Astrological Patterns and Detachment

Over the past several months I have been exposed to a particular astrological pattern. I have quite honestly never seen such a natal configuration. I can only draw one conclusion and it is somewhat staggering in its implications. Apparently it is now time for me to recognize this concept since I have seen it 3 times over the last 6 months. Prior to this I have not seen this dynamic in nearly 30 years of astrological investigation. There are no coincidences.

Imagine an empty astrological wheel. Now picture most of the planets all lined up in one house, with only one planet outside of this concentration of planets. In each case, most planets are in Aquarius, and the lone planet is Neptune – which in each chart squares the concentration of planets. The square, which is a 90 degree angle, is considered a karmic stressor.

Anytime a chart carries 3 or more planets in a specific house there will be some confusion due to competing planetary energies and is referred to as a Stellium. But, when all or most of the planets are concentrated into one particular house or sign, a locomotive pattern is in effect, and clearly indicates a pointed focus or direction, usually led by the planet in the lead position of this pattern.

Aquarius represents multiple qualities – too many to list here. Aquarius is an Air sign – that is, a sign of a mental nature. It is powerfully connected to the universal mind. Though highly energetic and spiritual, it may be considered somewhat cold and detached… it is definitely not one of an emotional nature, as are the water signs. Aquarians often struggle with emotional issues. Aquarians seem to dance to a different drummer, and that drummer is a high spiritual vibration.

Neptune represents the spiritual octave of love. It is very mystical, and extremely emotional. Many, if not most, of the spiritual sensitivities exhibited by psychics have some correlation with Neptune in a favorable configuration with other planets. But Neptune, in an unfavorable angle with other planets, such as the square or opposition, indicates emotional attachment, depression, obsession and even possession in extreme cases.

I have the opportunity every day to witness and examine individual lives, from an astrological perspective. I am on an intense learning curve, and I have often said that I couldn’t pay for this education. I am truly blessed and grateful. It is so very easy to become detached – the study of astrology does confer a certain objectivity which contributes to clarity on the client’s behalf. Because of this, I have been embracing that detachment as a goal, not a process. I was wrong. These are my conclusions.

The 3 charts that I have examined, the people that are represented, share a common history and destiny. All exhibit an extremely high spiritual path. All are successful in their particular life courses, and all grew up being so different from the norm that they easily detached from the common drama of living – and once again followed their comfortable path of high spirituality. From a purely mental perspective, though, they were somewhat disconnected from the emotional. Each of them were exposed to a situation that was designed to shake them out of their intellectual safety and send them into the emotional depths of misery. Clearly it was emotional shock treatment. The interesting fact is that this is pretty much why these personalities came into this particular incarnation – there was not much else going on, for any of them.

Detachment is extremely important on a personal level. Getting out of our “drama” is key to positive change. But this is only a step. When we detach from others, we are missing the component that runs the universe: love. Remember, Neptune represents the spiritual octave of Venus. These personalities came back only to return to Source with that piece. Hearts ripped open, now bleeding, they understand.

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