Walking the Path of a Psychic

I don’t know many words that cause more of a stir than the word “psychic.” Thanks to tons of scammers, even those who are genuinely gifted are immediately sneered at and hated. But what if psychic ability is just another skill our brain can pick up? I’d like to share what I think attributed to my own psychic ability – and explain why these abilities are not foolproof, and why they did not provide me with a carefree life.

I grew up in an abusive home. Most children grow up honing their five senses. I learned, before I was even four years old, that the five senses are the most easily deceived ones. I learned to hone my “sixth sense.” I learned to read every nuance of voice and body language, and I learned how to predict what would happen next. I learned this with so much accuracy that I was never in the wrong place at the wrong time – and so I survived. Doing these things was just as “normal” for me as it would be for any other child to practice reading. I learned how to astral travel, and I did it so well that other people would notice me at times, telling me that they saw me in their room at night – even though I was hundreds of miles away.

I didn’t share this ability with anyone – I kept pushing it away. But when I was nineteen, I met a psychic who told me that my memory would come back within the next few years. It did. I predicted the Northridge quake — I had constant dreams of things that were about to happen — I would “see” what people were doing when I would concentrate on them. This started to freak people out – and I started running into absolute resentment with a few friends who were furious about my predictions coming true.

So I tried to hide it. I never called it “being psychic,” and I learned to read Tarot, just so that I could put people’s minds at ease. I could say “the cards say so.” This made people feel better. They don’t react too kindly to someone who goes into a kind of trance and then first starts reciting their past (especially the things that not even their best friends know) and then goes into detail about their future.

What I have learned is that people don’t want to be told the things they don’t want to hear. People will ask for advice, but what they really want is someone who keeps supporting their delusions. I also learned that no one can predict the future 100%, because there is always free will. I therefore added a clause to my readings – “this is the most likely outcome, based on the current path you are on.” There is no carved-in-stone reading, although most really good psychics will be fairly accurate, because most people rarely alter their paths.

I don’t know next week’s winning lotto numbers. But what I do have is an uncanny ability to sense danger, to sense a “good path,” or how to help another who might be in a bad place. I have learned that I have a gift that helps others, and I use it for only that – and so do the real psychics. We’re just people who have learned to use a certain part of our “brain” to help others and ourselves from entering into paths that don’t serve us. I still feel isolated and ashamed of being different, but I am happy to proclaim that I have helped quite a few to find their path, achieve a goal, or align with their higher purpose.

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  1. Tracy Dinardi

    Dear Carmen,

    I recently talked to a psychic on the phone and she told me that I was psychic myself. She said that I was a spiritual medium and that I just needed to learn how to tap into it. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I’ve been reading my horoscope for many years and I am interested in learning how to tap into my psychic abilities, that is if I do have the ability.

  2. Carmen Hexe

    @browneys: I haven’t heard of this program, but assume that “psychic children” are very similar to “indigo children.” Read up on them, because this explains a lot about who we intuitive people truly are 🙂

    @Abigail: Yes, I was sad about that too. The walk was amazing. There were well over 10,000 participants, not to mention all the spectators. It was an awesome experience and I’ll be doing it again next year!

  3. Abigailx9570

    Great JOB on this dear heart !!!!Oh darn Carmen I was so hoping to communicate with on all these things in the Walk today….mercury had other plans for me 🙁 ….see you soon though 🙂

    Many Blessings

  4. browneyesbrowneyes

    I enjoyed reading this article and the comments so much. I dont tell many people that I get readings because they say “Its the devils work” or “It isnt real, you’re wasting your money”. Well, I dont believe any of it. Members of my family had visions of things that were more like warnings but they never honed the ability so couldnt really know what was going to happen. But after something did, maybe a death in the family or something, it could be connected to the vision. I have had dreams that turned out to be warnings too. My mom showed up in a dream 4 months prior to her death and told me she would die during that summer. She did. Since I had told some friends about the dream the day after I had it, they came to me saying what insight I had into her impending death and were amazed.
    I just know I am fascinated with this whole thing. Also wanted to ask if any of you have seen the tv program called Psychic Children? I think thats the name. I try to watch it every week on the Biography channel. Any input or opinions on that show?

