Should a Psychic Use Tools…or Not?!

Is it better to get a reading from a psychic who uses tools like the Tarot, Astrology, Numerology or the I-Ching? Or do you prefer a reading from an intuitive who relies purely on their psychic gifts, whether it be Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Mediumship (just to name a few). Not sure?

Believe it or not this topic stirs up controversy between the psychics themselves! And, callers who have developed reading preferences over their years of experience consulting with psychics, often choose psychics by how they read – tools or no tools – and may even have a preference for which tools they do (or don’t use).

So why the debate? There are psychics who believe that a true psychic reading involves only the vision, insight and understanding a spiritually gifted reader can bring to a caller.  Some customers call these psychics ‘purists.’ Yet other customers wouldn’t dream of getting a reading without tools being used. It basically boils down to a matter of preference.

Read what our California Psychics have to say, and let us know what you think!

Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500, who also teaches intuitive awareness,is a staunch supporter of ‘tool free’ readings. A psychic using tools is “like Picasso painting by numbers,” she describes. She believes that until a psychic “develops blind faith in their own guides or gift, they will never ever, fully utilize and develop their natural born instincts.

“The only part of the equation that is absolutely necessary,” says Jonathan ext. 9601, a psychic with 30 years of experience (who generally reads without tools), “is psychic ability. The rest is personal preference.” “I predominantly use the Tarot to check if my intuition is running in tandem with the outcome stated in the Tarot deck,” explains Althea ext. 9582 who also gets birth dates from callers to delve into certain traits astrologically. She may even use dream interpretation to help them decipher hidden messages. “I believe that all of these tools and learned information, coupled with my own intangible psychic abilities, help give a collective reading that is the marriage of my total skill set.”

TeriLynn ext. 9625 adds, “I use Tarot cards as a tool because I see the time and hear the circumstances and feel the ambiance of the event more clearly than when I do not use tools.”

So…what do you think?! Tools or no tools?

52 thoughts on “Should a Psychic Use Tools…or Not?!

  1. Michael x9604

    While I do not use any types of tools when reading for people, I have many friends and fellow readers that do. To me, each person picks which path they feel most inclined to walk on (tools vs no tools), and they go about helping people.
    Now, in my 20 years of reading and helping people, I have studied the tarot and many other tools, simply so I might understand other means and ways. However, I found early on that the images, information and messages I receive are delivered to me to pass along in that same self fashion. For my clients, it usually makes sense and has great meaning.
    I hope this helps.

  2. feelin_sparkly

    Thank you Verbena! That helps very much 😉 I looked up the book on Amazon and remember now reading it in high school. Have added it to my cart to pick up again.
    I’m wondering if there is a difference in what types of Runes (stone etc) to use? And whether there is anything I should be aware of in attempting a reading for myself?
    thanks again!

  3. Psychic - Reed - x 5105

    I personally use no tools, however, I think that a quality psychic reading should be the goal and that a psychic should use whatever it takes to get that done.
    What always surprises me is when a client insists that I use a certain tool. For example, I have had callers insist that I use Tarot cards, which I will be glad to do, however there will be questions that I am unable to answer in detail when I use only Tarot cards since they are not my forte. It’s a little like taking your car to shop and then telling the mechanic which tools he or she should use to fix it. Leave that to the mechanic!

  4. feelin_sparkly

    When I first started calling CP I only wanted readers who used no tools and had testimonials of high accuracy, felt more authentic to me for some reason. Very quickly, Angel far exceeded expectations with insight and clarity, and as she stated above she uses no tools.
    In the process of this journey the last few months I also started reading with Randall who uses cards to confirm his own natural insights. And he is highly highly accurate. I also had great readings (just once or twice) with Liam and Teva who both use Tarot.
    Thrilled and so grateful for my regular readers! I never realized before now how much personal growth and guidance can come from connecting with the right reader, whether they use tools or not.
    I am curious to hear from anyone with experience using Runes or reading’s with someone who uses them.
    PS Thanks CP for this fantastic blog!!

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Angel…
    Fishing was great…. of the catfish though, really nailed my finger with his whiskered barb….so as Karma comes back around..I ate him FIRST !!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS… Angel, don’t be a stranger…. I would love to read some of YOUR experiences too sometime, OK?

