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Sometimes it’s easier to read pets than people. Animals are open and receptive, while people may be blocked and uncomfortable reveals Clairvoyant and Empath, Char, who gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping people understand and communicate with their pets in a reading.


People want to be sure their pets are happy, and if they’re not, they often need help deciphering what they can do to help them. I recently read for a young family whose beloved chocolate lab had passed on. Days later when their neighbor frantically came banging on their door looking for his Chihuahua, they gave him my name and suggested he call California Psychics for help.


“Where’s my dog, Chewy? Can you find him,” asked Char’s frightened, frenzied caller from his cell phone.


Riley’s (not his real name) three year old pure breed Chihuahua had run across the park with a group of bigger dogs after a ball. Chewy looked back at one point, a bystander later reported, noticed that his owner had walked off towards the water fountain and took off at break neck speed.


His owner had organized a search party branching out in every direction from the dog park, but Riley told Char in disbelief, “He seems to have vanished! No one has even spotted him. If something happened to Chewy…” Char’s caller broke off with a sob.


The psychic connected with the young Chihuahua’s name and his energy through his owner.


“Chewy’s safe,” Char felt immediately. “He knows where he is. You walk to the park everyday, so he’ll find his way home. He’s been sidetracked several times chasing cats… he’s feeling freer than usual, so he’s taking advantage of it.”


“That’s Chewy,” Riley responded with a little lift in his voice. “He’s so small that I usually carry him most of the way to the park, otherwise he’s on a leash, so he can’t get away, but…This is so bad! It’s almost dark and it’s hot out and it’s over a mile to the park. There are train tracks and lots of traffic, it’s a bus route and several traffic lights, he can’t make it safely… I don’t even think he knows how to get back because I carry him most of the way.”


Char told Chewy’s owner that she was sending out angels to encircle him and bring him home safely. “I know Chewy is moseying along fearlessly right now. He’s thinking, ‘Okay, I think I’ll head home now.’ Actually, he’s rather undaunted by the whole experience,” Char understood psychically.


“Hey I really hope you’re right, but this is the city. He could be hurt or get hurt in traffic, or some kids could have picked him up, or a bigger dog… I’m going to stay here at the park,” he trailed off as he continued searching and calling Chewy’s name as he spoke with Char.


“Do some deep breaths and think about where he would go, and look there first,” Char suggested.


“He’d go home, but he can’t make it on his own,” Riley said emphatically.


“I feel he’ll be home soon,” Char told her caller confidently.


“Okay, I’ll go home,” Riley relented reluctantly, “after I check out every corner of this park one more time.”


Later the same night, Char got another call from the lost Chihuahua’s owner. “You were right! Chewy was waiting for me on the front lawn as if nothing had happened. I can’t believe he made it back here!”


“Is he okay?” Char asked.


“Not a scratch on him. He seems to be feeling a bit guilty and we have had a talk… Hey, thanks so much for the encouragement and sending out all the good thoughts. I can’t imagine my life without this little guy,” he said holding Chewy up to the phone. “Speak Chewy, speak! Say thank you to the nice psychic.”


Char heard a low growl and a couple of fierce sounding yaps on the line. “Your very welcome,” she laughed.

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