  5. Jesse ext. 9027

    This is a great blog! Since we have changed formats, I wasn’t quite sure how to reply…I am that last Luddite! LOL!
    I wanted to pop in and congratulate you on your honesty and the bravery it takes to write something this candidly. Great job!
    For the record, Lauri Cabot and I have been friends for many years (we met when we formed the W.L.P.A. back in the early 80s) and her work is very moving and motivating. Good choice on authors 😉
    Please keep the good work flowing!
    And when you are up against folks like your atheist friend. just remember: arguing with folks like that is like trying to teach a pig to tap dance; it will not get you anywhere and it will only aggravate the pig!

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    EXCELLENT ( I’m impressed ) explanation of astral travel and out of body experience…..yes, they are the same thing.

    You go girl!!!!

    By the way, my own daughter has many out of body experiences…very simliar to what you explained happening to you.

    Have a great weekend !!!

    By the way, I REALLY miss the food from Chicago…..I used to frequent a place up there that served the BEST German food……YUM!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  7. Carmen Hexe

    Hallo Manfred! (It’s a real German name, hence, one has to greet you in German)

    Astral travel and out of body experiences are the same. When I first learned to astral travel, I would literally float up towards the ceiling (my spirit body that is) and would be able to look down and see my physical body laying in bed.

    My astral body looks very much like my true physical body, but appears lighter, because I don’t follow the laws of physics any longer when it comes to speed and grace. Also, any unnecessary bi-products of me, i.e. make up, jewelry, fancy clothes, etc. are removed. I usually seem to wear a white dress/robe, or nothing at all. It’s a weird sensation, because you are aware of your body, but you don’t pay attention to it.

    I used to think that it was the same as my “perception” of being somewhere else. I thought that maybe I was dreaming or imagining it. So I would leave clues/find ways to validate. I would ask the people I visited to talk to me the next day and tell me if they had “seen” and felt me in their rooms. Sometimes I would give them specific “code” words, such as “ask me about my cat.” It always worked like a charm!

    It is truly being in two places at the same time.

  8. Manfred Gordon

    Hi all… this is a really fascinating conversation. When you get onto the astral, do you actually have the experience of having an ‘astral body’ as is so often depicted? Or is it like a perception of just being “somewhere else”? Is there a big difference between astral travel and out-of-body-experience?

  9. Carmen Hexe

    Hallo! No, I don’t make Schnitzel 🙁 I really should, but I try to avoid red meats and breaded items. I am a bit the black sheep of the family. They are all excellent cooks and bakers. I chose to be a “career woman” and never learned how to cook the way they do. I LOVE Sauerkraut, my husband hates it, even though he is German (but was born and raised here).

    My accent is still there, but it isn’t as strong anymore. People usually think I am Scandinavian, Dutch or Irish. Unless you really know German accents, you won’t necessarily be able to tell that I am.

    I am from Mannheim (South West), close to Heidelberg and Frankfurt.

    Have a great weekend too!!

  10. misskrystal

    Thank you Carmine..My boyfriend grew up in Hannover, Germany-not far from Hamburg and Dieseldorf. I yodel to him when I tease him lol
    sometimes I find myself saying “V” for “W” because I like to tease him so much lol not even aware…
    Do you make weinerschnitzel? He makes it all of the time…
    have a great weekend. thanks.
    Miss Krystal

  11. Carmen Hexe

    Yes, the beauty about the G.D. is that it does not matter what spiritual path one follows.

    Ha, you are right, the Samhain witches, easily recognized by wearing pentagrams the size of a small country around their necks, while sporting black hooded capes 😀 Good times!

    My friends are my friends because they are kind, considerate, intelligent people, who have common sense. I do not care what or whom they worship, what race, gender or sexual preference one sports. When trying to be a voice for “the unusual,” I find it ridiculous to be said voice if I am a judgmental person. The only chance one ever has to to inspire is via leading by example. I try to do that by being my higher self, even though one falls on one’s butt here and there and acts from less admirable lower self aspects, i.e. one’s ego.

    I always felt home with others “like me,” because they get me without words. This is true for you and a few others on this page. I feel home here!

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    My Great Aunt, the psychic that trained me belonged to The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn.

    I practice Wicca as a soltary witch mainly because of ” the fluffy bunny pagans ” that usually come out of the woodwork right before Halloween or Samhain…..LOL.

