Crystal Ball Pointers

Stephen writes:

I recently inherited a crystal ball, but I have no idea how to use it as a psychic tool. Can you give me some pointers?

Dear Stephen,

Scrying, or crystal-ball-gazing, as it is commonly called, is the act of steadily concentrating into a solid-lead glass or quartz-crystal sphere to bring about visions for prediction. A crystal ball acts as a point of focus for your eyes, attracting the attention of your mind.

Large crystal spheres are often best, as the seer has a larger, deeper area for visions to manifest. The crystal sphere can be placed on a pedestal, stand, or held. However, if you choose to hold it in your hands, a dark cloth should be placed between your hands and the sphere. Following each of the steps below for successful scrying:

1. Dim the lights in the room, and allow sufficient lighting for the crystal, either by using candles or a smaller lamp. Having arrived at a calm state of mind, begin focusing your attention on the center of the crystal. Most importantly, look into it, not on the surface of it.

2. Begin to concentrate by staring at the sphere. There are two types of mental concentration. One form of concentration is where you direct your mind to one thought only. The second form of concentration is where you allow the mind to become completely blank, and in doing so, the mind becomes susceptible to any thought or image that it receives. Either form of concentration works.

3. As you stare, do not strain, but gently allow your eyes to focus. Think of your desires, with the expectation of seeing images. Try to hold your eyes open — avoid blinking — but continue to keep your stare gentle. As you practice, the muscles in your eyes will strengthen until a gaze can be obtained for a long period of time. Some professional scryers can keep their intense gaze for at least 30 minutes.

4. Don’t allow your eyes to wander over the ball, rather keep them in a fixed place, looking intensely into the depths of the ball.

5. Eventually, the ball will cloud over, appearing milky grey in color, as if it was filling up with fluid. This process is called ‘clouding,’ and is the first indication of oncoming images. Many people do not get further than this stage, while others will see the ball change from clouding to color. Another common vision is seeing ripples, as if a pebble was thrown into a pond.

6. As you stare into the crystal ball you will begin to see visions produced by …

Your own imagination.
Past events that your mind recalls.
Forgotten occurrences.
Current events and visions that foretell the future.

During your first attempt to read a crystal ball, performing these exercises for five minutes is sufficient. It is possible that you will have visions, but it is probable that you will have little to none during your first attempt. As with most activities, including sports, musical instruments, and even learning to read, scrying requires practice. So … practice, practice, practice!

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