• clairvoyant

The Power of Destiny

"Yes, we create our reality but there is no doubt that there are higher powers at work and that there is such a thing as destiny. There are no what ifs," according to our California Psychics, who ... read more

All You Want is Love

We humans have a universal thirst for romantic love. For many, pairing up seriously, or even getting married is the truest measure of success. So much so, that some may wait to find "the one" before even ... read more

Love Rushes In

"Sometimes as a psychic, my job is simply to reassure clients that their life will change for the better if they just let go of the things that aren't working for them. Most people hang on to not-so-bad ... read more

Psychic Pet Finder

Sometimes it's easier to read pets than people. Animals are open and receptive, while people may be blocked and uncomfortable reveals Clairvoyant and Empath, Char, who gets a great deal of satisfaction ... read more
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