Your Astrological Survival Guide to Mercury Retrograde

The Devil’s in the Details

Mercury rules all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. Mercury also rules all formal contracts and agreements, as well as important documents such as book manuscripts or term papers, agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, wills, and so forth. This planet also rules all types of code, including computer codes, as well as transportation, shipping, and travel. When this planet retrogrades, these areas tend to get scrambled or spin out of control. The devil is in the details for Mercury retrograde, so check everything twice, don’t make life-changing decisions during this time and be sure to pay attention!

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The Trickster

Mercury is the trickster, so when you least expect it he can cause some mayhem like accidents and technical difficulties. Here are some survival tips for each sign. Also, make sure that you check your moon sign which rules your emotional perception, and check your ascendant sign which rules your physical world. If you don’t know what they are, you can call me! This Mercury retrograde officially ends on January 8, but anyone who has ever felt its effects knows it’s best to add a few more days to the end date (at least three or four). So if you feel like you’re not out of the woods yet, here’s some cosmic advice.


Going over any unfinished business and finishing what you’ve started when it come to your career is crucial during this retrograde. Use the energies to evaluate how you can align yourself with your true purpose in life. Do not make major decisions concerning your career at this time. However, you should focus more on creating a strategy for the future. Frustrations with authorities are common during this time.

Keywords: redefine, reassemble, reappoint, resign, retire, reorientate


Reexamine what you believe about the world. What’s your overall philosophy to life? Are you really living it? This retrograde reassess what the truth really means to you and how it shapes your ethics and morals. Use this time to revise, edit, or rewrite and proofread your work. Explore books that make you think differently about the world.

Keywords: revisit, reexamine, retrain


Mercury retrograde offers you the chance to find out if you are getting and/or giving your fair share in a relationship. Renew your insurance, check when your insurance runs out, avoid taking out a loan, and pay off your debts and taxes. Sexual issues may need to be discussed. Secrets and hidden things may come to light during this time. Psychoanalysis and other forms of healing are beneficial.

Keywords: relinquish, repay, reallocate, relent


During this period, renegotiation of terms when it comes to marriage or business relationships is called for. Old issues in your relationships that you’ve forgotten may rear up and you may find yourself having to bite your tongue. However, this can serve to bring you closer together by airing differences of opinion. By the time this retrograde ends, you may both feel like you understand each other a lot better. Just don’t get married during this time!

Keywords: renegotiate, refine, reunite


Reorganize your work space, office or desk. Sort out your diary, create a calendar or to-do list. Rework your routines. During this time, frustrations with coworkers can arise. On another note, evaluate your current health. This is the perfect opportunity to do some research into your own health issues. Spend time researching the foods you eat, gathering recipes and nutritional information.

Keywords: reorganization, rejuvenation, relapse, repair, recover, refresh


Creative blocks arise during this time. Perhaps you are overthinking things; just let the process happen naturally. Also check in with what you are telling yourself about your ability to express yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others; you are who you are. Connect with your inner child. Devise new way to bring a spark of romance into your relationship. Conversely, if you’re single, it’s not the best time to start a relationship.

Keywords: reignite, reanimate, rehearse, rekindle, recapture


If you feel stuck in a rut, maybe energy in your home is also stuck. Change the furniture around to give yourself a new perspective. You also may become aware of negative thought patterns that have a significant impact on your life. Foundations and your domestic life are being reviewed. Therefore, consider reconnecting with your family, and make peace with your past.

Keywords: reroute, re-root, Redecorate, reestablish, retrace, refurnish


All forms of communication, transport and thinking are brought into focus and you may feel like your mind is overloaded. Create a calm space since anxiety and restlessness are bound to happen. Repair and update any form of technology. Watch you speed limit! Diffuse arguments, and don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Don’t say yes when you mean no and vice versa.

Keywords: rethink, rewrite, review


Take a look at what you hold dear. Is it really worth it? Ask yourself if you’re happy with how you make money. Are you financially comfortable? What do you really want? Do you believe you are worth it? Review your bank account, keep any sale’s receipts, pay overdue bills and avoid major purchases. You may also want to keep a record of your earnings and spending. Open a savings account if you don’t have one already.

Keywords: reevaluate, replenish, restock


Use Mercury retrograde to understand how you approach the world and see if you need to think differently. There’s a growing sense that you would like to express a part of yourself that perhaps you haven’t allowed to come out before. You may feel like the way others perceive you doesn’t reflect who you are on the inside. Use the energy of Mercury retrograde to restore your confidence. Learn about your natal chart.

Keywords: reframe, reaffirm, revamp


Mercury retrograde will bring the need for a retreat or some solitude. This desire for quiet may be very strong. Mercury may also bring you messages from your deep unconscious mind through dreams. Regrets may characterize this time, with sorrow bubbling up about what could have and should have been. Be kind to yourself and let it go. If you are telling yourself dark and twisted stories, give the tale a happy ending.

Keywords: redeem, release, recharge, reconsecrate, repent


There can be misunderstandings with friends at this time. If you are a hermit, it’s time to catch up with old friends. If you are a social butterfly it may be that you need to take some time to discover who you are away from others. Mercury retrograde can help you discover who your real friends are and why you move in the circles you do. Recapture a dream that you once had to get inspired about the future. Research networks that may help you meet your goal.

Keywords: reconnect, regroup, reconvene, reform

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