This Week in Tarot: December 11 – 17

The Power of Tarot

The Tarot of the Orisha speaks to us about the elements through the minor cards, Water, Earth, Fire and Air. The system of numerology used in this deck is the Pythagoras system, and it tells us about cycles and timelines as all is governed by numerical values, like the rhythm of our heartbeat. Let’s dance to the beat of our hearts, as the conga drums respectfully play to the spiritual guardians of the universe, with this week’s Tarot reading.

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A MESSAGE FROM FIRE. The flame from this fire is a never-ending energy that will burn as long as there is life, so it greatly impacts your willpower. Fire is a purifying element that encourages us to work and create. With a positive attitude and courage, you have the rank due to all your achievements. No one can discourage you since your path is strong and filled with passion. In the evening, ACE OF EARTH. This is a card of stability and it says that your projects will indeed be accomplished this coming week and they will be profitable. Groundedness is a gift.


OBA. This beauty was the first wife of Xango. She was a jealous woman and comes to us today to tell those with a jealous nature to get advice on how to control it. Xango withdrew from her, because her anxiety clouded her faithfulness and hard work. In the evening, FAIRIES AND SYLPHS. Our senses are crystal clear tonight, and this brings some visions to light at the same time. An old man or woman who is a poet or artist is about to transition, so you should savor the positive energy from this person without delay.


EIGHT OF FIRE. The dormant time in your life has come to an end, and now you are probably ready to work on your causes. A passionate love comes around, but you might lack the courage to move forward. Let love manifest anyway. In the evening, EIGHT OF AIR. If you were confined, would you be at peace or would there be sadness? This card asks us to be aware of who we want in our life, but to also be mindful of possession and attachment. The bars of confinement are an ignorant energy, and to think that we can hold on to someone or something without compassion is a sign of a less-evolved mind. Learn to let go of those who do not want to be in your orbit. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.


NINE OF FIRE. This card represents a time of cleansing. The card shows nine candles that burn and meditation is being done in order to transform and enlighten the meditator. This is a day where you enter into a time of self-improvement. Be calm and more inactive than usual as you will need your energy for this process. In the evening, ELEGGUA. We can call Eleggua the doorman as he is the one who protects the entrance ways of the home. Holding the magic keys makes him the keeper of the villages, towns and cities too. This card is related to career, and he helps us open the doors to successful ventures and might even tempt us to cross a doorway to a different way of life. Are you considering a new career path?


TWO OF AIR. On this card, two swans form a heart, and their faithfulness is truly forever. Here we have a vibration that lends itself to communication of the highest elegance. There is love in all we do, and this card is telling us to take a look at what and who we adore. Perhaps it is time to share some words of spirituality with our heartmates. Think about what you want to say and then say it. In the evening, SIX OF EARTH. The one who feeds the animals bring us gifts for our kindness because we are caring for those who cannot care for themselves. A meant-to-be opportunity is finally coming up soon.


THE OUTCAST. Be very aware of your attitude today because if there are mistakes and mishaps, you could be asked to leave work, school or a gathering. There is some discomfort, but taking a moment to meditate will probably make things better. If you’re not the one feeling the discomfort, then there is probably someone in your environment who is acting lazy or like they just don’t care. If you want to be the one to wake that person up, know that they will ultimately be thankful. In the evening, THREE OF WATER. Three fish form a triangle, making the symbol of faith. Tonight is a night to celebrate good fortune, because a cause has created an excellent effect. Emotional stability definitely sings tonight.


THREE OF EARTH. Today is a day of service. Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are with us today and this trilogy ultimately grounds us. The people who come on your path today are ready to work with you in whatever way you need them to work. In the evening, SEVEN OF EARTH. This day of service leads to an evening of sharing the harvest that was gathered, so it is time for a wonderful meal with wonderful friends and family, and loyalty is the mantra for tonight.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Tarot: December 11 – 17

  1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic Quinn

    Dear James,
    I am humbled by your words. You are very dear to me and this holiday season I pray for all beautiful things to be yours to share.

  2. James

    Dear Quinn. This is the first time trading your Tarot and blog but I found it fascinating, just like me readings with you have been, extremely clear, rock solid and amazingly helpful every single time. I will Trad your postings frequently from now on. Thank you for your gifts and the love which comes through so clearly in your inspired work. God bless you always. James


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