6 Signs of Sixth Sense

Discover Your Sixth Sense

We all have psychic sensitivity, but is yours above the norm? Even if you don’t pick winning lottery numbers every week, you may be one of those not-so-rare people who have, and can enhance, their innate psychic skill. Let’s consider six signs that might mean you should polish your sensitivities and talents. Do you have a sixth sense?

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1. You Tune Into Energies
You feel a pressing need to call a friend, and you find out the friend needs help or was thinking about you. When your phone rings, you know who’s calling. If you seem totally tuned in, you might want to start a journal to track your “coincidences.”

2. The Zener Test
You score well on the Zener test. In the 1930s, psychologist Karl Zener created a set of cards to test ESP. Though some experts criticize the test, it can measure strong clairvoyant skill. Read more about it or experiment with the online Zener test. Very high scores are noteworthy.

3. You “See” Without Visual Cues
You see beyond visual cues. If you lose your keys, can you mentally envision where they are? Are you right most of the time? Do you know what someone is doing even when you’re away from them? Can you enter a building and perceive specific images of events that happened in the past, or feel events of the future with clarity?

4. You’re More Tuned Into Yourself Than Others Are
You know your body, mind, and soul than most people are. You knew, without a doubt, that you were pregnant before you took a test. Perhaps you know exactly what your body needs when things don’t feel right. You sometimes think you see hints of color around various parts of your body, and you know when there’s something you must do about them.

5. Your Feel Unwell Without Explanation
You sometimes feel unwell, maybe nauseated without being sick. Later, you’ll learn something major happened to a loved one. I’ve tracked this for years, and it’s unfailing. I knew when my uncle passed. When my son was in a hurricane, I felt his peril. Notice your physical reactions. Note how often they connect to incidents you weren’t aware of. Are you like me?

6. Your Energy is Positive
You body/mind/soul energy is extraordinarily positive. When trouble looms, or you feel blue, or it’s a terrible day, you see beyond that. You understand completely that we must experience negatives in order to appreciate positives. Maybe you feel sad or down sometimes, like everyone else, but it just never leaves you permanently marked. You also feel uplifted most of the time.

90% of the human brain is unused and underdeveloped, so perhaps more people have a sixth sense than the realize. I’m sure you feel and sense things and may attribute it to coincidence, but if your ability is extraordinary, you know it. You might push back the feelings, but you know what you know.

Is it your responsibility to explore and develop your gift?

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40 thoughts on “6 Signs of Sixth Sense

  1. Rachael

    I said 3 months before out of no where I was probably going to have an ectopic pregnancy in my life I knew nothing really about it just randomly deep down knew it would happen . 3 months later I felt I was pregnant. I kept telling my best friend I am and I didn’t feel right every test was negative and then I was at work had such a bloated stomach and could not breath right I managed to get home on the bus and collapsed on the floor my fallopian tube exploded from an ectopic pregnancy I almost died. I also had this awful feeling that my friends dad wasn’t ok and I called her and he ended up having a stroke that day … I feel really heavy feelings around some people I don’t know how to explain it please help

  2. hussain

    I can read a person face . My mind giving me answere about a person. I can read only past life. I have seen two women talking to me in shape of my mom and sister. I can read a person body where he is problem in body. Which type of diseases he is suffering.

  3. rakesh drazon

    sir i can here voices of people who are talking about me. Positive as well as negative. I am preparing for IAS exam in india it takes away my study concentration. But it is also useful for preventing me from danger or trap of anyone. Please help me how to handle it because it creates problem in the night also. It makes me stressful . Please help i beg u.

    1. AKA

      I know how you feel. I feel the same I can sense dangerous things toward me. I can here and feel people talking bad or good about me. I can sense evil spirit’s around me. I get stress or sick at work because I know when someone is trying to hurt me and usually I know what it is, I have learned through out that what ever I feel is wrong sometime’s I try to kill it by calling the person or the people he or she is trying to hurt me with and I usually stop the gossip. Sometimes I can’t . Sometimes I let it go and pray to God to take my enemies away. I had to turn to Jesus because it got real bad in my life and at a home I purchased that I had to leave because of the things that happened inside. Also all that happened to me. I sense when people have jealousy towards me. I wake up at night so much because I sense things. I don’t dream unless something bad towards me or someone I know.

