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A Series of Choices

Have you ever noticed that life really isn’t all that simple? Of course you have, especially if you’ve lived longer than 13 or so years. Things are never all great or all terrible. Your mind can’t help but see the reality of a situation, but your heart screams that it doesn’t care about that.

Life is all about making choices, whether is it is something trivial like what’s for dinner or life-changing decisions such as whether or not to move across the country. For some, making tough decisions can be crippling. The unknown and the fear of making a wrong decision causes them to play it safe or put off choosing until it is too late. This is where Tarot can be very helpful.

Things are Difficult Sometimes

Some decisions, like choosing to go out with friends after a long and exhausting week or staying in, or picking healthy over an indulgent snack are small and won’t make too many ripples in your life. The examples that follow, however, are more in-depth, certainly will, and they may be decisions you’ve run into before.

You’re perfect together, but what is actually going to happen?

He lives in Texas and you live in Washington. Neither of you could think of leaving the house you inherited, your job, your friends, or your pets (that your new soul mate is allergic to), in order to be together.

Or, how about this one?

This looks like your dream job, but what would you have to give up to work there?

So often that perfect job with all the perks and possibilities would demand relocation. It would take your child away from their favorite teacher, their pediatrician who is the only one on the continent who understands them, and the grandmother they adore.

And, so on.

Tarot to the Rescue

This is a six-card Tarot spread, arranged left to right. Cards 2, 1, and 3 take the top row and cards 4, 6, and 5 take the bottom row.

It’s the spread for when you feel divided about a situation and the stakes are high. It focuses on the “bottom line” result so that you don’t waste time considering a situation or relationship where you just won’t win. It casts the decisive vote, one way or another.

The Outcome Analyzer Tarot Spread

Here’s how to use it.


Toni met Bill on a business trip. She waited in the lounge of her hotel for her room to be ready. Absorbed in her phone, and busy responding to texts and emails to and from her office, she stood up just as he tripped over her feet. In her focused trance, she hadn’t noticed she was blocking the path to the elevator.

She mumbled “sorry” and shifted position without even lifting her eyes, but then caught a glimpse of the deepest, dreamiest face she had ever seen in her life.

What she didn’t realize at the time was that Bill was her partner in another lifetime. The spirit of deja vu was loose in the lobby that day, colliding with their destinies. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happened next, but it is enough to say that the next two days (and nights) were like none other in her life.

The problem was that he lived in another state with his wife. He had just started the best job of his life and had just inherited a house he loved.  Oh, and his wife just found out she was pregnant.

“What a mess,” Toni said dejectedly, during our reading a week later. “What do you think I should do?”

Here’s what her cards looked like that day.

Card One- The Situation Right Now

The Tower

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and shock, that’s the Tower! Toni was sitting right in the middle of all three now.

Card Two- The Outcome Your Mind Wants

Nine of Pentacles

Toni, basically, had “made it.” She knew she had worked long and hard to arrive at the place where she felt emotionally and financially secure. She was enjoying the fruits of her work and success. She also enjoyed the emotional serenity of having some consistency. Toni had worked her way up as a single mother and adult student in her late 20’s. She landed a good job she liked and had a solid and happy domestic partnership. She knew this was important to her kids and to her own well-being.

The card was urging her to keep those things in mind even though Bill had rocked her world in an undeniable way.

Card Three- The Outcome Your Heart Wants

The Moon

Yes, the heart is a wild hunter. We all know that. Every fiber in her being craved being with Bill since their two days together. She was honest with herself, and him, about that.

Card Four- What You Already Know About the Situation

The Hermit

In few words: “Go Slow. Reflect, and think it through,” the Universe
said through this card.

Card Five- What You Wish You Didn’t Know About the Situation

The World (reversed)

Toni was spiritual. She wanted the highest good for herself and the world. She knew that the stakes were huge here. Usually, she was a person willing to take a risk if there was something to be gained, but the World (reversed) reflected her inner knowledge that the stakes were just too extreme. There were his wife and kids, and her own family to consider. And, there was karma.

Card Six- The Outcome…What Happens Now?

King of Cups

She thought about her current partner. He was a kind person, a type of soul mate to her, and a good dad. She willed herself not to forget that, reflected by the King of Cups, signaling loyalty would win out.

The Outcome

Toni and Bill agreed to call it “one of those things” and recommit to the lives they led before they tripped over each other in the hotel lobby. It was the hardest thing she’d ever done, but it left her with a feeling of peace.

Next lifetime, the Toni and Bill show? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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