Your Mercury Horoscope for April 2013

Think Fast! Get Ready for Action in Aries!

With Mercury leaving imaginative Pisces for rapid-fire Aries, the shifts happen fast this month. Fortunately, after last month’s retrograde, action is just what most of us are after! Still need help recovering or sorting out what happened during Mercury Retrograde? Get a detailed Mercury forecast from astrologer Psychic Braxton ext. 5699.

Read on to find out how Mercury affects you in April!


Introspection is the order of the day until the winged one enters your sign mid-month. But have no fear because it’s an ideal time to store up your energy. After Mercury moves into Aries, it’s on, and you’re as busy as can be!


The first half of the month finds you future-focused. Be open to whatever surprises come your way as they’ll help shift your path. Your state of mind shifts mid-month when you’ll find your intuition—not external events—is your greatest guide.


Your participation in groups and associations is key to your success this month, Gemini. Collective ideas are a source of strength and help to position you where you want to be. You’ll find your friends supportive in your endeavors, especially those endeavors for which you’ve long toiled.


Whether you’re the teacher or the student, this month is all about expanding education and horizons. Whether you travel to a foreign country or open your mind to new ways of living and doing, you’re bound to chart new territory. Not sure which horizons to head towards? Let astrologer Psychic Heather ext. 5064 show you the path the success.


It’s a tricky time in that you’re being asked to see the big picture and catch the tiniest details. Luckily, you have access to people who can help guide you in each of these realms. Focus on the small stuff before the 15th and then start connecting the dots!


You’re sensitive early on in the month. You may feel like your buttons are being pushed on a subject that’s near and dear to you. Keep calm and hold off on responding until after the 14th when you can see things clearer.


The first half of the month finds you mired in what feels like a never-ending to-do list. There is an end in sight, however, as once Mercury moves into Aries, your mindset shifts to cooperation and forward motion on a larger scale.


You start the month off vibrant and creative. The frustrating upshot, however, is that your successful self-promotion leads to a few weeks wherein you’re too busy with practicalities to absorb much of anything other than exhaustion. Shore up your resources early on to make it through!


Last month’s introspection continues for the first half of April, Sag. You’ll find yourself drawn to home as opposed to your usual travelling ways. That will shift mid-month when you get a burst of energy—and a call to adventure!


The first half of April continues the networking trend from March. You’re expanding your mind and Rolodex. Things get more concrete after the 14th as plans that where previously loose solidify and require action. Go get it!


Practicality kicks off the month with you looking more inward than outward for answers and ideas. After the 14th, however, you’re bolstered by your discoveries and creativity flares. Find something to put your soul into!

“Your intuition is always correct. Just write it down before your over-thinking buries it.” – Psychic Alison ext. 9885


A busy schedule has you out and about more than you might like. While it’s fun, it can be exhausting. But don’t worry. The second half of the month brings with it a natural slow down with more focus on daily activities. Enjoy the excitement while you have it!

3 thoughts on “Your Mercury Horoscope for April 2013

  1. quinn ext 5484

    dear dana and carolyn,
    readings can take some time to manifest, if forecasts were given they are for the future.
    sometimes a reader sees things from the past, in the present and far off into the future. it is a spiritual science, and i always say “the psychic is always right” it is your desire to change your course of action or will to not allow a prediction to take place.
    sometimes the answers to your questions might not be acceptable in the moment.
    keep notes, you will be surprised how the most unlikely readings come to pass.
    i am very sorry for your disappointment and i hope you try it again. not to test us but to gain knowledge.
    -quinn ext. 5484


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