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Ask Your Spirit Guide

I'm a single mother of three children. My life is like a broken record, with love, money and my family (not the children)! I have to stop this cycle! Sometimes I feel like it's already too late. How do ... read more

Unconscious Patterns

Lingering just below the surface of our conscious minds are patterns of thought, feelings, emotions and motivations. We aren't immediately aware of them, but they wield a powerful influence over how we ... read more

A New Look at Love

The beginning of a new year or cycle are often tinged with hope and desire for a new start in love, whether with a new relationship or by giving fresh consideration of an established partnership. What can ... read more

Mental Exorcism

It isn't helping you. In fact, the insidious regret from the last couple decades that has slithered its way into you, even now threatens to cloud your perspective, hinder your decision making, and disturb ... read more