  6. angel

    Hi Gina Rose I do not use tools myself. I have been this way for 26 years and feel the same way I have a very strong connection with my guides hope the fishing has been good lots of light angel ext.9266

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Gina Rose ext.9500 said…
    After I came back from fishing , early yesterday morning, I gave Phillip EXT.9485, a call.
    I get a reading once per year, maybe twice , at most. Just a yearly checkup type of read….
    PHILLIP, YOU ARE A 5 STAR PSYCHIC.!!! I do not give compliments lightly, I’ve been reading 43 years now, and have trained psychics for over 20 years.
    Alot of people don’t know this but my Great-Aunt was ALSO an astrologer, who wrote for a nationally syndicated newspaper, for their astrology column.She was an big believer in astrology, as I am. I remember doing my homework, sitting at our dining room table, while she did charts, the old way by hand and calculations, before computers and software. ( I don’t use tools when I read, ****** but I DO believe in astrology and always have ******).
    Phillips knowledge of astrology is impressive…..coupled with his outstanding Clairvoyant abilities….and you are getting an exceptional reading.
    I was impressed not only by Phillip’s psychic accuracy, but his ability to listen, and FOCUS as well. Phillip has such beautiful flowing, smooth consistent energy.
    Phillip, keep up the great work….next year, same time, I WILL call you AGAIN. It was MY pleasure and delight to get a reading from you.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    Phillip, a spilt second after we hung, 4 power surges, small ones shot thru my house…taking out power in my house and my DSL internet for an entire day.
    We had JUST BEEN talking about electrical disturbances around me just minutes before…how funny!!!!!
    And I WOULD love to read more of your articles on astrology….Phillip,you really know your stuff !
    I think the clients would be interested in learning more of the complexities and different aspects of astrology, which is a very vast subject, that goes far beyond the mundane Mercury retrograde hype.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500
    AKA ~ The Wizard of Catfishing

  8. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Matt, I put my hand on someone’s name and bday and close my eyes. This is how I begin to channel. You are so right.
    Powerful! my folks are both born on the 13th, my dad was born on fri the 13th.
    Anyway, my parents are total opposites to the day!! june 13 and dec 13. I think there is something powerful about that!
    I like what you said.
    Miss Krystal

  9. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I used to use the pendulum a lot to train and develop my ability.
    I see it like a weight for muscles.
    A big believer in it. I have clients who call and ask me to guide them as they are learning to use it. I don’t like people reading for themself, as I said, earlier. Be careful, practice on others.
    Miss Krystal

  10. Fran

    Hi! I was curious…does anyone use a pendulum? I have a beautiful clear quartz crystal pendulum that has a “chakra crown” at the top. I am amazed at how it will shift direction (in mid-swing!) in answer to different questions. I believe that it’s the energies of my spirit guides that are moving the pendulum. I always place myself in a bubble of white light before using it, and I always say “thank you” when I’m finished. Does anyone have any comments on the pendulum as a tool? Thanks!
    Hugs, Fran

  11. Snow

    Hi Joey;
    Yes absolutely I do veer off with the celtic— The double celtic even creates a more informative read. By any chance have you heard of TAROT THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE?? Thanks for the pic compliment– Yours looks great too!! Snow 9383Snow

  12. Judianne

    Judianne ext 5129
    I was born with the “gift” but have studied Astrology, Tarot and more. I have a Spirit Guide that I receive information from. I am a Clairaudient and therefore hear my reading. No matter what I use for the reading tools or Clairaudience,my Guide is giving me the information necessary. I have given a reading and then threw down some cards or looked at a chart and the same reading was there. I feel if you are truly gifted, the insights will come through for the client. Use whatever is necessary, just be honest and understand that guiding other is WHY we are here.

  13. TeriLynn X9625

    TerLynn X9625 Hi everyone
    Astrology and Tarot are tools for me to validate my psychic input and when I feel the card is not suitable I will continue to free flow from my natural instincts, when a sign is offered up to me it helps me to see characteristics in finer tune than otherwise. If a psychic does not use tools that is good too, some say it is more “natural”, but we are all naturally psychic, some of us just tuned in sooner than others in this lifetime.

  14. psychic-matt-5152

    I cant resist the simple power of someones birthday.
    A persons Destiny and the latest year Life challenge is right.there.Then here comes the Venus(Love)and Mars(work) transits,.and we almost have an actual map!,.(ALMOST,..thats where we come in at CP).
    Tarot to,.they CANT LIE,.and are so useful in breaking down how we block ourselves and each other,bringing a positive affirmation to just break down the door.