  4. Christy

    I saw ghosts when I was a child & a teenager…My uncle killed himself at 17. I saw his ghost at my grandma’s house, she sees him too. She said he sometimes sits at the foot of her bed. My cousins and young aunts and uncles used to play pranks on an elderly man that lived across from my grandma. He would be on his porch and we’d call his house and he would go in to answer the call. We would hang up. We would also knock on his door and run across the street to my grandma’s house. We thought it was innocent pranks one day I fell while running from the old man Charlie’s house. My cousin helped me up. That night my cousin spent the night at my grandma’s house he said an old lady ghost came through his window and said ” Leave Charlie Alone!”…He said she was evil. I was skeptic about it until I saw her looking out the window one Halloween night. She was very old with a cameo on her dress with her hair in a bun…her eyes were very evil. My cousin never told me about what she looked like when I mentioned the cameo he got very upset & said “Yes, that’s her!”…We found out from Charlie that his mother was atheist…I also have dreams about people before they die. I dreamed about my cousin & he died not long after I dreamed about him…I also have learned if God puts someone on my mind often I need to go see them. My Daddy was on my mind many times and he died. I think these sixth senses are gifts not curses. Like Joseph in the Bible with the rainbow coat he had visions & dreams he was anointed by God. Prayers for everyone. God Bless

    1. AKA

      I feel this is just a story and I’m sorry but there is no ghost except evil spirits made to make you think that

  5. Patricia

    every where I live it rain a lot, I have seen things happen before they happen, I am drawn to things, and have seen these things happen around me, I am 43 years old, and feel like my third eye is trying to open if the makes sense.I have seen death before it happens, and felt it before it happens.. I am all over the place in my life, and do not know what it really is, but I feel like I will know these things soon…

    1. Ray Waldrop

      Hi my name is Ray and I have the same thing going on can we talk about it please. I been like this all my life . I fill when I get money and I smell death before it happens and I hear people talking about me no matter where im at can we talk?

    2. mocal

      Me too!!! Hello I’m 35
      From Michigan. I seen my brother die many times in my dreams years before he actually passed. I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me in my dreams. And knew who she was cheating with. I dream things they come true most of the time. I feel special energies surrounding me. I see orbs, mist and shadows. I experience deja vu weekly.

  6. Anra

    I’ve been experiencing things of this nature since I was young. I would dream about people I haven’t talked to/seen in years and end up talking to them the next day.
    I can guess word for word what people are going to say, minutes before they say it. I think of things that previously happened and an exact “scene” from my memories would happen as I was talking about it. When I was 14 I was with my aunt going out to eat and she gets a call, I “guessed” it was my mom, which it was. While she was on the phone I blurt out “dad had a heart attack.” And he did.
    I figured I was really good at “guessing” things but it happens way too much to be called coincidences. I’m 18 now and It only intensifys as I get older. I can’t talk to anyone because I’m afraid of my own ability. I’ve tried to talk to my friends about it but it only freaks them out because when I try to explain what I experience a prime example comes into play.
    As if gets worse I’m more afraid of it.

    1. Ray Waldrop

      Hi my name is Ray and im 50 years old and I been like this all my life and im still working on this I feel when people are talking about me and I smell death and my dreams tell me about my future and I can feel when anybody is talking about me in my right hand burns when I get money my left hand burns when I have to pay a bill my right year burns when it is positive my left ear burns when it is negative it seems like they might be other people out there that has the same symptoms as me I can smell death before the person dies I can walk up to a person and smell death know that they was going to pass one of my problem is the people that I talk to like my friend Rick is mother-in-law is in real bad shape right now and I was at his house and I smelled death how do I tell that person that within two to three weeks that his mother-in-law is going to die and she is going to go to heaven because she is a God’s gift am I the only one that picks his stuff up or does anybody else pick this stuff up the day of 911 when the Twin Towers got hit I knew that day there was a lot of people that was going to die but I did not know where and I do not know how but I knew when my friends got died in 20 07 I knew he was going to die and it hurt me because I could not tell him why or I could not try to help him where he did not die I’ve been working on this all my life it is very hard for me to find people to talk to about this I need someone that understands this and knows what I’m talking about that has the same symptoms am I psychic or am I just really turned in or what is it is it a gift from God can anybody out there help me with this at least talk to me about this thank you

  7. jacklyn

    I have seen shadow people and I will get this horriable feeling that I am going to die and within a couple days someone I know will die is this a sixth sence n if so how do I deal with it? People in my family has gifts but refuse to talk or or act on them they ignore them

  8. UnknownMind

    Hi Emily,

    Actually I accidentally came here..! Well, I was looking for some tricks to identify our ‘sixth sense’ ability. Usually I wont look at the comment section, believe it or not, my eyes stuckd at your comment.

