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The Soulmate Tarot Spread | California Psychics

Aid Your Search for a Soulmate with Tarot

Do we each have a soulmate? Is there a person somewhere who is looking for us, just as intensely as we are looking for them? Is there someone who we can stick with forever, regardless of the challenges, that will make it all seem worth it?

I believe so.

It seems possible that there is not just one, but that there are very few who fit that category for most of us. And when they surface we are being put on notice that some very important spiritual work is about to take place. That’s where this particular Tarot spread can come in handy.

The Call of Multiple Souls

Can we have two or more soulmates at once, or sequentially? Not too often, but sometimes, yes. Souls tend to travel throughout time in “soul groups”, and there is a manner in which they form alliances in various ways, to bring about the necessary spiritual evolution we seek. Usually, due to time and space constraints, one soulmate is the most we can handle, though!

Why and When to Use this Tarot Spread

Use this spread when you know this relationship feels more important than average. It’s for that moment when you met and there was that instant “something” that some call de’ja vu’, or “I’ve been here before”. Beyond that first impression, what really is the soulmate signature? The Soulmate Spread will answer that question for you!

A common misconception many of us hold is that when we meet our soul mate, it will all be smooth and easy. We’ll float from day to day, year to year, on a cloud of bliss. Can you relate?

Sorry, decidedly, no.

The soul learns through challenge, as well as through pleasure and joy. Both are equally important to spiritual evolution, and both must be together in a relationship, in the right proportions to inspire spiritual progress. This spread looks at both sides of the question, the pain and joy, that signals the presence of a possible soulmate.

So, who instantly pops into your mind when you read this? That is the person you should ask about first.

An Example Case

Cindy was convinced that her current partner really wasn’t the best one for her. Things were coming to the surface that felt insurmountable to her, and she had evidence that he was actually seeing her best friend. She felt deeply that a soulmate existed somewhere for her and even had some dreams featuring an unknown person that made her feel stable and blissful all at once.

She asked me to do a spread on the dreams, to confirm whether or not she was in astral contact with her future true love, and to see if it was really the person she suspected he was. After some discussion, we decided to do a soulmate spread to answer the questions of “if” and “how”. The spread seemed most on point for answering what she needed to know.

The Soulmate Tarot Spread

A word of caution: This spread contains seven key questions that could change your life! In most cases, a soulmate destiny will decide your course, not the other way around.

Shuffle your Tarot cards well, and ask Spirit to tell you what you most need to know about your soulmate. When you are ready to open the reading, place the deck face down on the table in front of you. Randomly draw seven cards, while concentrating on the question: Who is my soulmate?

Lay the cards out in a clock-wise spiral, one to seven.

Card 1- What does your soulmate look like and feel like?

Knight of Swords

Her soulmate would tend to be tall, a little lanky, with grey or green eyes. His energy would be mental and communicative. He probably would have a natal chart emphasizing Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini.

This card will point to the physical appearance, energy, and even the sun or moon sign, of your soulmate.

Card 2- What Past Life Karma have you had together?

Ten of Cups

There was likely a past life together where these two were life partners, with a family. A rural environment is indicated, most likely in the Northern hemisphere.

Ask Spirit to show you the place and time period of your past lives together. This information may come clairvoyantly or clairaudiently through images, words, or place names.

Card 3- Why now?

Queen of Pentacles

She was at last established in her chosen career and ready to focus on a life partner.

This card answers the question: Why has it taken so long, and why is it this person?

Card 4- What is the essence of your soul contract together?

The Hermit

Both Cindy and her soulmate loved to meditate, live quietly, and work on spiritual development.

This is kind of a “purpose-on-the-planet” statement for your relationship.

Card 5- What is the most important Spiritual Lesson they are teaching you?

Queen of Cups

Cindy was learning to trust her feelings and intuition in this lifetime. Her soulmate supported her by listening and reflecting back her impressions.

This card is a clue to your most important Karmic Lessons for this lifetime.

Card 6 – How can you deepen your relationship?

Six of Swords

Long journeys over water would prove to be the best way for this couple to rejuvenate and reconnect their relationship.

This card will answer what your soulmate most deeply needs from you and how you can receive what you most deeply need from them.

Card 7- How can you help this person to grow?

Eight of Pentacles

Cindy’s stable and ample income would support the educational aspirations of her soulmate and be key to helping him develop along these lines.

This is the Universe’s contract with you. What is “Higher Goodness” trusting you to do here?


Cindy felt the reading confirmed what she already suspected. She had met her soulmate. They were slightly acquainted, and would see each other more in the next few months. They worked in a related industry. In the meantime, she had some changes to make, and she was ready to make them.

I was delighted to receive an invitation to her wedding six months later, and had the great pleasure of wishing this couple the best on their mutual journey!

Tarot Deck Recommendations

Which Tarot Decks work best for this spread? Really just about any deck that you like and are used to interpreting will work well for this spread. As long as you resonate with the imagery, and it speaks to you in a special way, that is the deck to use. So, enjoy exploring your relationships, using the Soulmate Tarot spread, to lead you to the best relationship for you!

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      is my soul mate male or female I’ve been hit on by both and it got me wondering am I supposed to be gay? or straight I’ve been hit by more guys then gals do you think I could be gay

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