  15. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Joey, in abigail’s blog she talks about this. I think this would be an interesting blog for you, baptism under fire. I feel you will soon find a way to unblock this for yourself. Cheers, Miss Krystal

  16. Joey 9406

    Hi Miss K,
    thanks for the reply. i will read the mentioned blog. i do speak to the other side for others, but perhaps i have blocked this in myself?
    thanks Joey–

  17. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Joey-
    We all have angels. There are ways to learn how to channel your guides. Right now, in Abigails blog, Baptism under fire, she addresses a lot of good points about medium/channeling. WE ALL HAVE ANGELS! Thanks.
    Miss Krystal

  18. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Joey-
    We all have angels. There are ways to learn how to channel your guides. Right now, in Abigails blog, Baptism under fire, she addresses a lot of good points about medium/channeling. WE ALL HAVE ANGELS! Thanks.
    Miss Krystal

  19. Psychic Jacqueline X9472

    Hey Everyone, I personally dont use tools, I respect those who do, I feel readings with or without tools can be accurate, I dont feel one is better than the other, it is the connection between the psychic and the caller, tools are just that, a tool, it opens the door to allow guides and angels to come through, a connection.
    Jacqueline 9472

  20. joey

    hi snow
    i too use the celtic cross and have for many years. do you find veering away from your cross sometimes? in other words, do you find yourself “double stacking” the cross sometimes, or other variations? i find myself inventing spreads sometimes, based on this model. what is your “double celtic cross?” is it the same as mine or a certain deck for you? joey 9406 love your pic btw

  21. Snow x 9383

    I am a firm beleiver of using the tarot as a tool, a carpenter couldn’t build a house without a hammer. The tarot is an extremely strong foundation for a reading!!! I have used the double celtic cross for many years and find it is quite informative and great for timing situations also. Snow x9383

  22. Nunu

    Tools are fine. There are some elitist who may think otherwise, but whatever you use to divine truth is fine. If a bus could get you to the moon wouldn’t you take one?

  23. Lux

    i PREFER a reading done with tools. i trust this more than not. i have found that people who are REAL tarot readers give more information and can weave a much more thorough story. tarot helps me to understand and reason through issues as well. to each his own, but most people i’ve spoken to who don’t use tools are flash in the pan when it comes to being right.

  24. joey

    hey there miss krystal,
    i was told long ago i had an Indian guide by a very well known psychic where i grew up. she pointed out many guides, but he seemed to be the “one.” i do not feeling any connection to American Indians, per say. that is to say, i do not read about history in that sense. i feel more connected to the 19c England.
    i know i have guides or angels, i just don’t know them, or talk to them. do you think that is common for a psychic?
    i think it is really neat when you guys know who your guides are. i just always pass off being psychic to my grandmother.

  25. Joey 9406

    As a working psychic, I would say I love my many decks of The Tarot. (Joey 9406) They continue to inspire and help me to connect quickly to the caller. Using different decks helps me to look at things in a new way. While a reading or a psychic impression in person, may be more viseral, the cards do some of the work for me. I have had very gut reactions with clients over the phone, using The Tarot, and often times, people confirm these sensations. I felt like someone kept brushing against my toes while one the phone with a client. For some reason I mentioned this and she said she was thinking about her boyfriend and the night before, where he was “playing footsie with her.” I am more likely to feel these things as I enter a room or when I am in a group of people. I can discern things, people are trying to hide, perhaps.Highly empathic) The deck of cards acts like this kind of filter for me when I am doing phone readings. Some of this is a mystery, even to me. hahaha. But this is how I roll and my cards rarely fail me.

  26. Miss Krystal

    Hi Blackhawk-
    I think I have been picking up on an Indian guide of yours.
    Some of the other wonderful readers on this line have some Indian guides.
    Do you know who I am picking up on? Sincerely, Miss Krystal

  27. psychicAmanda

    To 3mermaids:
    Haha maybe blip was a better word? It just comes in really fast. Its hard to explain. I get words, symbols, pictures, ideas, and sometimes even smells or audible sounds! However, its not nearly as “profound” as movies make it out to be…a lot of the words I get are in my own voice.
    I’m glad you like reading with me and I’m excited for this new blog feature as I am an avid blogger elsewhere as well!

