Your Daily Focus: April 17-23

Your Daily Focus: April 17-23 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Aries, the baby of the zodiac, is known for being rash, impulsive, and creative. Ruled by Mars, they can be prone to anger but tend to let go of it just as quickly as it rises. Aries, like all children, is curious and compassionate. They have an intense desire to learn through play, through action, through getting into messes, and sorting them out by hand. There is a lot to admire about the way that Aries takes on the world, diving in headfirst, fearlessly. They are loyal friends and lovers, and while you don’t want to be on the bad side of one, being on their good side will get you a companion for life. For the last few days of Aries season heading into Taurus, I want to look at some of the most powerful energies and some of the best aspects of Aries in this Daily Focus installment.

Saturday, April 17

“Aries needs a partner willing to set sail at a moment’s notice – impulsive and action-oriented, he prefers not to plan and overthink a situation.”Lynn Hayes

Impulsiveness is an asset at times, especially as we gear up for Taurus season, which will have us behaving much more cautiously. This is the time to take a risk and try something new. Don’t be scared to take a chance today.

Sunday, April 18

“Arien anger flashes forth with the speed of sound, but it’s usually gone before the victim knows what it’s all about, and the happy, child-like smile quickly returns.”Linda Goodman

Aries are often said to be angry, ruled by Mars, the God of War—and it’s true that most Ariens do have a temper, but they tend not to hold a grudge. Today, try letting go of any anger that you have been holding onto.

Monday, April 19

“While Ariens are independent and love their freedom, they do not enjoy being alone.”Lynn Hayes

The ideal partner for an Aries is someone who is also independent, but willing to drop everything on a dime to set off on an adventure. If you want to do something special for the Aries in your life this month, surprise them with a trip.

Tuesday, April 20

“Aries individuals need to be first, but they will want you to be a passenger on their adventure ride.”Lynn Hayes

Aries is full of ideas, and they’re not afraid to take charge or head out alone. However, they know that the best things in life are made so much better when there is someone there to share them with.

Wednesday, April 21

“Likewise, the Aries “Infant” soul has a natural trust and a touching faith in the unseen force of goodness which will miraculously grant all its wishes.”Linda Goodman

The positive attitude of Aries is one of their best qualities. Sometimes, it can border on naivete, but what kind of world would it be if we didn’t have the ability to hope for the best? Even when things are tough, Aries is looking ahead and learning along the way in an attempt to do better next time.

Thursday, April 22

“To a Ram of either sex, or any chronological age (barring a more pessimistic Moon Sign and/or Ascendant), each Sunrise brings a covenant of resurrection – the resurrection of a shattered dream, idea, goal, or friendship.”Linda Goodman

Aries are able to shake things off, which can seem like an impossibility to some of the other zodiac signs. Aries see everything as an opportunity to learn, so if you’re feeling down today about your failures, try to focus instead on how much you’ve learned and how far you’ve come.

Friday, April 23

“You may find an occasional Arien who is shy, but you’ll never find one who’s uncertain where he stands.”Linda Goodman

If there’s anything to take with you from Aries season into the rest of the year, it’s the confidence and surety that can only come from Fire signs. Even if you’re feeling shy, don’t let that be misconstrued as being unsure. Sometimes silence is just as powerful as words, and that’s a lesson that all Aries will have to learn at some point.

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