    Yes dear, I’m having the same feelings that you have now! I’ve gone through the similar experience a lot. Bye the way, I’m not 12 like you, well, I’m a 26 male from India.

    I think you are not alone here those who having similar experience. Last year I met a girl in my college, she is also having the similar experiences in her life (I must say one thing, she is my girlfriend now, and she is the only wonderful girl I’ve ever met in my life). She was a little bit shy while explaining about this to me (i thing she was expecting a big laugh from me). But I really wondered by hearing her words. By the way I’m very glad to meet one more person here who has the same life experience.

    I really don’t wanna disclose my identity this time, If you wanna gimme a reply, please pose here in the comment section (if you really need, I’ll give you my email id). Well, Emily, You needn’t worry about this. You must know that, you are note alone here. I think a few more people are living around us with the same experience. Most of the people wont talk about this because of their fear or shyness.

    Good luck Emily, may God bless you!

  9. Curious

    Funny, I’ve definitely got number 1 down. At least, when comes to sensing the energy around a person. It’s ridiculous how often I can tell how someone is feeling just by being in a room with them.
    Number 5 is also.. a little interesting for me. What happens for me is that I simply can’t sleep or get horrible nightmares. (The night before 2 schoolmates died I saw their heads in a bloody background. Thankfully they were silhouettes so the blood on them couldn’t be seen.) So I also dream a little about it.
    I’d also agree with 6, but I personally feel like a vast amount of people could feel that way if they tried.
    In any case, interesting read!

    1. Natalie

      Wow, this is crazy. I actua)think came to this page because whatever os happening to me is becoming stronger as I get older and when I try talking to anyone, I feel like they just think I am crazy. I know I have a gift and feel like I am wasting it by not learning more about it. I have story that actually scare people but I can’t control what is happening. I try to keep it within myself but it just makes things more confusing. If that makes any sense. 🙁

  10. Emily

    i am 12 and i sometimes see myself doing something,(like coloring a picture or writing and seeing my hand and it moving etc. you get it)and i feel like i have seen what i am seeing as clearly as i see it then. i am in 7th grade and this happened a couple of times in 5th grade but the only one i can remember is that i was in art class and i was coloring a tree picture going side to side(the teacher made us do it that way)and i stopped and i stared at the way i had the oil pastel/crayon i don’t remember which,and felt like i have seen it before,what i had colored of it,the way i was holding the crayon/oil pastel everything. its weird does this happen to anyone else?

  11. Christina

    Well i have always known that im special since a child.i tune into alot of energies.i can sense danger ALWAYS! its kinda scary.when i want to see someone really bad i think about them really hard and i will.i scare myself.if i think about someone they will call me or i bump into them .too many coincidences.i believe i have psycic magnetism.i know some peple that know me call me a witch but i think they are gifts.i wish i could talk to someone about this and they wouldnt tell me im crazy!

  12. YoungAndConfused

    I do not know if anyone reads this anymore but I’m looking for help and advice on this when I was a kid everyone said it was my imagination but now I know it’s not I feel alone like no one understands and I want to learn to control it or make the sensations stronger. Anyone?? Please someone with more experience. I just turn 21 and ever since I turned 18 all the vibes and dreams and visions have become stonger. Sometimes I doubt myself and sometimes I feel too much. Please someone contact me.

  13. Sarah

    I took the test, but the score was low. I believe there is something different about me despite that. Usually if I say something or think something, it’ll happen. This has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence. Also, I seem to attract other worldly attention. I constantly see things, hear things, etc. In fact, there is a cat figurine in my room that turns itself to the side. Ill always set it to the front, check on it days later, and it will be turned again. These things only seem to happen when Im home alone. If anyone can tell me what’s going, please do. I want to know Im not alone.

