Your Sun Sign: The Key to New Year’s Resolution Success

Resolution Success

A New You in 2016

2016 is all about trust—in yourself and your abilities. Part of this process will require letting go of old fears, doubts and limitations. They’re the worst enemies you’ll ever face. 2016 is also about forgiveness, with self-forgiveness at the top of the agenda. Keep reminding yourself: Making a mistake and learning from it is a fabulous step forward, not something to be viewed as a failure.

Each sun sign provides clues that will help you be successful in 2016. If you have a New Year’s resolution already, you may want to toss it after reading your horoscope below. If you don’t have a resolution yet, look to your sun sign for insight.

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Commit to showing the real you to the world in 2016. You should put those brilliant ideas into solid form. They’re a part of who you want to be in 10 years, so go after them. If you need more education to make it happen, enroll in courses in 2016.


It’s tempting to sit back and coast after all the demands on your time and attention over the last few years. But, you’ve always focused on long-term goals, so make a new commitment. Extend lovingkindness to those you have overlooked in the past. You’ll be thrilled with the results.


This isn’t the first year you’ve committed to being more patient, but it’s an especially good resolution for 2016. Your mind is running at a speed that can exhaust others. Be supportive and watch partners and coworkers become real assets to you.


Make a promise to yourself each morning to complete just one piece of what may look like an overwhelming future plan. This daily approach will bring a comfort you didn’t think possible to your big scheme, and will make this a surprisingly successful year full of love.


A serious approach to your New Year’s resolutions will bring success in 2016. Any commitment to something or someone you love and are passionate about is staged to flourish and grow. Don’t lose sight of that dream in the face of challenges. Recognize it as part of the process of creativity.


You’ll find yourself being the focus of attention, even though you tend not to seek it. You have everyone’s ear now. Are you going to let that opportunity pass you by? Partners are looking for someone to guide them, and they see you as that person.


Commit yourself to clearer personal communications and watch the results snowball into incredible, loving fun! You’ll have more harmonious relationships and career opportunities than you thought possible. And life will run more smoothly and peacefully—just the way you like it.


Commit to accumulating the necessary finances and resources to have the life you love. You have the creative magic to reach others with your finest work, whether that’s making a partner and family feel loved, or touching people through your art. Launch your future in 2016.


Make 2016 the year when you look at your own need for self-expression. Your dedication to honesty can be better defined through self-examination. Then speaking from your heart with your wise ideas about life and love becomes an amazing gift that you give others.


Recognize old negative thoughts about yourself when they arise. Practice releasing those ideas immediately for the false negativity that they are. The true you is so much more. Knowing that will clear away old limitations and make this new year a winner.


Build that social network of yours into something that serves and supports you. You’ve been released from old obligations over the past year and the world is just waiting for those wonderful ideas of yours. Focus on a solid foundation built on trust and your reach is limitless.


This is the year to focus, focus, focus on making your dream situations, creative efforts and romantic aspirations something truly solid. Add just a little organization and hard work to those dreams and you’ll see them appearing before your eyes.

Create magic in 2016. It’s within your grasp!

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    i’m inspire about your readings about us aquarius can i still find the man am going to grow old with despite my being 58 years of age? thank you and best wishes to all


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