How I Knew I Was Psychic

Prophetic dreams, nighttime visits from spirits, visions of the future and a life-changing Tarot reading, are just part of the stories four of our newest psychics have to tell about how they knew they were psychic.

Most psychics tell us that they already had a strong sense of their metaphysical gifts as children, even if they developed them as adults. But one psychic who is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Empath never even considered helping others spiritually until after she had her first reading on the recommendation of a friend (to help resolve her love issues).

“After that reading, I decided that I wanted to do for others what this reader had done for me.” She taught herself to decipher the Tarot, but soon found that she was eager to do the readings without the use of tools. Prayer and meditation became instrumental in the “almost overnight” development and recognition of her intuitive abilities. “Once you can hear your inner voice,” she believes, “you can begin to hear other divine sounds.” Within months of taking up meditation, she put her cards away and was able to do “readings on the spot.”

In some families, being psychic is a talent that just seems to run in the DNA of children like Blu ext. 9618, who by age five was having prophetic dreams and visitations. “It’s just how I grew up,” he tells. “My mom had dreams which became real, and my sister, well, if she said you were pregnant – you were pregnant.” After a trip to his grandmother’s funeral, he came home to find that the little girl that he had often played with would now stand at his bedside “beaming” a huge smile at him as he slept. It was a long time before he found out that his playmate had passed on while he was away. “My mother explained all of this as natural, yet she taught us to be careful about telling others about what we could see,” the Empath, Clairvoyant and Medium relates.

“Never in a million years did I think I would become a professional psychic,” confesses another Clairvoyant and Medium, who admits to having lived a wild and adventurous life in Hollywood, before finally settling down to “lead a life of helping others as a spiritual therapist.” Having run through the “B” list of odd jobs that Los Angeles had to offer, the born Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient finally committed to her life’s work.

Kallista ext. 9623 grew up just knowing things, but it was a vision of her mission in life that literally had her asking for guidance. “I kept seeing myself talking in a caring way with people and doing something with my hands, but I was unsure what this was. It was a vision that just kept coming.”

Intuitively following her strong feelings about her future, she bought a deck of Tarot cards. But they sat in a drawer for over a year, as her purchase also came with conflicted feelings and a sense of entering the “forbidden.” When she finally did study the cards, she realized instantly that the Tarot was the answer to her visions!

“As I ventured into doing readings, I found I could see deep inside people. As I progressed, I began to understand that most are doing the best they can. When they know better, they do better. The great irony is that it was the forbidden – the Tarot in this case – that has strengthened my relationship with Spirit beyond anything else I’ve experienced. I knew right away that this work comes with the great responsibility to always avoid harm and bring only healing.”

These psychics are extremely grateful and passionate about their gifts. To them, what they know, feel and do is perfectly normal, even though Blu says that he still has no idea how he does it. Kallista speaks of the spiritual benefits of helping people find their path, along with the huge responsibility that comes with being able to access the personal information of others.

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