    Wicca is a 24/7 spiritual path, not a once a year adventure on Samhain. Those people are looking for recognition by way of shock value and due more harm than good for our spiritual path.

    Real Wiccans will not try to convert you, as a matter of fact, we normally are quiet and keep our heads down because of ridicule. Many of us are not OUT and are still ” in the BROOM closet “……forgive the pun.

    I feel that a persons’ spiritual or religious path is a personal, private choice. And it has nothing whatever to do with my psychic ability or my readings…..
    I have many Catholic-psychic friends, many Jewish-psychic friends, many psychic friends who walk various spiritual paths….being Wiccan does not gurantee any special psychic ability. One is a spiritual/religious path…the other is a gift of abilities.

    I am sorry the Wiccans in that store treated you that way……I feel that some are so defensive from the get-go….so used to ridicule, that they have developed a severe lack of tunnel vision and intolerance . ( Just the type of behavior they are so against in others ….he he)

    I teach both Intuitive Awareness and Wicca…..but the two are totally separate from each other.

    Yeah, I hear you Carmen….and I agree.

    Blessed Be )O( …. my friend
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  13. Carmen Hexe

    I have books by Silver RavenWolf (To Ride a Silver Broomstick, To Stir a Magick Cauldron) 🙂

    I have a decently sized collection of books on astral travel, Wicca, Golden Dawn, Thelema, Tarot, Egyptian deities, druids, witch craft, runes, unexplained phenomena, angels and so on. I own well over a dozen different tarot decks, I have numerous sets of runes (one hand made set from an Asetru friend, who collected the wood from an oak that was truck by lightning in his back yard), I have tons of crystals, a pendulum and many pentagrams. I used to attend Pantheacon in San Jose, until I got annoyed with the “fluffy bunny pagans.” I have been interested in the occult since I was about 12. One of my tattoos, is a witch, holding a pentagram with the runic alphabet.

    I have zero tolerance for people who are bias, ridicule, belittle, are bigots or haters. And that is coming from a Virgo, the most judgmental sign in the zodiac!

    I have studied so much over the years because I wanted to be able to hold my own with the “scientists,” the haters, the intolerant jerks who would try to ridicule the things they could not explain. I don’t enter into “fights,” but when I do, I know what I am talking about 😉

    The thing is, it is dangerous for me to hang out with hating individuals. I am an empath and their energy makes me physically ill. Hence, I am elated to work for CAP! I am surrounded all day long by people who never once look at me and think me crazy…well, at least not for that stuff 😀

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,
    Check out books on Wicca by Silver RavenWolf……her books really are very good and instructive……and she is highly regarded in the Wiccan community.

    I DO know what you are talking about, as far as the European traditions go….

    …..I’m an Hereditary Wiccan ( Celtic)……to be a Hereditary Wiccan. by blood, not by choice, you have to be able to trace Wiccans back in your family tree for OVER ten generations…..not too many of us hereditary Wiccans left, or walking around now. I’ve only met one other in my entire lifetime that was Hereditary Wiccan.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  15. Carmen Hexe

    *waves at Gina Rose*

    Yes, one is very familiar with Wicca. I have a lot of Wiccan friends! Must say though, was a bit disappointed when I went to Salem and visited Laurie’s store. As I said earlier, I have collected witches since I was a kid. My hosue is filled with witches, my licence plate reads “Little Hexe,” my office has a sign “The Witch is In,” etc. So when I found a 3 foot witch hand pupped in Salem, I was elated! I immediately proudly paraded her around, calling her “Maple” and to this day, she sits on my bed!
    Well, when I paraded Maple into Laurie’s store, two women behind the counter told me to better not let Laurie see my witch puppet “We do not support the image of the crone here.” Sorry, I was a Muppet and responded “Excuse me ladies. I am from Germany, were witches are regarded as guardians, healers and protectors, i.e. kitchen witches sold at the Eiffel mountains. Witches are portrayed as ugly to scare away evil spirits in my country, just like the gargoyles of Notre Dame. So I am sorry to say, but having lived with the tradition of witches as guardians for my entire life, you simply don’t know what you are talking about.” Then I ventured out of the store 🙂

    This is not to say though, that Laurie’s books are really good. I have bought “The Witch in Every Woman” for numerous, Christian girlfriends.

