Mantras for Meditation: September 22 – 28

Mantras for Meditation: September 22 - 28

The Power of Mantras

Happy fall equinox! This week kicks off the delightful season of autumn or fall! There are many observations that can be made during this season and this week’s mantras for meditation will offer you some directions that can enhance and enrich your life’s journey. My guides have presented me with some insights they wish to convey. This is channeled directly from the Infinite to you, dear reader. It’s my hope that you receive and incorporate what is offered and bask in the benefits too.

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Needs vs. Desires

In the 1940s, a brilliant sociologist, Abraham Maslow, determined a “hierarchy of needs.” The base of this hierarchical concept was the physiological needs. In this framework, the first requirement to sustain life includes air, food, shelter, and clothing too. These are certainly some of the rudimentary components of what we need, as opposed to what we desire. Are these needs met in your life? Do you have air to breathe? Food? Shelter? And clothing too? The answer, of course, is yes. Feeling grateful yet?

Quiet Mind, Contended Hearth

Now that we’ve established your baseline of needs, look at how you can enhance other areas of your life this week. It’s my goal to help you change the way you see your life. It’s much bigger and more beautiful than it may feel. Happiness is certainly not the result of acquiring more things; happiness is the quiet mind and the contented heart too. And with that, let’s get into your mantras for meditation!

September 22
“All is balanced today. My life, my planet, and my spirit flow in harmony and grace.”

The fall equinox is finally here! Take a moment to fully experience this time of year. Do not allow busy obligations to prevent you from exploring this moment. Therefore, take a few deep breaths and be in the moment. There will never be another moment exactly like this one, according to your mantras for meditation.

September 23
“I will make today better at every opportunity.”

Sometimes when you find yourself in a dark place, it may feel like you are buried. Instead, turn your perception around. It was never a burial. You’ve actually been planted. Now BLOOM!

September 24
“I will not judge myself today. I will embrace the joy that only I can deliver to the world around me.”

If you find yourself being critical of yourself, STOP! You arrived in this life perfectly imperfect. Therefore, never forget that you are a bona fide masterpiece! Michelangelo’s David is never thought of a “bad art.” Instead, it’s breathtaking to behold. Are you any less of an original work of art? You can do far more than a statue and your actions can change everything around you. Your mantras for meditation remind you that absolutely no other work of art can lay claim to that!

September 25
“Today I will think like a proton and stay positive!”

Never forget to laugh! While it’s not part of Maslow’s hierarchy, it’s still vital to a happy life. Do you remember laughing so hard you found yourself in tears of joy, holding a sore side from so much joviality? It’s time to do it again! Just because you can see the funny side to a situation doesn’t mean you don’t take life seriously. It actually means you can appreciate it from many viewpoints.

September 26
“I have the ability to choose how I will see the world. I choose to see with clear and understanding eyes.”

You have what you need. Those are the basic needs I mentioned above (food, air, clothes, and shelter). Now study what you desire … and why. If you do, you’ll certainly find your true path.

September 27
“No feeling is permanent. My truth transcends the impermanence of thoughts or feelings.”

Quiet your mind so you can feel your truth. Go forward … always forward. Your mantras for meditation remind you that all of life flows in one direction.

September 28
“I will make today a wonderful experience and I will cherish the memory of it.”

If you want a better tomorrow, start on it today. Unpack the excess and tread lightly. Whether it’s a weekend of cleaning out the closets for fall or getting to know your community better because you volunteered at a shelter, it’s time to step beyond yourself and embrace your truest potential.

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