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I had a short nap today and it seemed so real – because I was awakened by my late father saying, I thought you said you wanted to be woken up. I did awaken with a smile, and looked around for him. And it really was time to wake up!

I had another brief sighting when he first passed away from a massive heart attack 23 years ago on Christmas Day. And then, a few days later, I was driving down the street. All of a sudden, he was sitting in the passenger seat. He didn’t scare me, but I was wondering how he had gotten there. It was only for a minute or so, and then he told me everything would be all right as I drove along. He then disappeared, but not from my heart – not ever. I want to know if he is at peace, because there are things going on in the family he wouldn’t be happy with!


Dear Doris,

I certainly get a kick out of your dad!

Although (until recently) he stopped appearing to you soon after he died, it appears that he’s remained involved with everyone in your family, and particularly with you. He’s definitely one of your guides, and his recent appearance was triggered by two things.

His first comment was, “You tell her not to be worrying about my peace, because I’m just fine! Tell her what’s important is her peace! If she could see what I can see from here, she’d know better than to worry all the time.” With this comment, he gave me a picture of the long view he takes about your family’s process – through this lifetime, and the next, and the next. He has the kind of wider understanding that is common among relatives who stay to guide family members from the other side. This is the wisdom that comes from a different view of everyday affairs, and an understanding of how each soul is actually unfolding in beauty – despite their very human dramas and trials.

But! He tells me that what he said to you as you napped is way more important than “any current mess” the family is in. He repeated the message to me: “I thought you said you wanted to be woken up.” He means waking up spiritually – now! He says it’s time to acknowledge your spiritual and psychic connections and abilities, time to go for it, and really explore all you can experience and learn and remember and become in an awakened life.

You might want to consult with one of California Psychics’ many top-notch mediums – such as Miss Krystal and Michael, or, if I’m available at a convenient time, me – because your dad is really excited about talking to you and, well, as he says, helping you to “get a move on.”

Sounds fun to me!

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