  28. believer3mermaids

    Psychic Amanda: What is a quip? I am fascinated by the ability of psychics to speak to “the other side” or just know, hear or feel certain things. I wish I could! You are a fantastic reader by the way…
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  29. psychicAmanda

    I prefer not to use tools but to be perfectly honest I never have! So I can’t say if they’d help me or not simply because I never tried them. However I am primarily a medium and I’m not sure my customer’s realize this fact. I channel the information to the customer via spiritual sources. I’m naturally intuitive but my main abilities mirror those of John Edward for instance. The spirit communicates to me in quips and I translate them for the customer. So I can’t take all the credit!
    Amanda 9538

  30. believerfairylove

    Hands down…I prefer a reader that uses “no tools”. I would rather hear from my guides, their guides or hear about their feelings or visions in response to my question. I respect all forms of tools but I still prefer a reading with none. Thanks

  31. Kim Taylor

    I have had readings with psychics who use tools and psychics who do not. Both have been amazing! Psychic Ciarra gave me a very accurate – and fast -reading using Tarot cards about my husband’s business partner (who is no longer his partner!). And Red has guided me with my career and family many times. I think it depends on the psychic and what they are best at. We all have different talents that come through to positive outcomes in varying ways – and psychics are no different!
    It’s wonderful to see so many California Psychics on the blog. You are all so beautifully unique and insightful!

  32. browneyes

    I just had a reading this morning with Nunu. She uses the Tarot for my readings and in every reading the Queen of Cups comes up for me. I think this means that I will be with the person I am asking about in a love relationship. Am I correct and is this a really good sign of this coming to fruition?

  33. browneyes

    I have to agree with Kathy on this. The outcome is the important thing. I know timing is very hard to hit on the nose and that free will plays a big part in it. But when one of the psychics tells me she is reading the heart and not the head, which is what I was told just a couple of weeks ago, it tends to make me think that no matter how things look right now that this will all work out. And this psychic was very confident in her prediction. Even told me not to listen to negative things that others say to me about this situation, she told me to hang on and just go about my life and know that this will happen as she has said. I am keeping my fingers crossed and trying to be patient. And I dont think she used any tools at all. And the reading starts automatically which is amazing to me. I know she read my heart as well, she described feelings I was having that I had not mentioned to her at all. But she was exactly right. So as far as tools go… whatever floats your boat, lol.

  34. Psychic Verbena

    Hi, everyone.
    I really hate to miss out on next week’s discussion, but I have a trip coming up, so I’ll be back to join the discussion on the 18th or so. Have fun!
    Cheers, Verbena

  35. kathy

    I have always loved the Tarot! That was my first experience with Psychics and have always been fasinated by the cards. I have had many readings with clairvoyants that have come to pass as well. I think that everyone has their own special talent and tools or no tools if you click and the outcome is valid it doesn’t matter to me either way. You guys are great! Thanks CP! I am so glad I found this!

  36. Psychic Abigail

    Ah the question of tools or no tools. In my personal experience psychic ability coupled with the use of tools can help concentrate the non-rational areas of the mind. I use what ever tools I am being guided to by each individual client. And yes I have guides many of them. There are clients who I use absolutely no tools with. Being empathic I pick up on the person’s pain so I sometimes need a tool to focus on the situation allowing me to release the emotion associated with it so I may clearly guide my client to their truth. Then of course there are those who are absolutely petrified of psychics who do not use tools. Their mind can not rationalize or comprehend how they are able to just know things. I personally have the experience of both tools in my tool box and I use both. My long time wonderful best friend, spiritual teacher and mentor told me a long time ago “there are those who can not handle the thought that you are able to connect with out tools” so to ease the anxiety offer both. I have those that request no tools but when a client says “is that what the cards say?” Then I will validate it with the cards because that is what they asked of me and it is their personal belief system. The client psychic connection is key no matter what is used.

  37. browneyes

    Thank you for the response. As I think about the circumstances, I think you just may be right. Some things have happened that makes it understandable that what I am hoping for would be postponed but I got another reading yesterday and got the same information as from some of the most highly paid readers, including Red, Gina Rose, Jesse, Jayzie, Randall, Liam, and several others that have given me the same outcome prediction.
    I love this blog. I have been waiting for several months for it to be available and now I can get answers directly from the psychics that I would normally have to use my reading time to have answered. Now my readings can focus on my situation and not on my questions of why isnt this happening, lol.
    Thank you so much CP for making this blog available. I am going to Reds article on timing right now, dont know how I missed that one.

  38. stan

    I don’t mind tools, I just don’t like it if there’s a major delay while the psychic pages through tarot cards, etc. But whatever leads to an accurate reading is cool with me!

