Psychic Abilities

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Psychic Development: Gifts and Times

“Do all of us have some psychic gifts? Can these gifts be developed?” These are just some of the questions I am asked by callers as a psychic for California Psychics. I have always believed ... read more
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Ask Your Spirit Guide

I come from a very traditional background but I'm also quite an unconventional person and an artist at heart. I think most of my life I've followed my heart but it's always been hindered by my head and ... read more

The Psychic Path

How does the gift of intuition end up becoming one's life work? A few of our newest psychics came to the conclusion that they were meant to be a professional intuitive during very different pivotal moments ... read more

True Psychic Stories

It's often said that we all have psychic abilities - that we just need to learn to tune into our intuition, or learn to exercise our psychic muscles. But as with any other extraordinary ability (like being ... read more