Solar Eclipse: What Does it Mean?

Solar Eclipse: What Does it Mean? | California Psychics

What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and earth are aligned. During a solar eclipse, the moon gets between the earth and the sun, blocking the light of the sun, and parts of the earth is cloaked in a shadow. Partial and total eclipses aren’t always visible from Earth but that doesn’t diminish their power at all.

How Do Eclipses Affect Us?

Both lunar and solar eclipses travel in pairs that correspond with the Full and New Moons within a given period. Solar eclipses are tied to New Moons; lunar eclipses are tied to Full Moons. Typically, New Moons indicate new beginnings and bring changes, chances, and opportunities; but a New Moon Solar Eclipse is three times more powerful and can bring swift, intensive change.

While typically we experience four eclipses in a year (two solar and two lunar), there can be more some years. Eclipses can sometimes be especially trying and always transforming. When we experience more than four in one year, it can be even more intense. For example, in 2020 we experienced four lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses, which could explain why the year was so trying for most people. It’s important to note that not everyone is affected by every eclipse; however, you’ll want to note what signs and houses the eclipses fall in, as well as their mathematical degree in each sign. You should take note of your sun, moon, and rising signs as well. If you have planets in your natal chart that are congruent with these important markers, you will feel the effects personally.

Eclipse Families

Eclipses also travel in “families,” a word used to describe two astrological signs that are six months apart, also known as opposite signs. Examples of families would be the Cancer-Capricorn family, the Gemini-Sagittarius family or the Aries-Libra family, and so on. Eclipse families can also overlap, in cases where one family series begins before the previous one finishes. A family of signs occurs in pairs (a Full Moon following a New Moon – or vice versa) and will happen approximately every six months, lasting over a period of 18 to 24 months, at which time they will be done, not to return for approximately eight years.

The Real and Spiritual Side of a Solar Eclipse

As mentioned earlier, New Moons symbolize new beginnings and New Moon Solar Eclipses intensify that energy many times over. Full Moon Lunar Eclipses signal the ultimate culmination of events or unexpected endings.  Since lunar and solar eclipses travel in pairs, you can be sure that together they bring both beginnings and endings.

Think of eclipses as the “checks and balances” of the Universe. A solar eclipse can cause some intense changes – a marriage, a move, the start of a new vocation, or anything that is life-changing. No matter the event, that date will probably become one that you’re likely to remember for years to come – it can be that intense.

Solar Eclipses Bring New Beginnings

However disruptive the events surrounding an eclipse may seem, they eventually bring you to a better place once the cycle is complete. That may be hard to swallow if the change involves something serious, but if you look back you’ll see that something wonderful may not have been possible if not for that event. For instance, if a relationship ended during an eclipse cycle, you might be devastated and take a while to heal. Rest assured, though, that the Universe has better plans for you, plans you may have missed had you stayed in that relationship. With eclipses, you have to have faith in the process.

Solar eclipses are intense – think of them as new beginnings that shine brighter than the sun itself. What you can expect is the unexpected, and it’s often quite exciting and/or very exhilarating.

Be Prepared for Intense Change

Speaking of events, remember that families of eclipses will repeat after approximately eight years, give or take a few months. Therefore, if you’re ever curious about what you can expect during an upcoming solar or lunar eclipse, simply look back eight or so years and see what you may have experienced during that time; there will be clues.

While usually positive, solar eclipses carry a tone with them. They can be viewed as friendly and favorable or not. After all, not all change is easy or welcome. In addition to your birth chart, you’ll want to look at the current angle of the sun to other planets at the time of the eclipses. Any harsh angles to another planet may indicate a bumpy ride, but if not, you can consider that eclipse a welcome event.

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How to Safely View a Solar Eclipse

It is never safe to look directly into the sun on any day – even a solar eclipse day. A few seconds of staring at that concentrated light could damage your eyesight. Even when the moon covers the sunlight, chances are you’ll see what’s called a “ring of fire” where sunlight peeks from the edges of the moon. Even that is not good to stare at with the naked eye. Nor should you stare at the sun through any devices such as cell phones, telescopes, camera equipment, etc. These items can actually intensify the light and cause even more damage. Typically, you can find solar lenses or eclipse glasses in your local hardware store, or even use darkened welder’s glass, if you can find it. If, however, the glass is scratched or cracked, it’s of no use to you – discard it. What you can also do is make a pinhole camera to catch an impression of the eclipse, or turn binoculars so that the sun is facing where your eyes would normally be and point them down towards the ground onto a cardboard box. You can see an image of the eclipse reflected onto the box. The internet is full of safety tips and tricks, so be sure to look them up.

A Ritual for the Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse brings new beginning with it, which makes it a perfect time to set new intentions for yourself. Here’s an easy ritual that you can perform the day before:

  1. Begin by finding a quiet place to sit and focus on your breathing. Breath in for five counts, then out for 5 more. Repeat this step till your mind is calm and you feel centered.
  2. When you are focused, begin to ask yourself questions like, “What will bring me joy?”, “What can I do to manifest my highest good?”, “Where do I want to go next in my life?” Listen to what the Universe answers.
  3. Once you feel ready, begin to write whatever comes into your head until the words have run out.
  4. When you have finished your stream of consciousness exercise, you can either try to organize your written thoughts, or you can sit and imagine what your life will be like once your intentions have come to pass. This is a powerful way of letting the Universe know you are serious about these goals.
  5. To end the ritual, focus on your breathing again using the five count from the beginning, imagining your dreams and intentions floating upwards as you do. Once you feel grounded and calm again, the ritual is ended.

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