  39. Verbena

    I agree with browneyes’ suggestion that you read Red’s article. Heck, read ALL Red’s articles, because she is absolutely terrific, wise and grounded and insightful. My take on timing is that the future is always open for change, depending on what you and other people in a situation do, and depending on external circumstances. Frankly, I believe this because I DON’T like the idea that my fate is programmed and unchangeable, and I find that it proves out in the lives of some of my regular callers on California Psychics.
    Another thing is that each of the different psychic gifts – clairvoyant, empath, clairaudient, medium, channel and so on — approaches the future from a different perspective and this can sometimes lead to different conclusions. Remember the story of the blind men and the elephant?
    Here’s a suggestion: next time you get a reading, ask why the time line keeps changing. I get the impression that it’s because the Universe is waiting for you or someone else in the situation to do something specific to release the energy to move forward.

  40. browneyes

    I really dont have a preference on if a reader uses tools or not. I guess I do feel that if they dont use tools and still pick up on things that I know to be true, I have more faith in the readings themselves. But it seems that the more readings I get, the more confused I am sometime with getting a different picture from different readers on the outcome of a situation that I have been dealing with for a long time now. And the timelines seem to keep changing. Does anyone have an answer for that or an explanation? I thought that if something was in your future that it would come along around the time stated by a reader, but my outcome time seems to keep moving forward and not coming to fruition. I dont understand.

  41. Pingwin

    I could go either way on this one. I think that psychics should choose whatever works best for them and provides the quickest most accurate read.

  42. Verbena

    Hi! Like Miss Krystal I’m one of the California Psychics, and although I am an empath, work with spirit guides, and channel and receive information from deceased loved ones, I use tools a lot for several reasons. For starters, I use them because I am MUCH faster that way. I usually start getting info in about 10-30 seconds, and keep sharing insights constantly after that.
    It helps me speed up because instead of doing layouts, I just pull a card or two when my intuition dictates it, and use the imagery on the cards (I don’t use a standard deck) to trigger my intuition. Usually my callers don’t even know I’m using tools.
    Another reason I use tools is for deeper readings. Any psychic’s insights have to be filtered through their beliefs and experiences, and many times the Tarot in particular will show me realities and psychological insights about my caller or the person they’re asking about that wouldn’t have occurred to me at all! Did you know that psychology pioneer Carl Jung used the Tarot extensively? It’s profound stuff!!
    I also use tools to double check or refine my insights, especially when I know that what I’m telling the caller is very important, or I know they will find it disappointing or upsetting.
    And, finally, I use tools because I totally love playing with and studying oracles of all kinds. They add color, richness and depth to my own experience, and just plain make it more fun to be a practicing psychic!
    Also, I really agree with Miss Krystal’s suggestions about learning to read for yourself. There are ways to “learn” the Tarot instead of memorizing it that help you build a relationship with the cards that’s freer and more effective. Check out Mary Greer’s book “Tarot Constellations” if you’re interested! And, frankly, I’m a total bust, too, when it comes to reading for myself, especially if it’s something I’m emotional about!!
    Cheers, Verbena

  43. Miss Krystal

    I do not use any tools. I am not against using tools, however, if the reading is accurate. I have found, in my own experience, that people who use tools, that are extremely accurate, are also not totally depending on the “text book meanings.” In other words, it appears that accurate psychics who use tools, are also using some of their own feelings on how to interpret “these tools.”
    I think it is up to the individual. There is one thing I should warn people who are trying to learn tools: I highly suggest you practice on other people. Trying to read yourself can be a very subjective thing, and a lot of times I have noticed, that people learning tools who do readings for themselves, can receive some of these messages as too extreme. I believe there is a lot of self deception in trying to use tools, or, even just channeling on yourself (only using your intellecutal/mental ability, no tool) in order to read for yourself. I stopped channeling/reading for myself a long time ago. I have found my life to be much richer, happier and relaxed, because even though I am psychic, I will still go to someone else about my own life for a reading. I suggest learners and professional readers do the same.
    As far as accuracy, I feel clients should use the psychics that they feel are helping them get positive results. I would say the majority of my returning clients are people who really want to get ahead and improve their life. Many of my clients have told me it is very appealing to them that I do not use any tools. I really think it all depends on the individual. I am fine with all of it. My Best, Miss Krystal

  44. Thinkerbelle

    I like psychics who confirm what they are feeling or seeing with Tarot cards. It feels I’m getting a second opinion.

  45. cj

    I am a visual type person so I would prefer a psychic to use a tool of there choice. Plus, I can follow and make a clearer picture of what they are saying to me. In addition, I have been going to see psychics for over 20 years.

  46. Pandafox

    I agree. I had a reading with Jamie on CP. She didn’t use any tools and I really connected well with her. It was incredible to have an experience where someone just ‘got’ me. She is really gifted.


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