9 Easy Steps to Connect to Your Guides

Commitment Is for More Than Just Relationships—It Can Connect You to Your Spirit Guides, Too

Your guides are committed to you! They want you to know they are by your side each minute of your life for guidance and support. Follow these nine steps for the next thirty days, and the powerful desire you have to know and see your guides will be successful:

The first ten days, use your power of commitment to connect to your guides.

1. Set aside a special day to write out your heart’s desire for this connection.

2. For ten days in a row, right before you sleep, read aloud your commitment. Trust that your guides hear you!

The second ten days, use your power of commitment and receiving to prepare you for your guides’ connection.

3. Read aloud your commitment.

4. Right before you sleep ask your guides to open your eyes, ears, mind and heart to receiving their guidance.

5. Take a few seconds and visualize that all of these areas are open to hearing, seeing, and feeling your guides and their guidance. Trust your guides will help you with this!

Wow! You’ve completed twenty special days and the next ten days is going to get really exciting! You are going to continue building upon steps of commitment and receiving, and complete the final step of connection. You are ready to bring that guide connection into your daily life.

6. Take a special trip to the store to buy a notebook or sketchbook you feel drawn to. Place the book and pens or drawing materials by your bed.

7. For ten nights right before sleeping, read aloud your commitment and visualize all the areas of your body are open to receiving.

8. Then, tell your guides you are ready to transmit their words or images the next morning. Ask for a clear memory immediately upon awakening.

9. When you wake up, take your guide book and immediately write or draw what comes to you. Trust what you receive!

Be prepared for an amazing thirty days. Your guides will respond to your commitment with all of their love and attention. The only difficulty you’ve ever had in the past is because it is hard for our human bodies and minds to process our guides’ messages. This fast and easy process will turn that past difficulty into success.

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