The Hardest Lesson to Learn

Every person has their own path.

Every person has their own right to choose their path, even if it is a path that those who love them wouldn’t choose. Even if their chosen path is self-destructive, brings them nothing but pain, and keeps them isolated or firmly stuck in their lower self, it is, their path nevertheless, and their choice.

When we try to interfere with another’s path by offering help that is not wanted, by advising, trying to rescue, continually extending ourselves or being judgmental, we will never have an impact. All we will do is turn resentful, as they will turn resentful towards us. We won’t be effective, and we won’t ever be able to spread our light. We will be told that we are judgmental, harsh, controlling or unreasonable, and the mission we set out to do, no matter how noble the intent, will fail.

We spread our light by loving unconditionally. Sometimes this means we have to love silently and release. We do not hold on, we let go of all attachment towards another’s behavior. We also let go of any attachment we have to ourselves. We know our path, but we are not attached to it.

We state our boundaries. Loving unconditionally does not mean we turn into doormats. We reserve the right to decline, to say “no, thank you,” then smile and walk away. We reserve the right to part ways or not invite them into our lives, but we do so with kindness and compassion. We understand that others are not like us, and that that’s OK.

We do not hold on to another’s pain. We are empaths, but we practice the silent loving and releasing. We do not hold resentment, negativity, disappointment, anger, sadness and despair, because we do not observe from judgment. We do not walk into another’s life, room or situation, quickly evaluating what is wrong and then focusing on that. We do not seek that which is wrong, or that does not serve our highest purpose. We do not stick our noses into another’s business unless it’s a matter of life and death.

We understand that by stating our disappointment, anger, sadness and grievances, we create more of the same, for the unconscious does not discriminate. So if I state “my friend betrayed me,” the unconscious only heard “betrayed” and will create more situations of betrayal. We do not feed our subconscious with self-destructive messages.

We shine a light – a beacon, if you will – that shines so bright that only those with an equally bright light are attracted. We no longer attract those who walk in the shadows, because we no longer grant permission or create a pathway for them to enter our lives. We teach from joy, instead of teaching from being a martyr, because we no longer have an attachment to teaching. We teach by being us, and by the example of our own lives and paths. And we start noticing how everything around us becomes more peaceful, more quiet, and less painful. We watch the drama, the noise and the entire struggle subside, and we find ourselves leading extraordinary lives, being human and yet also being divine.

8 thoughts on “The Hardest Lesson to Learn

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  2. misskrystal

    fraulene carmen-
    wir haben sie gerne auch wen wir nicht wissen das es sie sind.
    fraulene krystal 🙂
    ps bf trying to teach me german. hope this is okay

  3. Carmen Hexe

    Well, I wrote all of it. I did not quote any other source or person. But, Ladies and Gentlemen, the inspiration to writing this came from one of you guys 🙂

    I wrote this after I had a reading with one of our readers and finally understood why my “helping” didn’t work and why I kept feeling exhausted and drained. So thank you, to Psychic Taylor (x5322) for helping me remember what I needed to do and where my path is leading me to. I can finally learn to let go, because now I know how and why!

    Much Love and Light!

  4. velvetoversteel

    Wonderful! I have tried to help and fix many people in my life; thinking I was being a good friend. I realized only recently that I end up pushiing them away instead. This article explains why this happens, even if we truely care and just want to help them. Great post! Thank you for the reminder and explaination! ~ Coreen

  5. misskrystal

    Excellent tips for trying to become more unconditional.
    I am sure some people read this with some regret, as we, as humans, all have had times where we get hit with heavy feelings of doubt, and have acted out on some of those. But that is what improving ourselves is all about-fixing the things that do not work….And trying to become more unconditional, is always a positive thing for anyone. It’s never too late to embrace the path of unconditional love. Thanks!
    Miss Krystal

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    “””” We teach from joy, instead of teaching from being a martyr, because we no longer have an attachment to teaching. We teach by being us, and by the example of our own lives and paths “””””

    I don’t know who wrote this piece but it was 5-star excellent . I enjoyed reading the above quote…..that is how I teach my students as well…..

    As a heriditary Wiccan it is also against our belief, which follows the Law of Karma, to bend anothers will……and never to interfere with anothers life path.

    This article rates in my top 5 favorite articles to date…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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