Top Psychics for Career & Money Readings for April 2013

Time for a Career & Money Psychic Reading

It’s springtime in the northern hemisphere, and it’s a time for new beginnings. It’s also time for us to start looking for new jobs and for taking care of our financial concerns. For some, it’s driven by their New Year’s resolutions. For others, it’s just time to find a new job or get their spending under control. Knowing all this, we present you with four new psychics who specialize in career and money readings. Giving them a call will help you find the answers you’re looking for to questions about your next career move or your next paycheck.

Psychic Caralatta ext. 5871

To start your reading she will ask for your name and date of birth. The vibration of your voice triggers her clairvoyant and medium abilities, allowing her to connect to your energy. Information begins to come to Caralatta in the form of pictures or spirit guides will speak to her directly. Caralatta’s comforting guidance will help you find peace with your life choices and give you a clearer perspective of the future. Her insight will help you accept your truth and make use of your personal power. Need to find clarity in your career or financial future? Call Caralatta to get a career or financial reading.

Psychic Lana ext. 5760

Lana believes that information is empowering and has used her intuitive abilities for guidance throughout her life. She hopes that you will leave the call feeling that you have received guidance appropriate for your situation. Lana says, “I say a short, silent prayer before commencing with readings that the information will come for the highest good for all concerned. I trust that when someone calls me, I am meant to read for them and that we are placed in each other’s path at that exact moment for a purpose.” If it’s time to face your financial concerns, then it’s time for a financial reading from Lana. 

12 thoughts on “Top Psychics for Career & Money Readings for April 2013

  1. Royston Ferdinands

    I am quite as of now, and don’t forget to read whatever is sent to me.

    The only hitch that I have not is that I am without work for almost one year. Have you got
    any idea as to when I would start work again.


  2. Maryhelen Carroll

    I’m wondering if there will be a financial gain coming soon for me. I’m on S.S. and it just seems like money is flying out the door before I get measly check?

  3. Cindra

    What can I do to get my finance fixed, so I can soon have the love of my life want to move in with me and stay forever.

  4. Mathieu

    Although I don’t have all that I want,I do have almost all that I need, But I’d like to know, are my finances and my search for my soul mate on the horizon or am I destine to walk this journey alone?

  5. Star

    Hi my name is star and I want to know is my financial is going to be batter then it is because I am living pay check to pay check I need help to pay my my bills plase.

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  7. Niki Stewart - Online Psychic Readings

    A psychic reading on money and career is a powerful tool for empowerment. Psychic gifts are here to be used. A career should be a joy and be well compensated for the work you do.


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