Mars Retrograde: Natal Chart, Effects, Meaning, and More

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The Astrological Significance of Mars

Mars is the Roman counterpart to the Greek god of war, Ares. He rules battle, courage, and masculinity. He is also associated with armies and the police, and as such, he is sometimes thought to help maintain civil order. He is one of the 12 Olympians, and his parents are Jupiter and Juno (Zeus and Hera to the Greeks), the king and queen of the gods.

Dragons, horses, dogs, vultures, owls, and woodpeckers are sacred to him, and he has four fire-breathing horses that draw his chariot. His colors are red and purple — red for blood, and purple for intuition. Fittingly, Mars, the planet associated with this god, is also called “the Red Planet.”

Mars is the planet of action, passion, drive, and fiery energy. Mars’ location in your natal chart shows how you express those things, as well as traits such as anger, sexual desire, confidence, assertiveness, ambition, strength, stamina, and courage. Mars rules the sign of Aries and is the co-ruler of Scorpio, alongside Pluto.

What Is Mars Retrograde?

Mars Retrograde is when the planet Mars appears to spin backward. This occurs about once every 26 months, and it lasts for approximately two and a half months each time.

Past problems may come up and demand to be repaired so you can finish what you’ve started. It’s time for you to assess your beliefs, desires, and intentions. Mars Retrograde encourages you to contemplate and meditate so you can deepen your insight into the situations you’re dealing with. It calls for less action and more patience.

How To Handle Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde represents a time for you to slow down, wait and see, plan, and strategize. Let yourself pause, rest, and reflect.

If you were born with Mars Retrograde in your natal chart, you will move through this period more easily than most other people. For you, reflecting before you act comes naturally. You tend to avoid impulsive, aggressive behavior, and you always try to take the high road.

To prepare, check which house in your birth chart Mars Retrograde will be moving through. Doing so can help you see what parts of your life you should work on. If you don’t have your birth chart yet, you can join California Psychic’s Karma Rewards program to receive a complimentary natal chart, and if you need help interpreting your results, a reading with an expert Astrology Psychic can help you understand what you should expect from the upcoming Mars Retrograde.

Mars Retrograde in the Twelve Houses

Here are some brief descriptions of how Mars Retrograde may affect you as it transits through each house:

First House

You are taking another look at yourself, inside and out, when Mars Retrograde is in your first house. It’s time to change whatever you don’t like. However, this is not the time for elective surgery. Find a healthy way to release your anger and frustration. Some methods to try are dancing and swimming, though any full-body activity should do the trick. Avoid combative people.

Second House

Mars Retrograde asks you to take another look at your resources. Are you using them wisely? Are your values aligned with what you want in life? Are you taking good care of your finances and being mindful about how you spend your money? This is a good time to make a plan that you can use to create greater wealth for yourself.

Third House

Mars retrograding through your third house implores you to watch what you say! This is a critical time to think before you speak. Write down what you want to say before you say it. This can help you think carefully on your words before you speak them aloud. As you know, once those arrows have flown from your mouth, there’s no getting them back. Also, please drive the speed limit.

Fourth House

If you feel frustrated with your home and family while Mars moves retrograde in your fourth house, don’t let your anger fester. Communicate with them in ways that are kind and compassionate, and work to resolve these old issues so you can enjoy a new, more positive energy when Mars goes direct.

Fifth House

With Mars moving retrograde in your fifth house, this is not a good time to push yourself to create something new. Open yourself to inspiration. Take this chance to stargaze and daydream. You might be amazed by how this revitalizes your ability to express yourself creatively.

Sixth House

If you can be like a cat and take a nap while Mars is retrograde in your sixth house, go for it. Additionally, don’t push yourself too much during exercise. Your body works so hard for you, and if you ignore it when it tells you to sit down, it may force you to lie down instead. Keep a closer eye than usual on your pets’ health, and give them some extra love and attention.

Seventh House

Tread carefully in your relationships as Mars Retrograde moves through your seventh house. You may get into more arguments than usual with your partner, and the fighting might turn fierce, so do your utmost to take the peaceful path now. Remind yourself to never use honesty as a weapon of destruction.

Eighth House

Ask yourself if you’re receiving your fair share of the resources that you split with others — and examine whether you’re being fair to them too. If you’re seeking a loan, it’s best to wait until Mars goes direct. Mars retrograding in your eighth house might also prompt you to explore your passions. Keep things balanced, healthy, and fun, and you should be fine.

Ninth House

With Mars Retrograde in your ninth house, it’s time to plan your next big adventure or devise a way to further your education. Alternatively, you might take this chance to finish that awesome novel you’ve been writing. Let your imagination inspire your future plans. Think big!

Tenth House

You may want to change gears in your career, but be sure to think about this choice before you act on it. Reflect on how hard you’re working, and try to slow down a bit. Revisit your career goals. See where you might need to redirect your plans as Mars Retrograde moves through your tenth house.

Eleventh House

Take another look at your hopes and dreams as Mars goes retrograde in your eleventh house. This transit asks you to reassess what you want out of life, and it can help you figure out how to get it. If your friends seem unusually feisty, lay low and play the part of the peacemaker. You’ll weather this storm, and the sun will shine again soon.

Twelfth House

Mars moving retrograde in your twelfth house may help you unlock hidden mysteries that have obstructed your path. If you’re carrying repressed anger, deal with it in positive, healthy, constructive ways. You can talk it out with someone you trust, write about it in your journal, or even exercise — among many other options. A good therapist can guide you through this. Let Mars Retrograde help you investigate and shed light on any inner darkness that you’re carrying around. It’s trying to give you the support you need to heal from within. Let it.

Mars Retrograde in 2022

Stations retrograde: October 30, 2022, at 25°37’ of Gemini

Stations direct: January 12, 2023, at 8°8’ of Gemini

Mars Retrograde in Gemini affects decisions, choices, options, possibilities, delays, and setbacks. It can also make dealing with those things more of a struggle. You might sometimes feel frustrated when attempting to communicate with others. Furthermore, your fuse might be shorter than usual, and you may be easily distracted. You will be asked to choose between the high road and the low, good and bad, and light and darkness.

Let yourself rest and relax while Mars is in retrograde. Even Ares, the god of war, must sometimes stop fighting, lay down his weapons, and let peace reign. This is the perfect time to recharge your inner batteries as you plan your next move. When fiery Mars goes direct again, you’ll feel refreshed and eager to don your armor, mount your fire-breathing steed, and gallop into the next splendid adventure.

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