Eight of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning

Eight of Vessels Tarot Card Meaning | California Psychics

Eight of Vessels Keywords

Withdrawal, abandonment, dissatisfaction, escapism, avoidance, and perception.

Vessels Suit Meaning

Vessels are most associated with emotions, feelings (positive and negative), and romance. Vessels represent Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Water signs are generally led by their emotions and rely heavily on their “feelings” surrounding a given situation. When they allow themselves to be ruled solely by emotion, however, they can appear moody and difficult for others to understand. Depending on the deck, this suit could also be called Cups, Chalices, Goblets, Cauldrons, or Hearts, to name a few.

General Meaning for the Eight of Vessels

The Eight of Vessels represents having a change in feelings about something in life and making a transition. While you seek the deeper meaning to life and find your personal truth, you are also letting go of anything unproductive. This is a spiritual journey.

Whether it’s disappointment in yourself, or a love relationship you’ve tried to save, you’ve given all you have to give. The Eight of Vessels symbolizes your willingness to let it all go despite the fact that you may have spent a while trying to fix or perfect it. If you get the Eight of Vessels in a reading, ask yourself why you’re no longer satisfied and make the changes that will bring you more happiness and a feeling of fulfillment.

Eight of Vessels in the Past/Yesterday Meaning

The Eight of Vessels in the past position can represent a hobby, thought, relationship, or anything that you’ve done or lived with that is no longer productive. Now is the time to make a change.

Eight of Vessels in the Present/Today Meaning

If the Eight of Vessels appears in the present position in a reading, you can expect that soon, something is likely to happen that will cause you to shift your perspective. Going through something difficult can often shake us up enough to make positive changes we’ve merely dreamed about. Look at this as an opportunity to do things your way.

Eight of Vessels in the Future/Tomorrow Meaning

Not all surprises are good, and not all plans are perfect. The Eight of Vessels in the future position of a reading is a reminder that life can throw us a curveball every once in a while. While that may be difficult to plan for, sometimes it serves as a reminder that living in the moment and going with the flow is an attitude we can master.

Love and Relationship Meaning for the Eight of Vessels


Sometimes when the Eight of Vessels appears in a love reading, it may point to a one-sided relationship. This card is about abandonment when there is no other alternative; however, you should try to see if balance can be found, and if so, it may save the relationship.

If you’re looking for love, especially just after a breakup, it’s important that you give yourself a little time between pursuits. See life through the eyes of a singular person. Take time to heal if you have to, so you are 100% in your next relationship.


If you’re having troubles in a relationship, you may want to put the past in the past and start anew. Sometimes though, as much as you’d like to, you can’t wipe the slate clean without fixing the initial problem. Weigh the options. Get clear on the situation. If you can’t fix the problem, then you may feel forced to remove yourself altogether.

Career Meaning for the Eight of Vessels

If you’re unhappy, bored, or uncomfortable at work, think about what you’d like to do to change that – is it the job or your perception of the situation? Taking a look at any situation you’re involved in means also taking a look within as well. Perhaps confiding in HR would help, but if not, you’ll be ready for the change.

Financial Meaning for the Eight of Vessels

If things are getting financially tight, it may be time to sell off some assets that aren’t working for you. In other words, if you’re not Carrie Bradshaw do you really need a $40,000 shoe collection? Seriously consider abandoning any investments that aren’t working for you financial good or that haven’t shown improvement. Alternatively, you could consider changing your lifestyle.

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