Day in the Life: Psychic Daska

Day in the Life: Psychic Daska | California Psychics

We believe that a better understanding of our psychics can only deepen your connection with them when you call for a reading. In our continuing series, we talk to our psychics about their day to day lives. In today’s “Day in the Life,” California Psychics interviews Psychic Daska.

What does a typical day off look like for you?

My day starts with pulling a Goetic sigil coin, meditating on the Divine Intelligence whose sigil I pulled, and the lessons that they teach. Then it’s time to get up and take care of our three cats and our new puppy, Aela.

I spend time every afternoon doing cross stitch or needle work as a way to relax and find my focus. Several days a week I practice my singing as I perform monthly in a local cabaret. Music is a huge part of my life and it is something that I have passed onto my daughters. One of my greatest joys is when I get the chance to sing with them.

Evenings find my youngest and me watching something on TV together. Right now, she has me hooked on “The Mandalorian!” Before bed I do at least 30 minutes of meditation. Sometimes I simply reflect on the day and how the sigil that I pulled in the morning impacted or was reflected in what occurred throughout the day.

How do you relax/clear your mind after being on the line all day?

When I am done with readings, I like to take a salt bath to help me to renew and recharge my energy and then do an elemental balancing ritual to ensure that I am not out of balance. Sharing laughs with my daughter also helps me to clear my mind and gets me ready for private client readings.

What are the fun things that you like to do in your free time?

Having a new puppy in the family means that I spend a lot of time with her, as I am training her to be my next service dog. It might sound more like work than fun but spending time with her and building that bond is a wonderful thing, indeed.

Aside from that I read a lot. Whether it is a fun cozy mystery story or paranormal non-fiction, I love to read and expand my understanding of the world around me.

Did you have a completely different career path in your past?

I went to school for clinical psychology and religious studies. This background has served me well in my role as a spiritual counsellor and minister. When I was younger however, I had planned on going into equine business management as I loved horses and very much enjoyed my work as an instructor at a local stable. I never imagined that I would have a professional career as a card reader and psychic!

In my twenties I joined the Navy and was a Russian language translator. At one point I thought that I would have a Naval career, but life sometimes has a way of giving you what you need rather than what you think you want. This changed my perspective and led me to go to school for psychology and religious studies and gave me the life that I have now.

Have you met someone famous?

When I was a sophomore in high school my mum and I went with some of her friends to a Frank Sinatra concert. He put on an amazing show that night and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Imagine my surprise when we went up to the suite where the band and Old Blue Eyes himself were having a reception! I had a chance to sing for him and he sent me a lovely, autographed photo. It was one of the best nights of my life!

Have you helped a client in a memorable way?

This summer, a private client’s partner passed away unexpectedly. She was having a difficult time processing the loss as his family was excluding her from all the preparations, which are so important in helping to work through the grieving process. Together we created a ceremony that would allow her to come to terms with her grief and say goodbye. Channeling is not something I regularly do, but in this instance, it allowed both of them to say their goodbyes.

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