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This week we will revisit The Akashic Tarot by Sharon Anne Klinger and Sandra Anne Taylor. They do interpret reversals, so I will include those when they occur this week. They have re-named the Minor Arcana to the Suit of Roses, (Cups), the Suit of Scrolls, (Swords), the Suit of Keys, (Pentacles), and the Suit of Forces, (Wands). Let’s begin:



Your tolerance of a self-serving person’s behavior has come to an end. You are ready to give to yourself. You are now more aware of your priorities, and you’re ready to take the action that honors you. You are no longer willing to be neglected or minimized. You might falter a bit, but take the steps needed to put this person behind you.

Akashic Force: Imagine when you look in a mirror, all you see reflected there is the God within you. Let this part of you be reflected in everything you think and do.


When this card appears, it means that a valuable union is at hand. A romantic commitment may be coming your way, or perhaps a love from your past life is returning to you. It can also mean that a business commitment may be forthcoming, such as the offer of a promotion or a new job.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and with a deep breath, bring in the word commitment. You are ready to make a priority of every commitment in your life, especially to yourself.



Sometimes this card can indicate writing or publishing a book, but it also symbolizes a new initiation–an ability to manifest a new life in every way. You have moved deeper into the Akashic Records and to a higher self-awareness.

Special Note: this card also means that a book will bring a message to you. Open a book to a random page, and read the passage there, and reflect on the words throughout your day. What does it tell you?


Archangel Raphael is a profoundly loving spirit who has an important role in bringing the Akashic power to you. Of all the archangels, Raphael most often comes in the guise of a human. There may be a renewal of a lost dream, a reuniting of family members, or a healing; either of a physical condition or a broken heart. Raphael is often called the miracle worker!

Akashic Force: Open yourself to the presence of Archangel Raphael. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and feel your whole being fill with the healing energy of boundless love.



This card is a sign that it is time to focus on starting something new, or expanding current interests, such as your business, your network of friends, or perhaps your family. There may be some effort involved. The nest must be built, and you will need to be open to the additions coming your way. Whatever it is, it will be well worth the effort, for the expansions you make will bring you great joy.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and see yourself feathering your nest. What sort of things need to be put in place in order to support the expansion that lies before you?


The stars are shining on a serene desert night. Fires burn before a number of white tents. Inside one of the tents rests the Ark of the Covenant. On the most mundane level, this card can represent a beneficial legal contract or title transfer. It is also about karma. Your karma does not rule you; you rule it. You understand the phases of time and energy, and you work within those phases.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and imagine the Ark of the Covenant. Within it, you see the contract that contains your highest purpose. What is that purpose?



On this card, we see a Waxing Moon, which indicates a time of Increase, abundance, and growth. However, when reversed, it shows that a phase of decrease has arrived. Energy, money, and your creative flow may feel tight for a while. The forces around you seem restrictive, so conserve your energy rather than spend it on futile action. Though it may seem like a difficult time, it is not permanent.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and tap into the increscent moon’s power. Feel the flow of energy, receptivity, and opportunity swell within you. How would you like to direct this energy now?


The Buddha sits meditating. People are waiting for him to speak, but He won’t engage until he is ready.   This card indicates a time of inner preparation before action. Before you Can reach outside of yourself, you must reach within to find your power, your purpose, and your direction. It is a time of waiting and taking the time you require to prepare and to truly step into your power.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and connect to your inner Buddha. Feel the peace and easy understanding that there is a time to every Purpose under heaven. Feel your own sense of purpose stirring within you.



This is a card of political and social conflict. You may be in store for difficult interactions in group settings, such as boards of directors or family. Deceit is present, and you may not be at all certain about everyone’s motives. It is time for you to take an emotional or actual step back. The more you get involved and the stronger you hold to your position, the more heated the situation becomes.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and feel yourself upon a chessboard. See who the other players are and how you feel about them. What do you want your next move to be?


Adsum is a single word that has many meanings. First it affirms your own strength and focus in the present time. You can use it as a command word whenever you find yourself distracted. Say, “Adsum I am here,” and feel yourself attend to the person or situation before you.   Say, “Adsum, I arrive,” and take a moment to see yourself reaching your goals. Know that you are on your way to getting the results you seek.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and sense your spirit guides around you. Feel the words, “Adsum, I arrive” inside of you. The divine stands next to you as you arrive at your highest dream.



This card indicates that you are in a time of great insight and psychic power. Even if you don’t recognize it yet, it lies very close to your consciousness because you have used this gift in so many past lives. Your psychic perceptions, and their interpretations give you a powerful insight and an Akashic view of the world.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and feel your psychic energy growing–expanding upward from the very depths of your being. Now notice the first thing that you see.


The Akashic Field reversed indicates a time of fragmentation and agitated Energy within or around you. It may be a time of crisis. You need to know that the universal consciousness of creation is still available to you. Eternal inspiration is always vibrating around you. The field is filled with potential solutions to the very problems that are making you upset. So stop, take a step back, and try to get a new perspective on things.

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and imagine yourself entering the brilliant Akashic Field. Feel this profound force igniting your dreams and lighting your way.



The willow reversed indicates that the winds of change (or conflict) are blowing around you. Don’t try to fight it, or you may be uprooted. Instead, stay flexible and bend with the demands of the times. While it may appear to be a period of total upheaval, like the willow, you are strong and capable of bending without breaking.

Akashic Force: Take a deep breath and feel yourself plant energetic Roots through the bottom of your feet. Notice the strength you feel rising up from this profound source of energy.


When reversed, the lookout may seem to have fallen and lost his position, but he is now free from the heat of battle. You may find yourself in the throes of a sudden and difficult loss—perhaps a job, a relationship, or a major creative opportunity. You are on your way to a more fantastic life!

Akashic Force: Close your eyes and become the lookout, and scan the things happening in your life. Notice things you might like to change.

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    I am very disappointed in the weekly tarot they are frequently inaccurate and instill a sense of discord and upheaval on a constant basis. Almost every other week the tarot predicts my life going into the toilet, and my daily astrology says something else. Please delete the tarot from my weekly e-mails as I do not find them helpful only stressful and many times I prepared myself for pending disaster and was stressed out for nothing. PLEASE take me off of your tarot e-mail.


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