Seven of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning

Seven of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Seven of Vessels Keywords

Choices, fantasy, imagination, wishful thinking, illusion, being more decisive, and realistic.

Vessels Suit Meaning

Vessels are most associated with emotions, feelings (positive and negative), and romance. Vessels represent Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs are generally led by their emotions and rely heavily on their “feelings” surrounding a given situation. When they allow themselves to be ruled solely by emotion, however, they can appear moody and difficult for others to understand. Depending on the deck, this suit could also be called Cups, Chalices, Goblets, Cauldrons, or Hearts, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Seven of Vessels

The Seven of Vessels represents choices that can overwhelm us. Some are obvious choices, where you know you can easily weigh the options, while others are not so clear. If you get the Seven of Vessels in a reading, it is a nudge to you that it’s a good time to step away from fantasy and make reality-based decisions. At this moment you need full disclosure and facts in order to make an informed decision. Sometimes we have too many options, and it can be confusing, which in turn causes us to remain stagnant, not knowing which road to take. The Seven of Vessels also leaves us with the message to be careful what we wish for. Some of those vessels are filled with tempting gifts, while others contain things we may not have chosen had we known more.

Seven of Vessels in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

This position may indicate a time in the past where too many options may have led to indecision and/or inaction. If you’re in a similar situation now, use this time to focus on a right solution instead of just repeating the past. We can waste a lot of time just trying to make a decision, and time itself is as precious as the things we may wish for. If this was your experience in the past, it’s unlikely that you would choose it again, but still you might be tempted. Don’t dwell on the past but do learn from it – that will keep you from repeating mistakes or making bad decisions. Whatever tempts you now may be an illusion or a vessel full of empty promises.

Seven of Vessels in the Present/Today Meaning

When the Seven of Vessels appears in the present position of a reading, it’s urging you to come to a conclusion. You may find yourself faced with making a decision where there are too many options, or perhaps just too many decisions to make overall. Sometimes we’re afraid to make the wrong decision. Getting stuck in decision-making mode can be equal to inaction. When we take too long to weigh the options, the options can disappear and the decision can be made for us. Realize that sometimes you can’t have it all, so make informed decisions that work for you.

Seven of Vessels in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

The Seven of Vessels in the future position of a reading is letting you know that you may soon have to make a decision that could feel daunting, especially when most of your choices contain both gains and losses. In order to choose one thing, you may have to give up something else. Try first to eliminate the options that you don’t like, then choose the option that seems best for you or those involved.

Love and Relationship Meaning for the Seven of Vessels


When the Seven of Vessels appears in a love reading it can mean a lot of things. For one, you may have more than one prospect in love. While this seems like the type of choice we’d all love to be faced with, the truth is that inevitably, you’ll have to choose one. If your choice is not to choose at all, the decision may be made for you. Choose, and choose wisely. Make sure you know who and what you’re dealing with, and that you’re being honest with yourself about what you really want.


If you’re in an established relationship, the Seven of Vessels indicates that you may be posed with making a decision that could impact your current relationship. Try to choose wisely with the bigger picture in mind, and not just focusing on immediate gratification. In truth, the Seven of Vessels often shows us choices that have little to do with reality. Our overactive imaginations may become an illusion if we’re not careful, and that can lead to disappointment when we realize it doesn’t fit the reality of things. Remember, illusion is part of the Seven of Vessels, and as a vessel card, it points to emotions or even a sexual situation. If you’re faced with making a choice that speaks of instant gratification, it may not justify the long-term consequences.

Career Meaning for the Seven of Vessels

With the Seven of Vessels in your career reading, it may be that you have several choices to make about where you’ll be working or what project you’ll be spending your time on. You may even have an opportunity to change careers altogether. Weigh your options carefully a make sure you have all the facts before committing to a big change. Just keep in mind that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Remember vessels signify emotion, so for the creative types, this card can be somewhat of a good omen. If, however, your vocation is grounded in facts and figures, like a rocket scientist, the Seven of Vessels is telling you to get focused and stop daydreaming your day away.

Financial Meaning for the Seven of Vessels

If the Seven of Vessels appears in a financial reading, it’s probably not the best time to make big changes or take chances with your finances. Avoid “get rich quick schemes,” and if you’re asked to make an investment, do your due diligence; ask plenty of questions before committing. If you need professional financial advice or assistance, make sure you trust whomever you hire, or at least get a few recommendations.

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