Psychic Jesse: The Delights and Dangers of Social Media on Romance

Is Social Media Replacing Your Real-Life Relationships?

We’ve all heard the stories. Someone lost since high school is reunited with a “friend” and so begins an Internet explosion of long-forgotten feelings and a world of fantasy and hope is born. We have also heard the stories of such connections leading to divorce and various levels of discord and hostility.

In 2010, almost one third of all divorces in the United States were tied to a social media network. However, for all its potential destruction, it can bridge many gaps and bring great connections with people and teach us great things about the human experience.

The challenge with social-media networking, like many things in life, is to find a good balance. Instead of sending out random thoughts with little or no emotional “filters” that can be easily misinterpreted by the reader, why not actually TALK with your real friends? How about finding time for a conversation or a meal together? In an age when people will text one another while sitting across the room from each other, it is easy to get lost in our own fears and fantasies and think that the world revolves so much more tightly around us than it really does.

The next time you are seeking out a long lost-love or reading what someone has written on their “wall” and thinking it’s a subliminal message really intended just for you, ask yourself what this person really is creating in your life. Are they making your life better or is the drama you are reading into really just a distraction for the lack of real emotion or depth in your life? Many times as we journey through our lives we find alternatives to facing reality and social media is one of the many possibilities.

Love can find you through the Internet. It is done every day. However, it requires real work and real effort if it is going to grow beyond the seedlings of fantasy and provide real substance in your life. Should you decide to explore a social-media networking site to find like-minded people or reunite with lost friends or relatives, proceed with a balanced amount of realistic expectation and hope.

Seek the guidance of a trusted friend and/or psychic who can give you a different perspective on how to interpret the results of your Internet explorations. Emotions often blind us to something wonderful which might be standing right in front of us in our daily life. The Internet is ripe for fantasy and disappointment. A “second opinion” can help redirect many knee-jerk reactions to what can be read or discovered through social media.

Love and wonderful friendships await… but proceed with caution!

4 thoughts on “Psychic Jesse: The Delights and Dangers of Social Media on Romance

  1. Poppa

    Being in love means being open and honest. If you are then social media cannot ruin your Love. If you are not then social media is the least of your problems. So be honest with your “Lover.”

  2. quinn ext 5484

    well put jesse…
    i find that there needs to be a few rules in place when soical media is the way we meet a romantic partner.
    1. if you live near each other and do not meet in two weeks, it is not going to happen.
    2. if you don’t want a long distance relationship, keep your soical media dialed on local.
    3. post a real picture of you NOW
    (love the story of the gal whose date came to the door and she looked out the peephole and could not see him cause he was so short) give real diminsons.
    4. if you or the person has no time to date than don’t put yourself or anyone else through the heartache of falling in love with words.
    5. no catfish 🙂

    great article –
    i met my current husband on the internet. so it does work, we have an 7 year wedding anniversary coming up this month.

  3. Jelena 5842

    What a great article! Very timely! You are such an asset to California Psychics. I have heard a great deal about you and now I know why. I was dealing with some issues just like the ones you wrote about. Thanks for the advice!


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