How the Blue Moon Impacts Your Sun Sign

blue moon horoscope

Addressing Romantic and Personal Needs

May 21 is a truly unique “once in a Blue Moon day.” Full of passion and spiritual energy, you’ll be seeking your highest ideals. At the same time you’ll want to seriously address romantic and personal needs. The lovers, Venus and a very powerful Mars are staring at each other from across the zodiac, with Venus aligned with the Sun and Mars aligned with the Moon.

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Mercury is Standing Still

This pivotal time is also indicated by Mercury appearing to “stand still” today in Taurus before he begins his forward march after being retrograde since the end of April. Mercury’s message to you is to make a declaration about what’s real for you and to nurture everything that you value. It’s time for balanced action.

Our Fundamental Human Nature

This Blue Moon is tied to our fundamental human nature as it’s defined as the third of four Full Moons in a single season, unlike the second Full Moon in one month, defined by our more artificial modern calendar. This moon has an ancient, more magical “feel.” Here’s what your sun sign will find available on this day and how these energies can unfold in your life:


Money and travel will be a focus today. Use innovative, creative ideas in lovemaking and in the workplace. While your mental energy is high, take care not to push your body too far. In sports and travel, take a planned approach rather than simply charging ahead.


Intense and passionate feelings that have been hard to describe can now find real expression, and this frees you for a new beginning. Today your words can be magical and creative at the same time, particularly if you look deeply into your soul and tell your truth. Keep an eye on investments.


This Blue Moon happens as the sun enters your sign, so it’s an important day to all Geminis. Relationship agreements established at this time become extremely important over the coming month. Expect those you care most about to be emotional, often frustrated and in need of your balanced view of what’s happening and your innovations that bring solutions.


Don’t be shy when expressing what you feel is best for your heart and spirit. The areas where you’ve felt limited at work or by health issues are ready for a breakthrough. While the situation might not be comfortable at the moment, your inspirational ideas about yourself are on target. Stay the course.


You are fearless and “on stage” for this Blue Moon. Everyone is looking to you for a fun approach to the day. Creativity and romance provide surprises and excitement. Take special care that you don’t spend too much or ignore work demands in the process of enjoying the fun.


Career and home life are pulling you in two directions today. There is so much that you want to (actually need to) accomplish at home but there are financial opportunities at work. The answer to the dilemma is in communicating effectively in both areas while using those transformative ideas you’ve been having.


While you’re normally the ultimate diplomat, today is about speaking up for your personal well-being and the self-respect that you need in relationships. Your passions are running deep and while it may make you uncomfortable to put your own interests at the forefront, it’s really required to have healthier relationships. Your needs are part of this relationship, too.


It’s time to make the “show me the money” demand when it comes to creative efforts and friends. Make it clear that everyone needs to eat, so everyone needs to share. You’ll be surprised at how, while taken aback, people will listen and get what you’re saying, and they’ll start contributing their fair share.


This Blue Moon day will not be dull for you, Sag. You’re so full of the desire to make things great for everyone, yet others seem to be zapping your energy. Have a little patience, kick back and realize that you’re building that great new future. It just won’t be accomplished in a day.


There are many undercurrents in your life with this Blue Moon. Personal revelations are available and you are in the perfect situation to communicate in just the way that people need. Your approach combines everyone’s very earthy needs, along with the needs of our earth itself. You’ve assimilated all that with a lofty yet practical approach to life’s problems.


Friends, lovers and creative desires demand your attention today. You’re feeling ambitious about moving your internet, social media and other projects along. That’s actually a fine plan as long as you’re clear about your personal finances and those of any possible investors.


It’s time for action in your career, yet you’re pulled by partners, your home life and your own dreams for equal attention. The key to managing it all is to inspire people by reaching out to what is real for them. Appealing to others’ dreams and wishes is part of this package, yet remind them of their responsibility toward the profound beauty surrounding them.

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