Miss Krystal

Miss Krystal ext. 9192 is an award-winning certified psychic who has been featured on television alongside celebrities and makes radio appearances in Los Angeles. A Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, empath, paranormal medium, who does pet readings and dream interpretation, her ability to focus has been noted since childhood.

In high school and college, Miss Krystal gave free readings to her classmates with her pendulum. A formal metaphysics education led her to study across the globe, including mainland China, where her spiritual gifts were honed and her multi-cultural awareness grew.

Miss Krystal holds a Masters degree and has experience with diverse, international clientele. She is known for helping people improve careers, find jobs, reunite with lovers, contact loved ones who have crossed over, and develop relationship understanding.

5 thoughts on “Miss Krystal

  1. laura reeves

    hello miss krystal, its been some time sence we talked so much has happend to my family some good some very bad, i live about 70miles from san antonio texas my daughter is crystal and my now soninlaw jacob hope u remeber us please email me back i love to talk to u about everything that has happend to us.
    your long time friend laura reeves. thank you.

  2. Linda

    I was having trouble sleeping and I clicked on your article. The first part of it stated that we are all experiencing sleepless times. I have been especially anxious lately. I had a psychic reading once when I was in my 20’s, and there was a lot of truth and wisdom in it. Now that I am in my 50’s, I feel that I am at another cross-road in my life. I would like to have Crystal give me a reading if it isn’t too expensive. I am currently unemployed.


  3. Mrs. Gibb

    Miss Krystal,
    I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading! I cannot believe how you knew that I used to date Andy Gibb years ago and the connection we had. It was amazing how you spoke of him within the first 5 minutes of our conversation. You are amazing!!!
    Amy, NYC

  4. amor

    Hi Miss Krystal, I´ve been trying to get in touch with you but your outdail is full and sometimes is difficult to make an appointment:( So I´ve been reading a couple of times with Jayzie!!!
    I don´t know if you can remember me, but I´m the argentinian girl living in Copenhaguen. I´ve a couple of readings with you..So far my life has improved, but “he” is committing to his girlfriend :(. So far that part hasn´t gone well!! I´ve just posted somtehing and my name is “amor”.
    XXX and thanks for your help!!

  5. Merle

    Derech Hashem (The Way of God)is a philosophical commentary on the existence of God and God’s purpose in creation. It was written 1730s by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto and translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. The text is offered in hebrew and in English.
    This was the book I was trying to tell you about.


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