  14. moises

    well hello lol im not sure if anyone still reads this. but anyway i believe there is a sixth sense and i feel like i have it. i have experience a lot of the events mention. but for me its like i say it and it happens. for example there was this old guy, a friend of mines, i seen him one night buying candy in the grocery store i worked in and i seen him i said dam he is gonna real soon. next day i see his wife talking about how he died in a bar the same night i said he will. also there was this guy i know, i seen hima around the block and i just turn around, waved my hand and said he is going to be in a hospital this week. so some days pass by and i notice i havent seen him which is wierd it didnt feel right then later this old man comes in the store and says poor chino i call him chino, he says he is in the hospital almost dead. that he is breathing only because of the machines. man im not really much of a religion man but did i prayed for him to get better since he is important to me. luckily he did a few days later. im in nyc and i remember when i would say a blizzard is about to come and trust me it does. well i cantsay much im tired but yeahi think i have what we call the sixth sense

  15. Tammy

    When I was around 8-10 years old I was looking out of our lounge window and I saw a young girl around the same age walking out the front of the house across the road she was in a white dress (Old Style) with brown hair and her hair had rag wraps in it. I wasn’t sure what I saw so I double looked and she was gone. I also have a lot of dreams and most of them come true, some of them happen months later and some of them years later but when they happen its almost like reliving that moment and you almost think AHH yea that s right. Also around 6 years ago my grandmother passed away and we were always very close. I had this necklace with a pendant on it that I had always worn and never took off and on the day of her funeral I had my husband and my children there with me and I went up to give a reading and prior to this I remember having the chain on as I remember moving the pendant as it was caught on a thread on my dress. After my reading I walked passed my grandmothers coffin and bent down to kiss the head of her coffin, I went back to my family and sat down. At the end of the service my husband turned to me and said where is your chain. It had disappeared, I checked down the front of my dress I went back into he church and even the priest helped me look and we could not find it and it never turned up. Before this day I never believed in the after life or people having a sixth sense but I almost believe maybe I have some form of a sixth sense. How to nurture that and tap into it to the full potential I have no idea about?

  16. makayla

    im 15 and i was siting in class and all the sudden started having a panic attack, i kept feeling like a car accident, i couldnt get it out of my mind i was shaking and no one knew what happened… fifteen minutes later, my friend picked me up and i told them what happened and when we were coming out of the school a huge accident happened 15 minutes before i got picked up when i was having my attack is this a sign? i know when things are going to happen i dont see ghosts i feel things and know things can anyone help?

  17. sid

    i think ive got a sixth sense. i can see the future as glimpses for example when i think of anything it appears in front of me within hours or days or when i think about a movie it comes on tv within the next 2 days

  18. Renee

    Alexia, I know what you are and have been going through. I’m 26 and I’ve dealt with all of that except I have never been tripped before. I am being stalked or haunted as of lately again. I have been seeing shadow people a lot in my room and throughout my house lately just watching me. Well it had been escalating and things have been moving, & being thrown off shelves. I just feel unsafe especially because I’m pregnant. Well I believe you have shadow people to abd they feed off of you thinking about them and your fear. Try smiling more abd thinking happy thoughts, no joke it makes stuff stop. They will start to get angry at first and try to scare you but if you are strong enough and just keep being happy they disapeer. I’ve been depressed lately and unable to sleep and I think that’s why they are bothering me. I’m here if you want to talk. I seen my first shadow person at age twelve in broad daylight in my dining room, I didn’t know what it was but I talked to my Grandfather who was gifted to say the least, and that’s an understatement, and he told me what they are. Don’t be scared. My family is full of gifted people, I seem to attract scary stuff though. I’m trying to be a positive good person and hoping it will change. You might have that run in your family to.

  19. Alexia

    im 14 years old and ive been seeing things for as long as I can remember no one believes what I tell them but Ive been effected by them they’ve literally pushed me against walls, tripped me and once choked me all because I ignore them or at least try to. they’ve been in my dreams so now I cant sleep I need help at least to just talk to someone who is like me or who understands please help me understand this

  20. holly

    I never feel alone. Things always happen that i have already seen. Everyone says i have special gift but im not so sure. It scares me to death.

