this opportunity to delve into these fascinating writings and to share thought provoking dialogue with my friends and family.


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