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What Does Halloween Mean to You?

Whether you think of bats, witches, black cats, and ghosts, or a chance to penetrate the veil between worlds, Halloween is a night that holds hidden potential. The ancients celebrated it as part of a three-day period including All Hallows Eve, All Saints, and All Souls Day, a time during which the dead, and our connection with them, were honored.

Halloween is celebrated in many cultures around the world. In Mexico, Dia de Los Muertos is observed in the cemetery itself where flowers and gifts are placed on the tombs of departed family members, and altars are built in homes to keep the memories alive. Many build altars to their deceased loved ones and bring them their favorite foods, knick-knacks, books, and other personal articles to enjoy again.

So, how do you plan to spend Halloween this year? Maybe you’ll find a costume that expresses your secret side, visit friends for food and libations, or attend a ritual to join in some serious spirit communications.

Here’s another way to start the evening this year. Treat yourself to a new Tarot deck!

One of the most satisfying Halloween rituals is starting the night with a Tarot card reading. It really doesn’t matter which Tarot deck you pick or how you want to lay out the spread. The most important thing is to use one that speaks to your intuition in a powerful way, inspires the mysteries that you want to discover, and answers your most burning questions.

By opening the cards and intently asking, we draw a line between the ordinary and extraordinary, the mundane and the sacred. This moment marks the end of work and activity and opens the expanses of spiritual consciousness. And it guides us along the evening’s pathway to make the most of the scintillating vibrations and skimpy “veil between the worlds” on this special night!

Draw a draught of some spicy brew and pick your favorite treat for extra energy. Light an orange or lavender candle and begin the night!

Here’s a great spread to try.

The Halloween Bundle Spread

Halloween Tarot Spread Layout | California Psychics

This is a five-card spread that sets you up right to enjoy Halloween evening. It helps you focus on what you want to bring out of the holiday, who you want to include (on either side of the veil), and helps you practice opening your psychic perception.

Shuffle your Tarot deck thoroughly and lay the cards face down in a pile in front of you. Concentrate on the night ahead, and what you would like the cards to answer for you. When you are ready, pull five cards randomly from the deck and continue to meditate on what’s to come.

Lay the cards out in the shape of a five pointed star, or pentacle, starting with Card One at the lower left corner of the star. The left point directly above it is Card Two, the lower right point of the star is Card Three, and the upper right point of the star is Card Four. Card Five is the point of the star at the top middle.

Now, for the reading:

Card One- How Will You Celebrate?

Visualize what you’d like to see happen. Will you throw or attend a party, or will you spend the night in solitude and contemplation? Both choices are great ones for this night.

Card Two- What Will You Bring Along to Enhance Your Journey?

What jewelry, amulets, or gemstones will you carry with you? Will you say special prayers, or carry salt or sage? This card will give you a clue about what to emphasize.

Card Three- What Kinds of Spirits Will Join Your Party?

Who are your guests going to be, living or “dead”?

Card Four- What Messages Do Your Ancestors Have Just for You?

Clue: The first two or three coming to your mind will probably be the most important to you.

Card Five- How to See Through the Veil All Year ‘Round.

What have you learned about heightened intuitive perception tonight that you can use all year? If you like, write in your journal about what you’ve discovered during the night of the thinnest veil between worlds.

What were the ancestral messages you’d like to remember? Did anyone show up and surprise you? This card contains a message you can take away and apply all year.

A Halloween Blessing for You

May the friendly ghosts and goblins and all the benevolent “dead”, accompany you this Halloween.

Most importantly, have fun!

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