Turn Ons and Turn Offs by Sign

We all have our special loves and things that repel our self-expression and lifestyle. Here’s a primary idea of what to do and what not to do with your love:

Aries – the Impetuous Lover: Whatever you do, don’t hold them back from what they want. Take joy in your Aries love’s ability to ignore all obstacles and get things done, including pleasing you.

Taurus – the Luxurious Lover: Do you have a deep need to go camping, and you want your Taurus love to join you? They will love the beauty of nature, but will need to maintain a certain level of comfort. If that doesn’t work, there’s always the Ritz.

Gemini – the Agile Lover: Even if you’re tired, allow them their new ideas. Develop a light attitude toward what they say amidst passion. They really mean it at the time, but… Well, don’t get upset if a promise doesn’t happen. They don’t even remember it.

Cancer – the Nurturing Lover: A good home-cooked meal or a comfortable home can be the answer to your Cancer’s heart. If they need quiet time, respect that, it is essential to their well-being. They’ll be back and as affectionate as ever.

Leo – the Affectionate Lover: Never forget to stroke your Leo. The “happy feline” response you will receive, all of the sexy cuddling, will be worth it—let them roar!

Virgo – the Perfectionist Lover: While you may feel that they are behaving like a workaholic, understand that a sense of accomplishment and completion keeps your Virgo going. Be patient and find satisfaction.

Libra – the Aesthetic Lover: Make certain that your Libra is in a pleasant, peaceful environment. They will find delight when you are gentle and make them feel as beautiful as you are in their eyes.

Scorpio – The Passionate Lover: Do NOT go through their closets, etc. Scorpio’s privacy is sacred to them. They will be loyal if you don’t break these rules, but expect jealousy from them anyway.

Sagittarius – The Enthusiastic Lover: Their freedom of movement and exploration are at the foundation of their happiness and their sexuality. These Jupiter-ruled natives must always be able to expand their knowledge and their view of the world, even in the bedroom.

Capricorn – The Ambitious Lover: Whatever you do, support their ambitions. They will give you a wonderful lifestyle even if things don’t move as quickly as you would like. It will be worth it.

Aquarius – the Connected Lover: Does your Aquarian spend hours networking, either in a social environment or on the internet? Let them, they thrive on it, and then they will bring their enthusiasm to you.

Pisces – the Sensitive Lover: This creative soul must have their peace, their creative environment, and a water view or a water feature will attract them to your home. If you admire their work, support their humanitarian causes, and honor their sensitivity they will be sweet, loving and adore you.

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  2. Cameron ext 5412

    Debbie, thanks for this article..I really enjoyed reading it. You were so right about us Tauruses!….if you take us camping it better be a deluxe tent, very spacious inside, with comfortable sleeping bags. Being outside amongst the trees and all the green will make us very happy…but make sure there is enough FOOD, or a really good restaurant within walking distance. We don’t mind roughing it, but a tin can of beans heated over a fire isn’t going to cut it. Find out before hand who delivers pizza out in the woods and everything will be fine.


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