  21. holly

    I suffer from all of the things you have stated. It has been controlling my life since i can remember, but i have the added pain and confusion of seing people and hearing people. I wouldnt dare tell anyone about this but i need help to figure out why this is happening to me. X

  22. sara

    i have bin Having this weird native american dreams where they try and help me but i dont let for a reason an because of that people start to die in my dreams . .i havent bin able to sleep at all,
    and i seem too see this little girl follow me around but shes not trying to hurt me at all.

    two weeks ago my friends grandmother has past away an could smell her favorite perfume and i though it was weird how only i could smell it an no one al’s

    i dont know what to call this.

  23. Ran69

    I have had many experiences and one close to my heart was of my grandmother. I was a young military spouse and went to visit my family. I dreamt that my grandmother was lying in bed and she was letting me know that it was time for her to pass on. It was very sad but at the same time, she let me know, in the dream, that it was ok. The next week I had to leave and go back home from leave. I told my mom that my grandmother was sick and was going to die. Three weeks later she was diagnosed with cancer and was spreading rapidly throughout her body. She lived 4 weeks and passed away. I never got to see her again. But, when I told her goodbye, as I was leaving, we both cried as if it was the last time. I’ve had many more experiences with others also. People that I didn’t even know. I feel it’s a gift. But, I have many sleepless nights!!!

  24. knokid24

    Ive experience very focused on summthing say i lay out 5 photos of people one standz out more than others i study n focus on tht picture. an i alwayz thought it waz coindence tht tht same person had a tragdy happen in their life Before tha other.. artcle very helpful thnx!!

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  26. silverfaery333

    In my case for the most part it’s random, unless I really know or am close to the person. I normally can tell you were a friend is, if they are out and about by just focusing on them. It’s been known to save me time from hunting them down. Same with if something is wrong with someone in my family or a close friend! I’ve been known to pick up my cell phone and be waiting on a message that is arriving a good minute or so before, as well as knowing who was calling when I was younger (then again everyone but my dad could do that in our family!!)

  27. 10lc

    hello! nice article…everyone experience some sort of things like that…mine is more on dreams & dejavu
    thing.oftentimes,i would feel uneasy on some places no matter how grandeous the house is,i refuse to just
    even get inside it,my reason,i don’t feel safe! there were also incidents when i dislike a person at first glance,
    coz i could sense ‘wickedness’ in him/her,she may flash me the brightest smile but ‘the eyes can’t lie’….

    this gift i have,i treasure as guide into my daily interaction. friends tell me they see me at one place,but
    i’m not there! there were ‘flashes of danger’to my sight,thus,i avoid them.there were times i feel ‘uneasy’
    & the first person i think about is either sick or in great need,others passed away…my psychic friends encourage me to develop this gift,but i’d rather keep it as useful to me & my circle,esp.my family.

    many occassions when i’m about to drive my car that the key gets lost,so i’d hang on 5-10 mins or more,and on my way to my destination,i’d pass on an accident that could have included me if my key
    wasn’t misplaced! goose-bumps i feel upon sight of that road accident.

    with this gift,i was able to save my fmly many times.I CAN SENSE DANGER!


  28. goddesslove

    Very good article…
    I wanted to share my experiences, I sing, draw, write lyrics, poems, short stories, play guitar, sew, paint, make jewelry, the list is almost endless..have very vivid dreams, observe numbers on clocks, car tags, houses, the list is too long.
    I will often do numerology on these numbers (decreasing them to one or two digits). I said the names of past loved ones the other day, as I often will acknowledge them around me, went to the closet and pulled out something that had nothing to do with an obituary in it but found my uncle’s in it…
    Experienced a presence in my home last year. I could hear footsteps walking in the hallway, talking outside my bedroom window. When no one believed me, I called in a psycic who confirmed my beliefs and asked the presence to leave and I have not heard from it since. The proof was when the spirit asked her what was Essence….I finally realize he meant “Eccential Oils” which I use alot.
    Are these experiences truely psychic are BI-POLAR…which I have been diagnosed with as having. It’s hard to develop talents or gifts when you are being constantly told that you need medication and that your experiences aren’t real……

    Be Blessed

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  30. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Good article…..very good tips…..

    Everybody experiences all of the above tips occassionally as everybody is intuitive to some degree……it is the right side of the brain, the RIGHT side is the creative/psychic side of the brain that is least understood ( 90 % undeveloped ).
    *** People with extra-ordinary, above average psychic skills showed MUCH right brain activity when hooked up to brain image scanning machines in experiments.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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