Money Horoscope December 2015: Keep Spending in Check

Keep Spending in Check

An Abundant Month of Giving, Receiving and Sharing

You’re going to love your December Money Horoscope which, by the way, is pretty awesome for love, but not too shabby for finances either, as long as you keep spending in check. Venus will play her part as the spendy vixen in Scorpio, while Mercury steps into a more stable and traditional role in Capricorn. And for some, joint finances will be the center of attention.

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Important Dates for Everyone

December 1 is a great day to come up with lucrative ideas, December 6 helps you get backers/partners on board and the 8th is a great day to finalize your travel plans. There is no Mercury retrograde until January 2016, but you will start to feel things slow down as early as December 20, so make sure all of your travel plans, shopping and prepping for the holidays are done by then. Here is your December Money Horoscope.


Joint finances continue to be the focus, especially credit cards and checking accounts. Hopefully you and a partner found common ground on this subject, but you’ll still need to keep an eye on spending, especially when you can get caught up in the festive mood of the holiday season.


The New Moon in Sagittarius on December 11 won’t spoil your fun, but it will make you draw the line if someone’s taking your generosity for granted. If you’re not satisfied with your money situation, this will be the day you decide to spend less and save more—for the important stuff.


Your ruler, Mercury, moves into Capricorn on December 9, dictating the need for organization and clarity in shared finances. You’ll have everything you need in order to make important decisions that stick. Deal with it but don’t dwell on it—your holidays can still be bright.


If you think you need a loan or if you’re dealing with matters of an inheritance, December 17 is an ideal day to get your point across. It’s better to be graceful and grin than to be grumpy and grumbly.


You’re not focused on finances between the 4th and the 28th , but your partner is. As the King/Queen of the Jungle, it’s up to you to show compassion and listen to your partner. Your kingdom thrives on love more than the finer things in life, so spend less and love more.


Success in money matters depends on your ability to communicate with your significant other and, of course, yourself. It’s as though the New Year’s resolution bug has bitten you and you’ll want to make a fresh start. This is a very positive step; just don’t be afraid to talk about it.


Your ruling planet, Venus, will be setting up camp in your house of money for most of the month. With Venus in Scorpio, the temptation to spend (even big-ticket items) will be great. This is a really good time to exercise that want-versus-need muscle. Don’t go overboard on spending.


For most of December, frivolous, mindless spending will be all too easy to do, as Venus puts you in a festive, light-hearted mood. Try to keep tabs on spending, balance your checkbook daily so you know where you stand, and don’t be afraid to do a little comparison shopping.


Mercury, the planet controlling commerce, will be in wise and practical Capricorn, a.k.a. your house of finances. Your attitude towards spending will be a little out of character for you—you’re more careful and wise in your choices. This alignment will keep you from going overboard.


Venus enters your house of joint finances on the 4th, focusing on the savings and possessions you share with others. Luckily your ability to ground yourself as well as those around you will keep the spending from getting out of hand. If you’re splitting stuff up, be fair to yourself and others.


The New Moon in your house of friendships will bring you good news on the 10th, 11th and 12th. Someone may want to partner with you, and though it seems legitimate and fruitful, do your homework. Your prayers over finances may actually get answered in a favorable way.


A spending fire is lit under you because unpredictable Uranus in Aries (still in retrograde until December 25) is making contact with several planets in money-spending Sagittarius. The heat may prove to be too much. Enlist a grounded partner to balance you and your checkbook.

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