Becoming Aware

Self-Awareness is Free, Try Some

Have you ever stayed too long at a party and the hosts were too polite to ask you to leave? Or have you ever carried on a conversation where you were doing all the talking? Or maybe you were like me and stayed in a job for far too long because you were convinced – or even they convinced you – that you were needed even though it was time for you to move on? It’s situations like these that make for one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind. I know you’re thinking “Was there a problem, Houston?”

Yes, there was a problem and the solution I’m talking about is awareness. Because when the light bulb of awareness goes on, we actually take these huge steps to further our own growth. Finally leaving a party or letting a word in or leaving your job is one huge step of awareness. And it’s awareness that we sometimes forget is the key ingredient to getting what we want.

I’m one of those people that gets so lost in enjoying a party that I’m not always aware I can keep my hosts up way past their bedtime. Which is ironic, as my friends will tell you that I prefer being early to bed and early to rise—don’t call me after 8 p.m. most nights, as I’ll be asleep.

The awareness light turned on for me, I became aware of their needs, said a hasty goodnight and went home. I still wonder if I should be embarrassed for not being aware that they were sleepy.

But why couldn’t they tell me what they wanted? Why couldn’t my hosts tell me the party was over and I had to leave? Why couldn’t my friend tell me it was her turn to talk? And why couldn’t my employer let me go (or why did it take so long for me to quit and then we had all these bad feelings – a whole other story) so that we could both make some bigger steps? It all has to do with awareness. We forget to be aware of our needs. All of us forget to be aware of needs.

As a psychic I have to be aware. I turn on my awareness and turn it off. I turn my senses up higher to be of service when I’m helping others. It’s what works for me, or so I thought, until I began speaking with a business intuitive last week. She asked, “Why do you turn your awareness on and off?” I’m still working on that answer.

If I leave my awareness on all the time will my needs be met? Will others get their needs met if my awareness is on? My intuitive answer is that we can only know awareness when we know unawareness. We do overstay our welcome. We do talk too much sometimes. We do stay in jobs (or relationships or homes or whatever we are ready to move on from) for far too long. And then something – or someone with awareness – turns the light on. And then we make that small step that truly has one huge impact that leads to one giant step for mankind. We become aware.

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5 thoughts on “Becoming Aware

  1. christopher siewert

    I really needed to read this!!!!Im sure it willl help me to the next level, i need to take in life>>>Christopher Siewert

  2. Bettin EX 5065

    Very insightful and motivating, I believe when you’re on the receiving-end( specially for psychics) it is hard to turn your awareness off it becomes part of your life…..Awareness is important in every aspect of life, It will keep you guarded, healthy and safe from unexpected danger that comes in different forms, being used, lied to or taking advantage-off. Your awareness is your best shelled.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article Josslyn,

    When I train a budding psychic, I teach awareness , or staying present in the moment, as it is crucial,in order catch those instant intuitive flashes.

  4. -quinn ext.5484

    beautiful words of wisdom. thank you for sharing this article.
    totally aware of your awesome-ness.


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