Wild Psychic Visions

Every now and then our Clairvoyants, who have the gift of seeing the answers to your questions in their mind’s eye, get a vision that’s so clear, vivid, wild and unusual, or seemingly out of context to what a client is asking that even they find it hard to believe their own eyes!

Getting visions is an everyday occurrence for these Clairvoyants, particularly when they are working. Signs, symbols, pictures and even scenes appear on their inner viewing screen with every reading they do. “Some visions may seem crazy, but I can’t allow any doubt that my visions are not significant, I must believe that they are true,” says Marin ext. 5113 who has seen images as bewildering as a windsurfing dog and just last week, a toddler with a bee sting.

When a vision is particularly clear, our psychics report, that there may be a higher probability that it will occur as the Clairvoyant sees it. Abrielle ext. 9894 describes a scene she saw while reading for an aspiring young actress. The actress was about to give up on her career, because she hadn’t had any work in over a year. “I saw her on the set of a television sitcom. The number three was flashing over the picture I was seeing. It was so clear, I told her not to give up quite yet. Three weeks later she called to say she had landed a significant part.”

Our psychics tell of elaborate visions of love at first sight that come to fruition, of seeing the dark secret in a marriage and pointing the caller directly to the proof, and watching the past, present and future of complicated situations play out before them when they do readings. At times, visions will come in randomly about clients, perfect strangers, friends or family members and for themselves. Sometimes they ignore them, and often they know to act upon them.

Barbie ext. 9295 tells of getting a vision of her current husband before she ever met him. Along with the vision came the understanding, that he would be the only one without a mustache. She realized that her late husband and the men she’d dated seriously all had mustaches. “That vision brought me to my true soulmate,” the Clairvoyant says gratefully.

Lucrecia ext. 9326 finds that her most profound visions come when she least expects them. “I may be closing my eyes and dozing off and suddenly a vision will literally zoom into my mind with such frightening detail it stuns me.” The psychic Clairvoyant recently had a vision of a woman being chased. She could see the face of the pursuer so she sketched it out and faxed it to her local police department with as much information as possible.

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