The Fool Card

The Tarot is divided into two sections: Major and Minor Arcana. The
Major Arcana starts with The Fool, which has no number. The Fool
represents new beginnings. Most representations of this card are of a
Jester or Joker walking joyfully over a cliff. The journey he is about
to take will carry him into the unknown, with new things left to be
seen and uncovered. If this card appears inverted (upside down) it
represents folly, mistakes, impulse, intoxication, ignorance or
recklessness. However, if you look at the picture inverted, it may show
you that this person is about to have his world turned willy nilly.
Remember, The Fool has no number. This may signify that beginnings can
occur at any time. There is no set pattern. We’d like to believe our
lives have order, yet the joke is on us at times.

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