DreamCast: Meeting Her Husband

I dreamt I was standing in front of a door in the hallway at a school. As everything paused, a man’s loud voice told me this man will be my husband. Then everything un-paused, and the door opened and in walked a man that I know. Then the voice replied that he’s not ready yet.


Shnail in Omaha, Nebraska

Hello Shnail,

I’d love to know if you have some romantic feelings for this man! I don’t know if you’ll be involved with him at some point, but it’s certainly possible. Perhaps your future husband, whoever he is, needs some time before he’s ready for marriage. Or is it possible that you’re not ready to take the plunge? The man’s voice may be your own inner voice of authority or a spirit guide who sent you a message. Marriage seems to be something you’re learning about because the dream took place in a school. Search your heart to see how you feel about commitment. Then give yourself some time to be on your own, if you need it.

Sweet dreams,

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