    And yes, there are studies done on the “white light” experience abused and molested children experienced 🙂

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    Your articles are thought provoking, interesting, intelligent and filled with ” soul “…….

    …..don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,
    Very often, trauma will bring out the 6 th sense, which is lying dormant in most people to some degree or another,…..it sometimes will emerge when a person goes into survival mode.

    When traveling out of body on the astral plane…..we are vibrating at a very high frequency……remote viewing is simply a facet of clairvoyance meaning : to see clearly.

    And thought is energy…..when we harness our energy, focus intently our energy, and project our energy…..it is akin to telekinesis and/or telepathy…..such as thinking about somebody and they show up at your door….or call out of the blue.

    As far as the atheist goes….there have been many experiments done already ( in labs by the way ) proving the power of prayers…..

    As in Wicca, and when I train and teach psychics, same philosophy…..harness/pull in your energy, focus/hold your energy…and project/direct outward your energy. It’s also called in Wicca ” pitching your energy ” or ” raising your energy “……

    Ah…Laurie Cabbot…..had a Wiccan friend who knew her well…..never met her myself but always heard great things about her…heard she did some Salem, Mass police investigation work as well, helping local police on cases involving missing people.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  18. Carmen Hexe

    “Alpha” is something that is described and taught by the “official witch of Salem,” Laurie Cabbot, in the book “The Witch in Every Woman.” This is where I learned alpha.

    Alpha is an extremely soothing thing and in the beginning, I would consistently fall asleep, trying to go into alpha. When I suffer from insomnia, this is what I am doing. With practice, I learned how to focus my alpha state, because entering alpha does, in fact, put you on the astral. To me, it’s like time and space travel, but can also be the soothing, dream-like jello state you described, that just puts me out cold.

  19. misskrystal

    hi carmen-what this group of martial artists/eastern philosophers did was no way possible to focus sharply-
    when i remote view, i am a live wire in a way -this was something super soothing, all natural almost like “jello” and I have not any idea how they did this….maybe it’s called something else, and I am missing a word? also different than hypnosis…Not in this state, would I want to focus.
    It’s like a brain massage in a way-I have been searching for years for someone who knows about this…
    miss krystal

  20. Carmen Hexe

    Miss Krystal! I know alpha well. I learned it from Wiccans 🙂 It really isn’t that hard at all. I learned astral travel via achieving alpha state first and to give you a perfect explanation. Alpha State is nothing more or less than the state between Theta (fast asleep) and Beta (wide awake). In other words, the state one reaches via meditation or hypnosis 🙂

  21. misskrystal

    awesome carmen, once again. i love your “voice” when you write.
    we used to do astral travel in college-a group of us philosophy club/metaphysical groupies at the time…Myself, a girl from Ireland, and a girl from Greece and a Chinese girl who came to the USA when she a kid, (irish and greek girl-they were both exchange students) and we did a lot….We would try to figure out what people were watching on tv lol
    we also went to see a group of people who tried to teach us how to do “Alpha State” which was one of the most amazing things I ever experienced, but still do not know the exact way how to do it…Later, I learned how to master remote viewing. I do believe it all started here, with Astral Travel.

    I certainly cannot at all guarantee this, but sometimes, when I have a client on a phone, and they are really focusing and I am as well, on the same thing, the person in question, out of nowhere (usually they have been MIA) will either be sending a message or all of a sudden just appear at their door!! I think other psychics have had this too….I do believe there is something to it…
    I think you are one of my favorite writers on here…Bring it on!
    Kudos. Miss Krystal

  22. Carmen Hexe

    Thanks guys, for publishing this. This was a difficult for me to write, as I don’t utter the word “psychic” for myself.

    I just spent an exhausting evening last night, arguing with a spiteful atheist, who claimed that prayer and the power of the mind are all a bunch of egotistical BS, made up by a group of ignorant and stupid individuals who also subscribe to the “flat earth view.”

    I am consistently blown away how I have to “justify” and argue my abilities and experiences, when I am, in fact, not only intelligent, but also educated and have done a lot of my homework. I AM book and street smart, so to discredit me and those I believe in as a bunch of quacks is humiliating and saddening to me.

    Even though I believe that there is a definite proof for a “higher consciousness” I do not include this in my blogs, because it gets the haters going.


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