Chakra Two: Our Emotions, Our Sexuality

Continuing on from Thursday’s article on chakras, Phoenix Adoni discusses the fundamental issues that must be worked on in order to balance the second chakra.


Emotion is the act of “moving out” the energy of our feelings through our conscious mind by way of awareness which cleanses and heals the body, giving us the ability to live in a much more open and receptive state, allowing us to truly connect and relate to another human being on all levels; physically, mentally and spiritually.

However, when our emotions are repressed, we become dominated by our unconscious mind, and can create a host of mental issues, creating drama in our lives. We become out of touch with ourselves and our natural state of being. This reflects itself as restrictive and ungraceful movement and a loss of authenticity. When we are in balance and in line with our highest selves, our authenticity and our emotions serve us in receiving vital data and information from our environment and others, allowing us a greater level of sensitivity as well as empathy.


In today’s culture, embracing and celebrating our sexuality is frowned upon, creating imbalances not only within ourselves but also throughout society. In our culture and media, violence is celebrated and has become the norm, divorcing us from feeling compassion and empathy for our fellow man as well as our own humanity. We are bombarded with the images of rape, torture and murder; yet sex and nudity are censored and repressed.

When sexual energy – any energy – is repressed, this energy finds other outlets (usually negative), often in the form of drug, alcohol and sexual addictions, as well as pornography that celebrates the degradation of women, further destroying the sacredness of our spiritual and sexual uniting with another person. Childhood traumas and wounds which damage this chakra on both the emotional and sexual level include physical, sexual and emotional abuse and manipulation, volatile home environments, neglect or rejection from one or both parents, or enmeshment in and growing up in an alcoholic family. It is of the utmost importance to note that when working through wounds and traumas in the sacral chakra – as with any chakra – to do so with a therapist, support group and supportive, nurturing friends or family members, if appropriate.

When the sacral chakra is balanced, we are able to release our inhibitions, which fully opens up our sexuality and our desire for pleasure, which can then be expressed in a healthy, balanced manner. The act of being sensual and making love becomes much more meaningful, pleasurable and sacred, allowing us greater sensitivity, presence and awareness, creating a highly dynamic experience. We come to know and experience true physical connection and unity with another human being on a spiritual plane.


Guilt. We’ve all experienced it. It is typically created by choices we’ve made, such as cheating on a spouse, lying, stealing, or any other action which is incongruent with our higher selves. Guilt is an emotion that splinters our personality, dividing body and mind. It is essentially becoming trapped in an ambiguous state, blinding us to the different choices and avenues we have before us, creating a heavy psychic burden which forces us to use the majority of our energy in the attempt to manage or deny these feelings. When attempting to suppress our guilt, the energy is diverted, creating an imbalance in the sacral chakra inhibiting the full, healthy flow of our emotional and sexual expression. Yet by embracing ambiguity, our energy is free to flow into different areas of our lives, thus creating positive change and spiritual awakening.

There is a positive side to guilt though. When these feelings arise, they are a sign that we have crossed certain boundaries, which allows us to see where those boundaries are taking us beyond either-or thinking, and feeling the uncomfortable emotions, which requires courage. This gives us the opportunity to make certain modifications in our actions, behavior and our life in general, creating positive change and opening channels for the further development of spiritual awakening.

Clairsentience and Psychic Ability

Clairsentience is essentially empathy; the ability to tune in and sense another person’s emotions. Most people with untrained empathic abilities tend to take on the emotions of others, leaving them unable to discern what emotions are theirs and which are those of others, often creating volatile emotional states within their psychic field. Developing and balancing the sacral chakra allows the clarity to understand what is our “stuff” and what is that of others. This is why developing a strong root chakra is so vital, as it gives us grounding, which creates a sacred space, protecting us from the often unconscious psychic barrage from other people and our environment.

Psychics and clairvoyants have a much higher degree of clairsentience. Both are intimately related and can be developed in all of us. Without proper guidance, there can be many pitfalls in the emotional, mental and psychic, energetic realms which can only hinder our development. If wishing to develop these abilities, it is recommended to seek guidance from a psychic, not only to avoid these pitfalls, but to understand what is currently blocking you from developing these untapped abilities.

In short, when our sacral chakra is imbalanced, we are ruled by negative emotions and our unconscious mind, as well as a distorted view and unhealthy expression of our sexuality and nature. We end up making bad choices and decisions, creating a dull and restrictive life which inhibits our ability to connect and unite with another human being on all levels.

On the flip side, when balanced, our compassionate and empathic abilities develop to higher levels of action and awareness; our emotions are felt, understood, embraced and processed and our view of our bodies, sexuality and its healthy expression are celebrated, opening us to give and receive pleasure in all areas of our life. We are able to truly connect emotionally and sexually with purity and the lack of inhibitions, allowing us the opportunity to spiritually unite with another, thereby opening us to greater heights of spiritual awakening.

What do you think – how can we best express our second chakra?

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14 thoughts on “Chakra Two: Our Emotions, Our Sexuality

  1. Mary L


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  9. ericabishop691

    thank you very much adoni05, this does answer my questions very much and now with help from these wonderful articles,i can use my chakra sets without fear !! I love these great articles !!

  10. nigel

    One way to be sexually liberated is to modify your sexual phanasties into attainable and acceptable goals. Working with a Psychic can help you accomplish this. Nigel. Ext 5311

  11. adoni05

    First, I would like to say that you are NOT losing “it”. In reality, you are actually gaining “it.” What you are experiencing is another type of reality that is special and unique to you. What I believe, in terms of hearing what your stones are saying, is that you are becoming highly attuned to the vibrational energies and qualities of your stones and is manifesting itself in the realm of sound for you. It is not to be feared, but embraced and celebrated.

    In response to your feeling heavy and sleepy after a cleansing: this is a perfectly normal occurrence. When tension and/or traumas, whether past or present are held within our bodies for extended periods of time, emotions become lodged and stuck within our bodies, blocking energy from flowing naturally and freely through our system. This takes an enormous amount of energy just to maintain which manifests itself in a myriad of ways. When we engage in any type of body work whether it be chakra cleansing, Reiki, massage, etc., the tension and traumas, along with its emotionally blocked counterparts are released. The body then relaxes and begins the process of returning to a state of homeostasis which requires energy to accomplish and the way the body does this is through rest and sleep. This is especially true for people doing a cleansing for the first time. I hope this answers your questions.

  12. ericabishop691

    what does ” You are not allowed to edit this post” mean ? I cannot access the other part of this article.
    That said,i am learning about chakras,and was told that my throat and heart chakra are in dire need of cleansing. I have 3 chakra sets : two on my computer desk, and one under my pillow,with prenite stones tucked inside the pouches. I have done one major cleansing,and was left feeling very sleepy: balanced and relaxed, but heavy and very sleepy. Why was this ? Did i not close them properly or did I do something wrong? I love my sets and have also heard my stones speak to me. Yes, I have a peach agate that talks to me and her favorite word for me in the morning is ” WHEEEE!” I can tell if they are a serious stone, a fun-loving stone or very deep and insightful or happy-go-lucky. makes me wonder if I am losing it or am really able to “hear” what my stones are saying. Oh,and I can also relate to my cats, too.


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