Born to be Psychic

When did I know I was psychic? I never knew I wasn’t psychic.

As a very young child, I knew who was calling when my parents’ telephone rang, and was able to tell my mother when I had dreams about things that happened to family members. I saw a cousin who had broken his arm… my mom checked with his parents and, yes, he had fallen off a roof and broken his arm.

I could “feel” which team “looked like” the winners in athletic events. I could “see” my playmates in the future — what they would look like and what they would be doing. Who would be a professor or a nurse or a pilot when we grew up. Or I would get flashes of an event or sequence of events for one of my playmates or friends — see one in a graduation or one in a wedding. Years later I have often attended the friend’s graduation or wedding just as I saw in a vision years and years earlier.

I was so young that I had no idea that everyone couldn’t sense what I could sense and know what I knew in advance. Of course, I didn’t know the word psychic, and my mother, her sisters, and my grandmother could all sense the same things… so I had no idea that our abilities were “different” in any way.

While it is my belief that we all have a level of psychic ability, I am grateful every day for the level of ability I have been born with and privileged to work with for the last many years.

2 thoughts on “Born to be Psychic

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  2. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Maryanne-How lucky that you all had this gift together. I have not written this story/selected topic, because honestly, I just thought as a little girl, that everyone was this way lol
    You are so lucky to have shared with some of your family. How cool.
    Miss Krystal

  3. Fran

    Hello dear, sweet Maryanne!
    I think it’s so fascinating that you were so young and yet so aware that you had special gift, even if at that time you didn’t know that it was indeed a gift.
    Do you remember telling me about the vision you had while you were sorting your laundry? I have so much confidence in you, and I’m certain that the next time I call you, I’ll be telling you that the little scene in the kitchen/dining area FINALLY took place!! LOL!!
    You are a very special lady, and I’m so happy to be able to call you my friend and confidante. Have a wonderful day!!
    LOTS of LOVE and HUGS,


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